Music is the food of the soul. We listen to music in all kinds of moods either happy sad or funky or just meh. But the soothing effect of music can lessen a lot if the quality of the earbuds you are using isn’t good which in turn is lowering the quality of sound.

It can also be mood spoiling if you are consistently worrying about your earbuds falling out of your ears due to bad fit or if they are uncomfortable because of being too tight. Apple launched its first wireless earbuds a couple of years ago.

While they may not be the best earbuds they were certainly good. They got mixed reviews overall. For some people, they were generally great with good fitting and quality while some of the users couldn’t enjoy them as much as they intended.

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And they switched back to their sony or other standard earbuds. Well, Apple decided to up their game a bit and recently launched Airpods pro. For all of you who loved and adored Airpods, you are gonna love these even better because of the enhanced features. And for those who couldn’t enjoy Airpods, Airpods pro might be the answers to your prayers.

How are they different than the regular Airpods? Well, first of all, they have a silicon bud in front of them which was absent in the regular airpods and I adore these just because of the bud.

It makes them super adjustable to my ears without making me uncomfortable. This is something I couldn’t enjoy in the regular ones. Secondly they also have better noise-canceling features than their predecessors.

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Although I will admit that the noise cancellation isn’t out of this world extraordinary but it certainly is quite good. Another thing which is superb about these is that you don’t need to install an app or something to control these airpods. You can control your audio experience using the normal Bluetooth settings. This is a super helpful feature for iPhone users.

As well know, Nothing is perfect and every good thing also has its bad side. Well for this airpods pro the bad side is their battery life which isn’t quite good and may disappoint you a little. All in all, these are quite good airpods with active noise cancellation and comfortability and your money wouldn’t go to waste if you buy them.