Samsung is Holding Galaxy Note 10 Launch Event in NYC on August 7th

    This is almost 50% is over now and but we have still not good smartphones in our hand by top brands in the market. Now we just heard a rumored that Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its new Galaxy Note 10 Pro on August 7th on a well-known location.

    CNET is an authentic source of news and according to them, Samsung has already planned to launch its Galaxy Note 10 at an event which is on the 7th of August. It is also the exact same week as last year when Galaxy Note 9 was launched.

    This might give you a wow that Samsung will reportedly be arranging the event in the Barclays Center which is in Brooklyn, New York.

    “Samsung will show off its Galaxy Note 10 during a flashy Unpacked event on Aug. 7 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, according to people familiar with the company’s plans. The venue is the same place the South Korean technology giant launched the Note 9 last year.”

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    Samsung is again trying to repeat the history and this is not the first time when it’s re-using the same venue for the Galaxy smartphone launch. However, this point is to be noted that after the launch of Galaxy Note 10 Pro they are moving the things to San Francisco earlier this year.

    Now we have discovered so far about the Galaxy Note 10 and revealed so many details before the launch of this event. Headphone jack and Camera are shown off to the publish by leakers, and the recent renders have shown and given us a full ahead of an idea about the Galaxy Note 10 and how it’s going to look.


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