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DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM: Which One is Best For Your PC?

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As time passes every day new technology has been introduced by makers, for us, it is really becoming a difficult job to select a better one for us. Today I’m explaining to my readers about DDR3 vs DDR4 RAM, which one is better for your computer.

In the topic you will learn about every better thing about these RAM also I will show you every good thing and other possible options.

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Sometimes it is hard for everyone to make a quick decision about choosing a RAM for your PC but afraid not now everything you need to know will be here for you.

You will find here about the similarities and what makes DDR3 vs DD4 different from each other. A brief introduction has been and background details about RAMs.

Whenever you thinking about upgrading your PC it is better for you to know before going for shopping, also you must keep that in mind the components do have a great value in this.

Random Access Memory is one of the most important components of a computer and with modern repetition has an edge over the rest in terms of performance.

What is RAM? What is the Main Purpose of It?

All speed of your computer depends on RAM so it plays a very important role in boosting up your PC. Random Access Memory is directly accessed by systems main processor that makes it more effective to your computer.

It helps to work much faster also helps the system to read and write capability.

One thing you must know that every process during the system running is saved on RAM and when you turn it off every data is saved will now remove automatically, but when you turn on your PC everything will start exactly where you left it and all data will now have loaded again.

On the motherboard, you can place 2 or 4 RAMs on it, but some gaming computer companies create 4 to 8 slots for you to work faster.

It’s up to you how many slots you use, RAMs are made with discrete microchips that are also a reason they do work fast because of its small microchips.

Introduction of Double Data Rate RAMs


DDR RAMs were firstly introduced in early 2000 and then a revolutionary change came in technology especially in IT and CPU. Some of the new factors DDR RAM holds in it like transferring the data with the speed of mili-seconds.

DDR RAM stands for Double Data Rate Random Access Memory, so we use a short word to pronounce it.

After no much but only a little time a new development in RAMs have been introduced in Market, after a DDR its new replications with DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 published.

Too much progress in technology in a very short time, with new versions, and every version holds some remarkable improvements in speed also reducing power consumption.

One thing I would like to mention here that not every DDR RAM is compatible with every motherboard so before you buy any DDR RAM for you make sure you have the right one for you.

Right now DDR3 is the much popular and commonly used with, when it comes to DDR4 RAM it is a very popular within gamers because of its memory steadily gaining.

Differences Between DDR3 vs DDR4?

DDR3 is well known for its better performance and long term speed and power consumption, most brands and even companies do prefer DDR3. It was introduced in earlier 2007 and till today is it the best DDR RAM considered among computer users.

A huge difference between DDR2, there is no doubt about it.

So let’s have a brief analysis between DDR3 vs DDR4:

Latency Rate

The lower latency rates the better performance, because RAM with lower latency work perfect in every sense, even if the good clock speeding does not work with high latency rate.

I have to admit that DDR3 RAM is way better latency then the DDR4, the comparison looks odd but it is the reality about these RAMs.

The main purpose of Column Access Strobe latency is explained as the number of clock cycles taken by the RAM to supply certain information to the main processor.

DDR4 RAM does have increased clock speed and can lead to an increase in the latency too.

Module Density

DDR4 RAM sure is an advance tech focusing on the next generation of computer, supporting with the 3D graphics. So that you’ll be able to increase module density by stacking up to eight dies.

DDR4 permits for DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Modules) of up to 64GB, that could be a nice improvement over the 16GB per DIMM of the DDR3 RAM.

Further about module density has a control on the general performance of the RAM as a result of a chip with a lot of standard density of RAM.

These RAMs are made with advanced system chips measuring to accommodate densities of up to 2GB per chip, that is double the maximum amount as that in DDR3 hold in it.

You’ll be able to utilize 16GB DDR4 RAM in an exceedingly single stick format, and up to 64GB for up-grade memory.

Speed Simulation

As I mentioned above about the speed simulation of DDR4 and DDR3 RAMs, I’m not saying that DDR3 does not work simultaneously, it has its advantages having itself a great Random Memory of its time.

But from now on everyone even you would consider the good clocking speed and is it a very important factor which you must not forget that RAMs must have a good reading & writing capability.

DDR4 RAM’s has a much higher clock speed translating to an overall increase in the bandwidth and a distinct advantage over DDR3 RAM.

The clock speed range of DDR3 RAM starts from 800 MHz to 2133 MHz now moved to the lowest speed to 1333 MHz.

But the DDR4 RAM has an impressive clock speed starting from 2133 MHz and moving on to 4266 MHz.

Physical Appearance


Both RAMs are very different from each other when we take a look deeply onto the chips we found a huge difference in chips and layouts.

In DDR3 it has 240 pins connecting with the chips but on the other hand, very different criteria used by the manufacturers, DDR4 has a 288 pins connector.

The only reason to create a difference between pins connector that the user makes sure to install the right one on their PC.

If we look at the physical appearance deeply the DDR3 and DDR4 RAM have some modules of the exact identical length and there is a little decrease in the pin to pin distance from 1.00mm to 0.85mm in the DDR4 RAM.

DDR4 RAM makes routing much easier for computer and the extra thickness deliver more signal layers.

Motherboard Compatibility


Trying to change your computer or looking for elements to upgrade to your existing system, it’s vital to recollect that none of the RAMs are compatible with each other.

Once you have a motherboard that’s compatible with DDR3, you may ought to modification the motherboard if you would like to upgrade to DDR4 RAM.

In any other scenario, you would like to envision the compatibility of your processor to the RAM too. Some processors like Intel Skylake support solely DDR4 RAM, thus create it a degree to envision your processor and motherboard for compatibility before dynamical the RAM.

In a broad sense, motherboards designed between 2007 and 2014 are doubtless to support DDR3 and people designed later are additional doubtless to be compatible with DDR4, although not strictly true.

As mentioned within the purpose of the physical variations above; thanks to the physical variations between the 2 RAMs, DDR4 isn’t backward compatible with DDR3.

Voltage Consumption


Due to this factor, many companies do prefer DDR4 RAM because the power consumption is another important feature that controls the system integrity of a RAM and most RAM makers tried to lower the RAM’s power consumption for the best performance.

DDR3 RAMs run at 1.5V natively and its lower power module is DDR3L which runs at 1.35V.

But the DDR4 RAM is more power with efficiency one and starts at 1.2V natively and as lower as 1.05V in its low power module.

About the DDR4 RAM, it has numerous power redeemable improvements in it. With the reducing power and very low operational voltage in the DDR4 means the RAM attractions less power and runs cooler than any other RAM especially with DDR3.

Pricing Range

About the varying price, the DDR3 16GB RAM priced at $130 on many online stores, on the other hand, DDR4 RAM with same accessibilities of 16 GB DDR4 RAM is priced at $152 on different online stores.

As you can see that the price difference is not much now but when DDR4 RAM was first released in around 2014 there was a huge price difference between these two RAMs and the competition went very high, even the popularity of new RAM was gaining within gamers because of its fast working speed, so that made more expensive then.

But now everything is calmed down and there is not much competition between DDR3 vs DDR4.

Which one is better? DDR4 vs DDR3 or No One?


Depending on your need, if you want to use it as a personal computer or just want to have a routine work DDR3 is the perfect selection for you.

For my gamer readers I would suggest they must use DDR4 because it has way better speed performance then DDR3 and low power consumption, also it is a perfect combination for gaming computers.

If I have a write about benefits on DDR4 the words might end but not the benefits of this RAM. Yes, it is that better.

Meanwhile, DDR4 does have a pretty obvious advantage in expressing of speeding, voltage consuming, and module density, but DDR3 has some edges out the latest versions in expressing of potential and price comparing.

I always say this no matter the difference, choose the RAM whichever you think is good for you and it is also depending on your special needs and requirements.

Must Keep these Points in Mind


Making your computer faster is the dream of everyone but first, you have to select the best RAM to do that so for better speed and fast relief DDR4 RAM is built for you, it has very low voltage and better stability.

Also, it can do a lot good to your system because it has an increased module density with strong refreshing algorithm helps your PC works fast and effective.

Long Term Relation

Who does not want a long term working computer, to do that DDR4 RAM work in all angles for you? With its better speed, 3D assembling, refreshing algorithm and increased chip density make a long term relationship with the user also with the computer.

Better for Gamers

For gamers, they always prefer new technology because of their needing speed and good graphics performance.

DDR4 RAM must show you improvement in your gaming experience, because of the increased clock speed and chip density.


In my last word to this topic, I would like to add something that both RAMs are pretty amazing when it comes to progress both works perfect in each and every way.

But new technology is always preferable and has some good benefits so DDR4 RAM is much better and perfect for you, I would suggest if you want to think about upgrading your PC then you must consider using DDR4.

I’m not saying that if you are using DDR3 right now you should change it, if that’s giving you what you want then why you have to change it, it also performs well in so many ways.

However, if there is a consideration of changing your computer then no other thought should come in mind except DDR4.