Someone has to do it someday why not Comcast? Now Comcast is about to introduce an amazing feature to its X1 cable platform by controlling with eyes. The company added that our effort for the people who do have physical disabilities would improve the experience of watching TV. This effort could help millions of people all around the World.

Any person with any disability can change channels through his eye and lets you enjoy TV, by pulling up the manual of X1 programming guide, user can easily navigate all the menus of cable box also can set recording using eyes.

Company is trying to deliver this feature to its users and working hard on the software soon to be available in the market, Comcast says it’s trying to support all popular products by adding this outstanding feature.

It includes devices from the Tobii – plus “Sip-and-Puff switches and other assistive technologies.” President of Tobii Tara Rudnicki said, “we are pleased to see how Comcast continues to make their products and solutions accessible.”

Anyone can use the feature but before using the eye-controlling feature, customers do have to sign into Comcast’s web-based remote system and using it by a link to their cable account.

“From that point forward, each time the customer gazes at a button, the web-based remote sends the corresponding command to the television.”

One thing which a customer can do is to control X1 by eye to use it’s voice commands, this is aside from the core functions. It can be done by requesting specific channels or any show.

In a recent featuring video Comcast showed one of its customers, Jimmy Curran, found in this video using the new eye feature of Comcast. About the Jimmy Curran, he has a Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a neuromuscular disorder.

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Curran was the very first person to use this eye-controlling feature. “Technology is enabling me to be more independent,” said Curran, an author, and research analyst.

No one has done anything about it and this is one of the most advanced technology introduced by any cable operators, eye control is unique in cable operators.

Other popular companies like Optimum and Spectrum has many accessible functions such as voice commands, reading on-screen, extra-large button remotes, and selection of channels.

Comcast did incredible thing by adding eye control feature to its products, now the competition is started other companies will do the same.