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A Complete Overview On Solutions of ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

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ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” is known as the form of the error that would happen to take place when you are accessing any websites.

As the error would make an appearance on your screen, it would be limited or completely restricting your access to the site.

It would merely be giving you an option as to where you can reload the whole page again.

Here we would be giving you a complete review about the leading causes of ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error and how you can quickly fix them by following simple methods:

What are the Leading causes of this Error?

If you want to add on some solution of this error, then it is essential to, first of all, learn that from where the error has been generating into.  Some of the most common causes of the error are as mentioned below:

  • DNS (Domain Name Server) Address:

In terms of any platform of the URL that does not contain any subdomain, then this error would be taking place right on your browser. If the DNS documents do not exist in the Cloudfare settings, like the root area or the subdomain, then it would lead to the arrival of the error.

  • Firewall:

When the Firewall or antivirus is blockading your connection, then the connection will not be established. As because of this issue the error would be popping straight away on your internet browser. This would be happening to take place as you would update the software.

  • Proxy Server:

It can also take place at the time when you have brought some changes in the proxy settings of your browser. Somehow without problems check your proxy settings to verify this.

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What are the Best Ways to Solve ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED?

Solution No 1: Switching your DNS Address:

The very first solution is about switching your DNS address straight on the platform of Google DNS. You can start by visiting the start menu and selecting the option “Windows” key and the “R” key altogether.

A dialogue box screen will appear in front of you. Press “Control” option and this will pop up the window of the control panel. Below are the steps you should follow:


On the Control Panel settings, visit the option “Network and Sharing Center”, and then you have to select the option of Change Adapter Settings.


Now right-click at the option of “Properties”, and then you can choose the option of “Networking” tab.

Now you have to select the option of “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).”


Visit the option of “Properties,” and then later on at the General Tab you have to enter the details about DNS server addresses.

As the details are entered, check the website which you want to access. The problem will be resolved entirely.

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Solution No 2: Disabling Firewall:

Our next solution would be about disabling the firewall! It might be possible that the platform of antivirus or the firewall has been blocking you to make your way to some website access. Keep a check on your firewall for any issues. Solve it to disable the website.


Additionally, you can also disable the anti-malware temporarily and then consider checking the error. If the error is still present, then it is not happening because of the Firewall.

If the error is taking place due to anti-malware, then you should change it or either you can choose to reinstall it again!

Solution No 3: Delete all your Browser Cookies:


As you would be browsing through different websites, the information about the site would be stored at your computer. This is known as cookies. These cookies would be stopping you from making your way to access other websites or even block the DNS addresses.

By visiting settings, you have to choose to delete all the browser cookies. As you visit settings, visit Advanced -> Clear Browsing Data -> Cookies and other sites and Plugin Data -> Clear browsing data.

As your browser history is completely removed, you can clear off the host cache from the chrome: //net-internals/#dns. Make your access to other websites by opening them and figure out if the problem is solved.

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Flush DNS Cache And Renew Your IP Address

According to reports from Google Chrome help forum, this is a good method to fix the Err_Name_Not_Resolved error, and many experts suggested it. It’s very easy to follow, just type a few simple Command Prompt commands.

To get started, open Command Prompt program as an Administrator by pressing Ctrl + X and then press A and choose “Yes” to launch the Command Prompt program with administrative privileges.


Or you can click on the Windows start logo at the bottom-right corner, type cmd.exe, right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”. Both methods work at the same – there would be no different.


After launching the Command Prompt program, type these commands in it, one by one:

ipconfig /flushdns > Enter.

ipconfig /renew > Enter.

ipconfig /registerdns > Enter.


With these commands, it will automatically erase all old DNS cache, renew your IP address and DNS servers.

Set Google’s DNS Or OpenDNS As Your Default DNS Server

So these are some standard solutions to follow when it comes to solving ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error! Try them now!