For us millennials, Facebook was our first introduction to social media. We learned socializing through this app. Slowly it was replaced by apps with newer features like Instagram and snapchat.

One of the many reasons for the Facebook decline was its constant nagging through notifications. You will get thousands of notifications every time you open the app. According to user preferences, only some of them prove to be useful while the others are an utter waste.

Although maybe, for creators these notifications were created to attract the user’s attention but practically they did the actual opposite of their initial purpose. Well, now Facebook has decided to tackle this issue.

For iOs users, the new update for Facebook is already in the market. This new update enables the users to control their Facebook notification by personally selecting the tabs they want to be notified of. All the other notifications will cease for them.

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So if you don’t like to see the notifications from the Marketing place. You can simply remove this section and you won’t be notified again by these annoying notifications.

With the help of this shortcut bar setting feature all you need to do is tap the bar you don’t want to see or be notified for, hold it for a second and voila you can permanently remove or silence it depending upon your preference.

But if you’re an android user then you should keep in mind that this helpful update is launched for iOs only and it will take some time, probably weeks or months, before it will be ready for the android users.

Overall this was an excellent choice by Facebook developers as it will not only make the use of Facebook easier but more relevant as well.

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Plus according to some sources, this step was taken as a part of an initiative to make social media more mentally healthy as lesser notification won’t create unnecessary stress and people will be able to concentrate on their work and lives more easily.

A month ago, Instagram went through a fairly similar ordeal when the following tab was removed to minimize stalker behavior and create a healthy environment.