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Does SMS Marketing Really Work?

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Companies today face increased competition from local competitors and from those located halfway around the world. Because of the internet nearly any company no matter tier location can offer your customers competing products. As a result every company must up their marketing game. 

This starts with creating a robust online marketing strategy that includes social media, e-mail, and SEO marketing and creating websites and blogs that collectively provide a complete and robust digital marketing campaign.

Although t digital marketing is certainly the hottest form of marketing right now giving companies access to billions of potential customers, there are still traditional marketing strategies that areas and in some cases even more effective.

One of these is SMS marketing which continues to be one of the best ways for businesses to reach and attract customers.  And with new advances including using virtual phone numbers that enable you to send and receive SMS text messages over the internet without having to use a physical phone, this marketing tool is even more powerful.

Here is why SMS marketing is so effective.

Build Your Brand and Capture New Markets

SMS marketing is effective with both B2B and B2C target markets. It is ideal for the public sector, nonprofits, and commercial companies to use as internal and business to customer communications. It can also be used between industries. Companies can use it to support their brand and to market their brand in new sectors to businesses and directly to customers. 

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Effective at Reaching People

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Since SMS works through mobile phones you have a huge target market. Today more than 70% of people use mobile phones and SMS is the perfect tool to reach them. SMS works on regular and smartphones too. So whether you want to target a local audience or one around the world SMS is the perfect marketing tool. 

Highest Open Rate

One challenge with digital and even email marketing is the open rate or what percentage of your communications will actually be viewed. SMS has a 98% open rate which is by far the highest in the industry. SMS messages also have a 19% click through rate meaning that 1 in 5 people will go to view the website or offer. 

Proven Results Over Time

The majority of phone owners receive and send SMS messages on a daily basis and its popularity has continued over time. In fact, most people welcome SMS messages because they have been trained that these messages usually mean a great offer for them. As a result they typically have alerts set up on their phones to let them know when one has been received. 

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You Can Accurately and Quickly Measure Results

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One great benefit of SMS campaigns is that they are completely trackable. You will know who receives your messages and if and when they open them. And you get this feedback immediately so you can modify your campaign on the fly making meaningful adjustments that create better results for your company.

SMS messages unlike printed communications leave no waste so they are eco-friendly and they are a form of direct communication that puts you in a one on one communication relationship with the receiver. 

SMS messaging is a proven way to get marketing results for your business.