Now Chrome Can Display Websites in Dark Mode for You

    If you wish to use dark mode in your apps, Chrome goes one higher — it currently supports dark mode for websites yet. Merely change the new feature and if developers square measure creating use of it, your favorite websites will adapt right before your eyes.

    The latest Chrome Beta unharness, version 76, supports a CSS possibility known as “prefers-color-scheme.” once this feature is enabled, websites that sometimes show white background and black text might switch to a black background and white text (and vice versa). As it’s connected to your Chrome (or even your OS) dark mode preference, you ought not to toggle something because the web site can handle everything for you.

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    Google has been slower than different corporations to embrace dark mode, although it did add the feature to Chrome Seventy three beta for automaton in Feb and Chrome Seventy four beta for Windows in March. It’s on the market to Chrome users on all the most important platforms: automaton, Chrome OS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

    In addition, Chrome Seventy-six beta conjointly includes a range of necessary updates. In a very move, everybody saw returning, Flash is currently blocked by default and websites cannot be ready to find users browsing in concealed mode.


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