Why Use Email Validators in Your Email Marketing Strategy

    Building a top-quality email marketing strategy is tough. Having it fail just because you miss a small detail is downright sad.

    Can a problem appear where you expected it the least? Easily.

    While you are writing stellar content, negotiating the parameters of the potential audience, and tweaking your headlines, your email list may hold an unexpected problem.

    All the money and effort you spend on your email marketing campaign can be wasted if you don’t have a top-notch email list hygiene.

    What Is Email List Hygiene?

    Regardless of the size of your email list, it may not be as tremendous as you think. The list can contain bounced email addresses, addresses of unengaged subscribers, address changes, and much more.

    Email list hygiene involves removing the unnecessary addresses and ensuring all the remaining ones are updated.

    One of the simplest ways to maintain your email list hygiene without spending too much time and money on the process is to use an email validator.

    An email validator is a program that checks your list for erroneous addresses. The software singles out and fixes syntax mistakes runs a domain validation and verifies email addresses without actually sending an email.

    An email validator can work with large and small email lists, running the checks as often as you need. If you are sending marketing emails on a daily basis, you should validate your email list once a month.

    Let’s go over a few reasons why a top-notch email validator is vital to your email marketing strategy.

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    1. Clear Campaign Analysis Results


    When you are sending your marketing emails to the wrong addresses, you are robbing yourself of an opportunity to have a clear picture of the way your campaign works.

    You may not be getting as many responses as you hope for simply because you are sending your emails nowhere.

    Even if your marketing strategy is impeccable, you’ll be seeing bad results due to emails getting bounced and sent to spam. Eventually, you may change your strategy for the worse due to improper information.

    2. Good Domain and IP Reputation

    Your domain reputation is highly important. Checking it occasionally can help you understand how well your email marketing strategy is doing.

    The same is true for IP reputation. If your emails keep ending up in someone’s spam folder, your reputation goes down. If many people send your messages to trash and spam folders without even opening them, your emails may start ending up there automatically.

    Using an email validator can save your domain and IP reputation and allow your email marketing strategy to work as planned.

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    3. Cost Efficiency


    You know that a marketing campaign doesn’t come cheap. All the effort you put into polishing it costs money. So why waste that money on a strategy that doesn’t work? Every time your emails bounce, you lose money.

    The most common reasons for bounced emails are servers, which can’t be found, and non-existent email addresses. An email validator can eliminate both of these problems.

    According to experts at Byteplant, the reasons for non-existent email addresses and unfound servers are often simple syntax mistakes.

    4. Higher Conversion Rate

    An email validator allows you to reach as many potential clients as possible. By maintaining your email list hygiene, you make sure your emails aren’t sent to people, who don’t want to receive them. Eventually, the conversion rate goes up, improving the ROI of your email marketing campaign.

    Final Thoughts

    An email validator is a simple, reasonably priced tool, which is a must-have for any marketing campaign manager. Failing to take advantage of it may lead to costly mistakes, lost time, and wasted funds.


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