G-Sync Support is Coming to LG’s 2019 OLED TVs Starting This Week

    As we all know how LG LEDs are far better than OLEDs in almost all aspects including a wider better viewing angle and an altogether better TV experience. With all the previous properties and features OLED has been on its A game.

    Now LG has decided to make OLED even more better than it was before by introducing its new G-sync update. The update process will happen this week starting from the North Carolina and eventually to other places in the world as well. Which TVs will be eligible for this update ?

    Starting with LG’s E9, C9, and B9 in North America

    Well all 2019 compatible OLEDs TVs are first in line to get the update. If we have to name specifically then we will say its E9, C9 and entry level B9 ranges of OLED TVs that are selected by the company for this upgrade.

    What changes will it bring in a basic viewer’s watching experience ? First of all , this G-sync technology is nothing new. We have all been seeing it in our gaming laptops and PCs. Its the technology which makes our gaming experience wonderful by proper sync of display with graphics.

    This sync results in mimimal screen tearing and an altogether better experience. Untill now it was specific for gaming PCs only. But now thanks to LG you will enjoy the same technology in your household TVs as well.

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    Not only is this a good news for TV watchers but also for other PC users who were previously using PCs with free sync technology. Due to the combine effort of Nividia with LG they have made those free sync supported PCs and TVs, which were previously incompatible with G-sync, suitable for G-sync technology as well.

    G-sync is not only better in terms of display and watching experience it is also better in regards to efficiency. One thing that you might need to consider is that since, obviously, this G-sync is a Nvidia product so make sure that your PC is also working on Nvidia graphic cards otherwise this news is no use to you.

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    If you are a tech lover and would like to know the specificities then we will tell you that you will need GeForce RTX 20-Series or GTX 16 series GPUs by Nvidia.

    As far as the question of how much better will this technology will be than the previous models then the only thing you need to know is that it will have a refresh rate of 120Hz. Now you can imagine for yourself that how much of an improvement will this much high refresh rate bring to your TV.


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