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The 8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives for Remote Desktop

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Ever wonder what would happen if your teamviewer stop working on your computer, well I have made a list of few best teamviewer alternatives for my reader.

Problems do come when you use software on your PC regularly, so it does not mean that you cannot work without that software.

Many companies have also created cool remote desktop apps for users after a rumor came that Teamviewer was not working efficiently.

Why You Have to Select other Remote Desktop Software

About the remote desktop software evolution, it started a long time ago, when people wanted to work remotely, the very first of its time, TeamViewer was introduced to the public in 2005 and became one of the most popular software in the remote desktop category.

Evidently, there is no doubt that TeamViewer is the biggest brand for remote working, the main cause of its fame is its unlimited features and functions.

However, it has some flaws and errors which made us start looking for its alternatives, the problem is its configuration which is not an easy job, following that does lead to some security issues.

The main reason is that it is very difficult to configure the software, and if you somehow configured it but could not able to do it properly, then your computer might be at a huge risk.

TeamViewer is free for limited access and time but there is a pro version too for companies.

If you are willing to work a daily basis on this software, then get a huge amount of money in your pocket to do that. Because you can only have access for a very limited time, but for business use, you can have it as much time as you want even if you can add more users to the business plus deal.

Let’s have a deep analysis of the TeamViewer alternative.

Here is the list of best alternatives that sure will help you find the best remote desktop software for you:


AnyDesk is our top pick in this list. It is a remote desktop program for Windows and macOS. AnyDesk, as the name implies, enables you to access and share anyone’s computer. Of course, you’ll need their consent to do so.

Additionally, this tool is simple and quick to use, and you can personalize everything to ensure you know exactly how much access others have to your computer. If you want to transfer files between desktops, AnyDesk can also help you with that. Furthermore, Remote printing is available, as is the capability of switching sleeping devices on when accessed remotely.

However, If you’re concerned about security, AnyDesk has got you covered. You may whitelist devices to ensure that you only connect with people you want to connect with. Furthermore, You can even keep your meeting or connections private by selecting privacy mode, which blackens the remote device’s screens.

Goverlan Reach – Best Alternative for IT Management


It is known as the best alternative for an IT management system, equally a perfect business solution for a remote desktop assistant in its field. I must say this is also among the top TeamViewer alternatives.

Work securely or have on-demand access while using Goverlan Reach, as it is perfectly designed for remote support available on all operating systems, including tops Windows, PCs, Servers, Mac, Mobile phones, etc.

Official Website

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

When Zoho Assist was first announced publically, it gained traditional popularity right after its arrival. Therefore, TeamViewer has managed to remain on top for a long time. Still, software like Zoho Assistant is challenging TeamViewer and the competition to gain more users among this software is undoubtedly overwhelming.

Zoho Assist has unattended remote access with security options, the good thing about Zoho is that the features it comes with are evidently incredible.

Hence, it is known as the most contributing software in remote accessing solution in the remote industry.

Some of the main headlines of features and pricing information is also offered for you to make a better choice.

Official Website

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop

The main benefit of having the latest Windows on your computer is you do not need to install or download any remote accessing software because, in the latest Windows, the remote desktop connection is a built-in feature.

This is undoubtedly one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for you to work on remotely; all you need to do is configure it. Just go there, and you will learn how to configure Windows remote desktop software.

Following is a complete guide for users who do wish to use this software now or in the near future.

  • Pricing: Free for everyone.
  • Supported Platforms: Mac OS X & Windows
  • Key Features: Quick and complete access control on a distant PC, Easy to set up, and already built into Microsoft Windows.

Official Website



Splashtop is the best alternative, available free for both business and personal use, but only for a limited time.

Similarly, the installation is very easy as it is likely to download and install within a few minutes to start working on remote access software. It allows you to run this app on more than 5 PCs without any interruption and use this software for free.

This software is available for iMac, Windows, and also for Android devices, connect and work remotely on your computer or your mobile device.

Furthermore, It has a minimal latency rate on videos and sound streaming, which makes it simpler for you to enjoy working remotely.

Official Website

Ammyy Remote Desktop Software

Ammyy Remote Desktop Software

Ammyy Remote Desktop software is not only free of cost and easy to use but also fast to gain sharing and remote management possibilities for corporations and people.

It is a very lightweight software in contrast to other desktop applications. The application comes in as Associate in application underneath 1MB.

When it comes to remote connection to the system, you can chat live and may perform actions.

Additionally, It does have a secure affiliation supported by Windows and very easy-to-handle code that makes Ammyy Admin among the remote desktop customers that are most popular.

Official Website

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

The two best things regarding the Chrome Remote Desktop software system are that it’s end-to-end encrypted and on the market across platforms.

In general, You will be able to have remote access to Windows, macOS, and UNIX system devices from just about any device that contains a Chrome browser. I even used Chrome Remote Desktop personally in the past, so I will refer this to anyone with lightweight usage.

Again, this cannot be as powerful as TeamViewer; however, if you do not like a lot of power, you will be able to save tons of cash by switching to Chrome Remote Desktop, which is free.

Even though the Chrome Remote Desktop is obscurity close to as powerful as TeamViewer, however, it is fully liberal to use, and you will be able to get things done by this very efficiently.

On the other hand, Computers are created on the market on a short-run basis for eventualities like ad-hoc remote support or an additional semi-permanent basis for remote access to your applications and files.

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Mikogo is a premium tool for people and firms with business-related requirements, therefore, is pricey for business users. The appliance is browser-based and does not need plugin or software package installation.

This amazing software also provides its applications as downloads for iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and golem. The cross-platform program permits a presenter to host the meeting, and meeting attendees will be able to join from tablets or smartphones, also from a Windows, Mac, or Linux laptops.

The software package interface is polyglot and should be modified between among thirty-five languages, to boot, it’s options swap presenter, like share documents, remotely management apps that are free a desktop, video conferencing, multi-user whiteboard, file transfer, chat and a lot of.

Plenty of options are what Mikogo comes prepacked together. Hence, the tool is enormous for conferences/meetings, support, and remote desktop functions.

Official Website



This remote desktop software is designed with Cisco for the reason of merely conducting conferences. Therefore, ultimately lets you connect with folks who support the desktop or mobile applications on systems.

WebEx is a perfect solution for Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX systems, and Mobile Apps, the WebEx is a wonderful match for your wants if you are checking out a premium business resolution or just for a desktop with a further piece of interaction to that.

In addition, to automate the provisioning of Cisco WebEx consider using a tool for Cisco unified communications management.

Official Website

Parallels Access

Parallels Access

Another nice remote access software package is Parallels Access that provides one among the quickest, simplest, and most reliable remote access to your laptop from anywhere.

The service permits users to access all of your applications, files, and computers in one place.

The most favorite feature of Parallels Access is its mobile apps, whereas most of the remote desktop software package mentioned on this list escort their own mobile apps, Parallels Access provides the simplest mobile viewing expertise.

Parallels Access conjointly brings its proprietary and distinctive amplification technology that permits you to use all of your desktop applications as if they were native apps for your iPhone, iPad, or automaton device.

This makes it terrible to move with desktop apps whereas you are accessing them on your mobile remotely.

Official Website

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control

ScreenConnect won’t be a separate entity, that’s till ConnectWise non-inheritable it and renamed it as ConnectWise Control. The corporate offers ConnectWise Control as a foreign desktop product for corporations, which give foreign help to their shoppers.

Whereas there’s nobody stopping you to use the merchandise as a private, seeing however the corporate is selling its product, I might say that it’s far better fitted to corporations.

The simplest half concerning ConnectWise Control is that it offers scalable expertise for people and groups, massive and tiny.

All users will start with simply the options they have, and then upgrade the set up as their business.

ConnectWise Control additionally comes with out-of-the-box security measures like AES-256 coding and two-factor authentication, permitting users to firmly hook up with a client’s computers.

It also works numerous third-party apps together with Slack, Google Analytics, FreshDesk, and additional permitting you to simply manage your business.

 The third-party integrations provide it a large advantage over TeamViewer, and if that’s one thing you would like, you must undoubtedly check this out.

Official Website

Which One is Best to Use

That ends our list of the simplest TeamViewer alternative you’ll be able to use. As you’ll be able to see, I even have tried to incorporate alternatives that ought to match the requirements of most of the users out there.

Do allow us to grasp, that one is your favorite remote desktop package by writing within the comments section below. If you already found an alternative that works for you, share its name within the comment section too.