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How to Fix Err_Connection_Reset Error in Google Chrome 100% Working Solution

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Due to its worldwide use when complications arise, they affect many users around the world. Today we are going to talk about how to correct the Err_Connection_Reset problem that may appear when we navigate.

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As we know Google’s browser is the most widespread and used today due to its different features, attributes, and performance, but like any system developed by man, it does not escape to present certain errors during its execution.

We will explain what we can do to solve it.

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Err_Connection_Reset Failure in Google Chrome


Several problems and errors can appear when we surf the net. The normal thing is that when we come up against something like this, it prevents us from using the Internet correctly or even being blocked.

In the case, this error appears when the browser cannot establish a connection. This can happen if the connection is not stable or does not work for some reason. We must mention that it is one of the most common mistakes we can find.

This error message is displayed when the Google Chrome installer cannot create a temporary directory on the computer during the installation process and we must bear in mind that any current browser.

Including Google Chrome has the function of serving as a bridge between our team and the webserver to look for the website that we have entered in it.

During this connection process, the error can be displayed, which tells us that something in the process has been interrupted and therefore the connection is restored when trying to load the web page that we have indicated.

We bring today a series of practical advice on how to solve this error in its entirety.

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How to Fix this Annoying Problem in Google Chrome

1.    Verify Internet Connections:


The first step is to check our Internet connection both physically and at the software level. At a physical level, we can check the wiring from our computer to the modem and check that everything is properly connected and switched on and at the software level, we must check that we have a connection to other websites and thus discard connectivity problems.


Remember that if we use Wi-Fi networks, it is possible that various elements, such as doors, walls, radio frequencies and more, interfere with the optimal performance of the network.

2.    Validate VPN Connection

The next thing we have to do is to know the status of our connection and how we access the network. Are we using a VPN? As we have mentioned, if the connection is not stable, it could lead to this error.

When using a VPN service, we could experience stability problems in the network.

We already know that a VPN could slow down the Internet connection. Especially could happen if we use a free service that may have certain limits.

Therefore, in the case of encountering this problem, we should bear in mind the possibility that it should be connected through a VPN.

In case this is our problem, we can always try another VPN service, connect to another server (usually offer us the ability to connect through different countries, for example), as well as shortly disconnect the VPN and see if the error persists.

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3.    Check Firewall Settings:

The function of the firewall is to allow or deny the passage of network packets to or from our team, thus increasing the security of this, and for this, it is ideal to review some rules or configuration of this to determine that this does not influence the optimal Internet connection.

In the case of Windows operating systems, we must go to the following route:

•    Control panel


•    Security system


There we click on the Windows Defender Firewall line.


Click on the option Activate or deactivate the Windows Defender Firewall.


There we will activate the checkboxes Disable Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) and click on OK to save the changes.


4.    Disable Anti-Virus:

However, the problem is that this clingy error could appear due to failures with our antivirus. Having security programs and tools is very important for proper functioning.

The problem is that they do not always act correctly and sometimes they can generate conflicts.

It is possible that for some reason you are blocking Google Chrome and the connection does not flow properly. We can access the antivirus (Windows Defender or the option we are using) and add the browser to the whitelist.

In this way, it would not generate possible problems that prevent connectivity.

5.    Reset Google Chrome Settings and Clear History:


Another possibility that could determine this problem is directly linked to the browser itself. With time, we add different extensions, change the configuration, etc.

Sometimes all this could generate problems in the browser that give errors of this type. Therefore, if we run into this problem, we can always put the factory settings in the browser or remove possible software that we have recently installed and that generates problems.

The Importance of Keeping Our System in Good Condition

Finally, and this is important not only to avoid this kind of problems, but it is also vital to have our system clean. This means having security tools and programs, as well as keeping the equipment updated.

Sometimes problems can arise that are resolved by updates and security patches.

It is also important to control the software we install, especially when it comes to add-ons that can affect the browser.

We must always download them from official sources, in this way we avoid introducing possible malicious software that causes a malfunction.


No doubt, it can be very annoying to face this error while you are surfing the net. It ruins the whole experience. That is why it is important to keep your device in good condition and clean it properly to avoid any such situation in the future.

Still, if you are facing the problem then there is no need to worry just use the methods provided by us and see the magic.