Apple Launches A New Mobile App to Combat COVID-19

    This Coronavirus situation is getting out of hands. Everyone in the world is trying to find a solution to end all this commotion created by this novel Coronavirus. Government scientist s and the doctors are not the only ones who are trying to control this beast. Technological giants like Apple and Facebook etc are also trying to contribute as much as they can.

    To help this situation, Apple recently launched a mobile phone application that can help in the diagnosis of coronavirus. The best thing about this app os that it is based on the guidelines provided by the CDC.

    Diagnosis of Coronavirus and the Role of This App

    Although new diagnostic systems are being worked on, today there are two great alternatives when it comes to ‘diagnosing’ cases of the disease that produces the coronavirus. The first to be developed and the most widely used in our country are PCRs, the other is rapid tests based on immunological kits.

    But it is not possible to screen all the individuals through these methods and that’s where the iOs app by Apple comes in.

    It will help in initial diagnosis as well as guide the people about what to do next. These kinds of applications help minimize the burden of the healthcare department.


    The application is very simple and will be based on questionnaires. Equivalent to the questions they ask from the helplines, the applications will ask the user what symptoms they have (cough, fever, shortness of breath …) and if they have been in contact with a potential case of coronavirus.

    Based on these responses, the application will indicate the user the steps to follow; be keeping the quarantine at home or contacting the health services.

    As indicated in the Procedure for Action against Cases of Infection with the New Coronavirus, tests for the detection of COVID-19 are only carried out in certain cases, such as when a person has an acute respiratory infection or belongs to healthcare personnel. With the rapid test and the corresponding applications, diagnoses can be made to a larger population.

    This tool has a dual objective, on the one hand, to provide information and on the other to help decrease the burden on health care faculty. The application will ask citizens simple questions about the symptoms they have, their health status, previous pathologies, age, sex, etc. 

    This application doesn’t snoop into the privacy of people using it as there is no sign in needed. You can just install it and get going. So you can use it comfortably without any problem.
    This application will not analyze users’ location data or any personal data for that matter.

    Contrary to the ‘self-quarantine safety protection’ application used in Taiwan, South Korea or China. This app is only an aid test and not a tool to track the movements of possible contagions.


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