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Electrician Management: Tips for Proper Electrician Scheduling

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Part of running your electrician business properly is scheduling your technicians well whenever they go to the field. That means knowing your available work orders and available field technicians based on their location. Homeowners and commercial premises are in constant need of electrical services.

Therefore, proper scheduling enables you to handle incoming calls and dispatch your employees while accurately optimizing routes. Scheduling has been a common challenge in service businesses, and without enough field technicians to handle electrical jobs, scheduling jobs also becomes a problem. The following are simple electrician management tips to help you employ proper scheduling for more success.

  1. Have a Plan for the Unexpected

When scheduling work orders, never assume that everything will go as planned. It is essential to recognize that proper scheduling includes accounting for the unexpected. For example, an electrician may call in sick, meaning they will not show up to work.

How do you ensure there will be no interruption in the schedule? Electricians are bound to miss work now and then because of different reasons. The best way to handle the unexpected is to come up with policies. Let them know the protocol to follow for sick days and time off. It also requires having substitutes so, the absence will not affect your schedules. 

  • Simplify Material Delivery Solutions
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It’s essential to ensure technicians have access to suitable materials in the field when scheduling. Getting materials to the job site has been a major challenge for many field service businesses. It is crucial to ensure your electricians have all the materials they need ready on site. The best way to ensure their availability and manage your stock correctly is to invest in field service technician software. The software allows you to manage inventory and confirm materials are available when appropriately needed.

  • Discuss Schedules with the Electricians

You may not understand what happens in the field. So, it is advisable when scheduling to include your field electricians. Ensure everyone is on the same page by discussing the schedules with the employees and asking them if they are realistic. If they want changes, listen to them and allow them to contribute to the scheduling.

  • Invest in Proper Equipment

Another way of adequately managing technicians is by giving them the right tools. According to studies, field technicians waste most of their time handling tasks because of using improper or incapable equipment. So, reduce this problem during scheduling by providing the right tools. For instance, carrier carts allow employees to carry loads throughout the day. The equipment you provide can reduce the cost of handling material, which boosts output. 

  • Include Extra Time in Scheduling
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With the high demand for electrician services, it is easy to build strict timelines to ensure your electricians finish the tasks quickly. If your employees are struggling and always on shift, it can cause various issues. Therefore, ensure you are handling scheduling correctly by leaving extra time between schedules to give your technicians enough time to rest and handle other matters. Builders and homeowners can sometimes understand when there is a shortage of reliable technicians. 


Part of empowering your electricians is properly scheduling their work. The best way to handle it is implementing these tips to ensure there will be no scheduling issues and the unexpected are accounted for.