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Best Tech To Have In Your Home For Entertainment In 2023

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With New Year comes New Year Resolutions. But, if you haven’t taken any, you can think of renovating your home this year. Some stunning tech gadgets in the market can help you maximize your entertainment experience at home. 

Even if you have guests coming over or love to stay alone, these tech gadgets will be life-changing. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out about them.

What Are The Best Tech Gadgets To Have In Your Home For Entertainment?

The list of the best tech gadgets for entertainment is never-ending. Technology is constantly evolving, so the list will never stay the same for more than a few months. 

However, we have jotted down a few such gadgets that will stay in demand for the coming months, so have a look:

1: Microsoft Surface Pro 8 2-in-1 laptop 

This laptop comes with a whopping price tag of $999. It is the most powerful laptop to date.

So, it doesn’t matter if you download a movie from thepiratebay or play a game online; this laptop will enhance your entertainment experience to another extent.

It is the perfect combo of a laptop and tablet that conceptualizes the workflow of modern, virtual workplaces.

It comes with a kickstand that can be adjusted to any angle, maximizing your entertainment experience, but the entire device is pretty lightweight.

You can also integrate this laptop directly into your TV screen and can hook it up to Xbox, so you can imagine why we call it the ultimate entertainment unit.

2: Amazon Astro Household Robot

Amazon Astro Household Robot

Although this gadget was launched a few years ago, the hype surrounding it has not died yet, which is why we think it will be the best tech to have in your home.

Your favorite A.I. assistant – Alexa – is equipped with this robot, so even if you ask it to play a song while you take a shower, it can listen to you, and follow your command.

On top of that, it also serves as a housing navigator, and as it detects something suspicious, it sends alerts to your phone.

Even if you don’t ask it to do anything, watching the $999 robot roaming in your house is entertainment itself.

You can also integrate the Ring Always home cam drone with it to get extra entertaining features.

3: HTC VIVE Flow VR Glasses

You must know a little about the metaverse, right? Well, these glasses will be your perfect VR companion in the metaverse world. 

They are lightweight, foldable, portable, and come in a compact frame for you to carry them anywhere.

It costs only $499, and the sole purpose of this gadget is to help you find mindfulness.

You can pair them with any phone, and the adjustable diopter lenses will take you to your virtual haven in no time. 

It is comfortable and immersive at the same time, which is another plus of this tech genius.

4: Capstone Smart Mirror

Capstone smart mirror

Your house will soon have a Ph.D. if you continue adding so many smart gadgets inside it.

HaHaHa!!! Anyways jokes apart, this $799 smart mirror is the epitome of entertainment while you get ready for your office or your next party.

This tech device will check the time for you, look up directions, play music from YouTube, and many more while you get ready.

You can also pair it with your Bluetooth speakers or new headphones to listen to the music better and feel like a diva as you watch yourself in the mirror.

Just imagine, you can get ready for your next party while watching the makeup tutorial on YouTube!!! It will be fun, so check out this fantastic gadget right now.

5: URC 7960 Universal Remote

Long gone are those days when your coffee table used to be piled up with remotes; one for the AC, one for the music system, one for the TV, and one for the lights.

This gadget does not cost much, and it can make your living room the hub of entertainment.

With only one remote to control all the gadgets, your living room will look more spacious and neat.

The learning curve is pretty easy too, and you can set it up with a few simple steps.

You can check other touchscreen universal remotes if you are not happy with a traditional-looking one.


As 2022 has just started, we think it’s time to renovate your home a bit. These tech gadgets can help you enhance the entertainment vibe of your home in no time.

If you are unsure about some of these, you can quickly contact us in the comment section below. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.