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A Massive Design Problem Found in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10

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When the news first hit the road for Samsung’s New Galaxy Note 10 has been a big hit by a very high profile setback. Now we know about it and have a precisely first look at it.

The very first image of Galaxy Note 10’s outstanding new camera in it, a verified new by the both Ice Universe and the popular Untouchable Steve Hemmerstoffer who is known as @OnLeaks, shared on notorious website SlashLeaks.

Nobody would believe that this Note 10 design described as “MUCH worse than people think with current concept designs. Like way too much worse that you cannot even imagine.”

Why it called that and what is the idea about that?

In the Galaxy Note 10 dual vertical strips cut down from the back of it which the module requires.

The bigger strip will house the progressively standard primary, wide-angle and optical zoom lenses whereas the other strip features a ToF camera, Flash and Flood Illuminator as proficiently condensed by the PhoneArena.

The most interesting scenario you will enjoy hearing: these modules already installed in the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, but it has accomplished to do in a clean, single, horizontal array.

Measuring the fact it is a worse design mess, why it happened, Why Samsung had to do it?

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If we are expecting that Samsung could have been the relying upon the S Pen, which no doubt takes too much space to mimic the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G design.

In fact, the Samsung ingenious S Pen camera upgrade not yet ready but the time is near for the Galaxy Note’s 10 launching.

Given the details, it might be the phone where, Samsung has original improving extraordinary specifications like fast charging, next-gen storage, and upgraded RAM.

Samsung is soon moving beyond and launching the significant and mysteriously upcoming “ingenious” phones. That what company do all the time.