Download Your Favorite Rainmeter Skins From Here

We should be thankful to Microsoft for letting us customize our Windows theme and its options. Hopefully, there is multiple software that allows us to make major customization in Windows.

But when it comes to full customization and program-changing software you can say the name of Rainmeter loud and clear.

Power, editable and easily customizable skins it has, there are dozens of options in every Rainmeter Skin that you can add or remove any icons or app in Windows, starting with the Startup menu, display, clock, email, browsers, and networking.

This software is absolutely free of cost and gives you access to all options available in this tool, unimaginable power is in hand to make major customizations to your desktop.

Why we need it, because we humans do not like the same thing to be seen every day, Rainmeter has some amusing themes which we can use them according to our need.

Windows do allow us to change colors, fonts, display settings, wallpapers, and Screens but it does not contain such tools to edit the menu and apps according to users demand.

Let’s start showing you some extraordinary Skins.

Download the Rainmeter  Software to its skins. 

Elegant Weather

Pog Pack


Before Dawn

Metal Gear Rising



Avengers SHIELD OS

Senja Suite


Eker Lina


Win10 Widgets

Neon Space


T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-E-X Mod





Circle Launcher

SPECTRUM Launcher v3

Sketch 1.2

Lions VR1.1

North Green 1.0.2


RGC-Minimal 2.0

NeonVis 3.0


HybridClock 1.0

Analogue Clock

Need For Speed Payback 1.0

EQ Clock 2.3

Flat Blue Theme / 1.2f

Clocko for Rainmeter (EN/PL/IT)

Bouche VR1.1


Pirate Suite 1.0

Evasion / 1.4 (Final)

Space Hud 2 2.0

Green Stuff 1.0

Another Nice Clock 1.1

Space Hud 1.0

Kiznaiver 1.1.2

Just Plain Clean

Hive VR1.1

Nebula VR1.1

Nebula VR2.1

RKS Revisualise 2.0

Ribbon VR1.1

BF VR1.1

Bl VR1.1

BP VR1.1

Red Hud 1.1

Epure VR1.1

Modern Sidebar v2.1