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Best Gaming Computer Desk Console and PC

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Today, I am going to share a depth reviews about the best gaming computer desk designed for consoles and PC, by giving them a list of cool and modern desks for sitting and playing their games where they can feel relaxed.

If you’re a good player, Gaming desk furniture is the foundation to set up the game. It should be wide enough to adjust the gaming pc, and gaming monitor and should have extra space for spreading the mouse.

In the event that your work area is excessively high or low, you may be putting unjustifiable strain on your joints and muscles that could truly make it difficult to appreciate heaps of gaming. Thus, it’s worth your time and energy to get a quality gaming work area worked in light of a gamer’s requirements.

There is a bundle of good desks available on the market and every one has its own specialty.

If you need more racks for you or you are willing to add drawers for the keyboard, a very good offer is there for you.

Nowadays many desks are increasingly known for folded designs quite impressive and also creative, place them anywhere you want and start playing with your friends and family.

The purpose of doing so is to create comfortable computer desks for users, especially when it comes to our gamers who do love spending too much time on gaming, I don’t have a problem with that but it is a viral message.

These desks are 100% ergonomic of course you already know the meaning of it. The main slogan of the makers is to provide optimum comfort and avoid stress or injury.

This is the reason I’m sharing my thoughts with you also for your comfort I have gathered a list of the best desk, and also explained every feature with its benefits, materials, other dimensions, etc.

Must Focus on These Points

Before I move further you need to keep these special points in your mind. The very first thing I would recommend is selecting a good manufacturer of these desks because the quality of the product matters so select wisely.

Now moving forward, after selecting the company it is time to choose where to put it in your house, I have a very small space for me if you would buy them a little larger desk for yourself that must be big trouble for you.

Size and Space

As I already described a little above about the space and size, let’s add a few more words here.

You sure want to adjust your gaming computer in a small space but does that really works all the time? If you find a perfect desk for your computer, it is the most exciting thing.

Also, you can wrap up all your computer accessories in it, just do this thing before buying any table.


This is a very interesting part for gamers, no one wants to spend too much on their desk because the gamers always move ahead and keep an eye for upcoming gaming accessories.

So, decide your budget first then select your gaming table.


The quality of the product does matter, this might a problem when selecting a product online. But read the reviews carefully and you will get the best product. I have selected top used and top-rated desks for you.

Arozzi - Arena Ultrawide Curved Office/Gaming Desk with Cable Management...
Atlantic Viper 3000 Gaming Desk – Single Laminated Surface, Heavy-Duty...
Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Computer Gaming/Office Desk - Black
Arozzi - Arena Ultrawide Curved Office/Gaming Desk with Cable Management...
Atlantic Viper 3000 Gaming Desk – Single Laminated Surface, Heavy-Duty...
Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Computer Gaming/Office Desk - Black
Computer Desk
Customer Rating
Arozzi - Arena Ultrawide Curved Office/Gaming Desk with Cable Management...
Arozzi - Arena Ultrawide Curved Office/Gaming Desk with Cable Management...
Computer Desk
Customer Rating
Atlantic Viper 3000 Gaming Desk – Single Laminated Surface, Heavy-Duty...
Atlantic Viper 3000 Gaming Desk – Single Laminated Surface, Heavy-Duty...
Computer Desk
Customer Rating
Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Computer Gaming/Office Desk - Black
Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Computer Gaming/Office Desk - Black
Computer Desk
Customer Rating

Advance Features

Always keep that in mind no matter what the price of your table is, ask it about its advanced features in it.

Not so extraordinary but some usual features might be a good idea also to make it more comfortable.

What I’m trying to explain is it must have cabinets for keeping DVDs and small stuff, also easily reachable power jointers connected to the desk.

It might not excite some gamers but it does cover up your cables and DVDs.

Best Gaming Desk for Game Lovers

Here’s a list of top reviewed also top-rated desks chosen by me, they all the and all details of ever desk is mentioned there all you have to do is read it and then buy it. So let’s get started…

FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk

Your work area shouldn’t keep you down while you’re gaming, and the FlexiSpot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk absolutely will not. This gaming work area is worked to acclimate to you, and the enormous work area has a pattern to allow you to draw in nearer to your screen.

At 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep, you can easily adjust massive mousepads, keyboards, number pads, and macro keys and also the extra stuff on the height adjustable desk.

The FlexiSpot PC Gaming Desk has some convenient link ports that will allow you to keep your work area space looking clean while you feed screen, console, and mouse links down to your PC.

Furthermore, in the event that you like to remain a touch more dynamic while you’re gaming, you will cherish this last element. The FlexiSpot PC Gaming Desk is a sit-stand work area with an electric engine.

You can undoubtedly change the work area range from 29″ up to 48″, giving you an agreeable level for either situated or standing play. To change the stature, you should simply press a button.

Features of Flexispot Height Adjustable PC Gaming Desk:

  • The desk is Smooth and has quiet operations
  • Its Easy-to-use height presets
  • It’s simple and has a clean and fascinating design
  • Great value for money
  • It has no cable tray and no pressure sensor

Lian Li DK-047

The Lian Li DK-04F is a definitive gaming work area, just in light of the fact that it will basically likewise be your PC and its security gadget as well. It will be unbelievably difficult for any eventual cheat to snatch your apparatus should it be housed inside this profound monster.

With a 1meter width, this behemoth is the more modest kin, as well; Lian Li additionally makes the DK-05F, in which you can fit two discrete gaming PCs.

however, that has not affected its great strength. Eventually, even with a few screens mounted straightforwardly on the work area, it’s a vigorous work area, even at its full tallness.

Then, at that point, there’s that safety glass top. It’s iced, which makes the included RGB strips look incredible when your framework’s completely constructed, yet at a solitary button press, it tends to be made gem understood so you can look adoringly down into your PC’s inner parts.

It’s totally superfluous, and I love it. Nonetheless, it’s a gift and a revile on the grounds that even the best gaming mouse will require a decent mouse mat with that glass surface underneath it.

In any case, at $1,500, it’s madly costly, and with simply a one-year guarantee, that feels somewhat parsimonious as well. Furthermore, that is additionally with practically no of the parts required really to incorporate a PC into it.

On the whole, that is an amazing parcel for a gaming work area and a ton for a PC body. However, it is a dazzling, beautiful thing for the genuine fan.

Features of Lian Li DK-047:

Its Height is  27–46 inches weight

It supports around 176-lbsDesktop

The tempered glass top is super bling

It has Adjustable height with presets and has a sensor too


The Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Battlestation is maybe the most pointless excess gaming work area you can purchase, however getting the best is continually going to be a venture.

In contrast to a standing work area, which gives you no decision regarding that situation, you can change the range from 70cm (27.6-inches) off the ground to 110cm (43.3-inches), which is a gift for your spine.

It can likewise recollect up to four distinctive tallness settings, so you don’t continually overshoot your favored positions.

RGB lighting lounges around the edge of the work area for a little personalization, which can adjust with any Thermaltake and even Razer items you own, gratitude to mix with Chroma programming.

There’s likewise an included mouse cushion that tops off the whole work area space. With the greatest burden weight of 150kg and a solid aluminum outline, there’s no question this thing can withstand a trio of the heaviest screens.

Features of Thermaltake level 20 RGB Battlestation:

Its range from 70cm to 110cm

Its weight is around 150kg

It is best recommended for people having spine problems

Belmac 3-Piece Corner C Frame L Shaped Computer Desk

Well, this is not very different from the last one I have mentioned there, but it has some options and features which make it a little more comfortable than the previous one.

The material is also the reason I chose to share Belmac 3-Piece Corner C Frame L Shaped Computer Desk with you, it is made with sturdier material and can bear more weight than SHW L-Shaped.

Another good benefit of Belmac 3-Piece is you can put multiple gaming systems on it and it means your brother or friend can also share the same table without even making trouble, also it is designed for the writer to work on it.

It is made with some high-quality durable steel material features a black powder coat finishing. I really like the idea of making the desktop with a glass top while there are two more sliding keyboard trays which are also made of glass.

One thing which every gamer wants is a cabinet, but no cabinets or any other storage feature offers for you in it.

Some main features on the Belmac 3-Piece Corner C Frame L Shaped Computer Desk.

  • L-Shaped design
  • 3 Piece Construction
  • Material used in it Steel and Glass
  • Keyboard and mouse trays are lower than the monitor height, which helps with posture
  • Measurements are 57 inches by 57 inches by 33 inches
  • Lightweight and easy to both assemble and take apart

DXRacer Newedge Gaming Computer Desk

Well organized the finest gaming brand making a piece of top quality furniture for gamers, they do have some extra well-comfortable chairs and other related products.

DXRacer Newedge desks are trickier than they look in pictures so there is a caution for people who do not have natural do-it-yourself support.

They used all kinds of natural materials to make it more unique in every way some main materials are carbon fiber, metal, and wood, also they make bolts and nuts with the same material.

Whoever wants the DXRacer desk is must be a pro gamer and know the taste of quality products. Some people do find it unrespectable in the sense of desk.

Because of the look, just do not follow the look, it can bear the weight of a gamer computer, all accessories, and everything which you hold to play the game.

The DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Edition is a high-quality product of Newedge and it won’t let you down in any way.

But, about this out-class desk has some fantastic advanced features and also great cable managing facilities.

Features of DXRacer

  • Choose any color you want
  • Ergonomics Friendly with 10-degree slope
  • Desktop for Arm Support
  • Stability
  • Cable management with Built-in option
  • Carbon fiber and Wooden made desk
  • Standard Type
  • Dimensions Contains31.5 x 31.5 x 47 inches
  • 70 lbs Weight
  • Popularity3.5

GreenForest L-Shaped Desk

GreenForest is a modern-looking style desk and you will enjoy having this great desk in your house. Whoever wants a little different and stylish, modern desk this sure is a one of it.

It has a deep dark color which makes it more attractive for gamers. Also, it has many features available in it like shelving units to put your stuff in it like headphones, DVDs, Mouse, and joystick, etc.

Speaking of stylish and modern, adding a high-end headphone with unique design and authentic sound quality should also be considered to make your rig stand out from the others.

Finding a good product especially on a desk is always a difficult job, but for you, I have solved that problem GreenForest L-Shaped Desk is here for you on a reasonable budget with some extra features in it.

If you are looking for a high-quality desk with more features on it then you must follow this desk and gets this product without even eye blinking.

You won’t complain about it for many years because it will not break nor crack, the high-quality material is used to make this desk, the manufacturer focused on quality over quantity.

Some other good things include a small change in legs below the desk which can be easily adjusted because it’ screw operated, it has triple shelving units in which you can put games, consoles, and collectibles, also the L-shaped design that is built for you to play while enjoying at it.

Features of GreenForest

  • L-Shaped desk
  • 3-piece construction desk
  • Sturdy frame
  • Height changeable desk
  • Ships with tools to assemble the desk
  • L-Shaped
  • Dimensions 58.1 x 44.3 x 29.1 inches
  • Material Contains Steel, Wood
  • Weight 37.2 lbs

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SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

The best L-Shaped desk perfectly designed corner desk for you, place it anywhere you want in your house, the manufacturer name is Corner Desk it does not mean that you have placed it in corner of your house.

It does cover up very small space due to its L-Shaped design, a multipurpose desk can be used in the office or in the home for gaming.

This SHW L-Shaped desk does not have cabinets in it so forget about putting your things but the design is outstanding there is no doubt about that.

Very furnished and high-quality desk made with steel frame and powder coated with a safety glass making it more unique in every way.

Some main features are available on the SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk.

  • Material used in Steel and Glass
  • Total weight of 38 pounds
  • Measurements are 19 inches by 28.5 inches by 51 inches.
  • Three unique colors Black, Nickel Silver, and Walnut
  • L shaped construction with Footrest bar
  • Easy to assemble and light to carry

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S is as efficient viewing if you are pointing is at a desk. It has a huge amount of accessible surface which is measuring 44.5 inches in width with 24.2 inches deep.

The manufacturer used a carbon fiber for its surface that feels decent to have with providing great grip, also no dirt or sticking on it.

It surely has a Z shape like its name Z1-S and has features like soft drink stand, headphone stand, keyboard and mouse drawer under the desk also it has a pretty strong grip which can hold more weight than you can imagine.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S contains multiple legs with outstanding support.

There is an atmospheric element attached to the desk, whenever you want to plug it into the USB port on your gaming computer the LED run lights along the sides of the desk will glow which makes it more eye-catching.

This can give enough ambient light while playing, which can be desirable, although in terms of improving your overall experience it may not do all that much for you.

Some of the features on the Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Desk.

  • Desk Measurements are 44.5 by 24.2 by 30.5 inches
  • A “Z” shape design, the purpose of that you won’t be needing 4 legs when 2 will work fine
  • Blue Glowing LED lights run through desk, you can activate by connecting to a USB gaming computer
  • It has Metal legs which hold up a carbon fiber tabletop
  • The oversized mousepad is excellent for when you use a mouse with your gaming
  • Edges are wrapped and a little elevated. That help for items not rolling off the table
  • Headphone hook, dual controller holder etc.
  • Weighs almost 40 pounds

Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation

The Bestar Hampton Corner digital computer may be a solid style once you have one monitor and you wish to unfold around your gear during a corner style.

It has several levels with the desktop, as well as associate with under-desk pull-out for your keyboard and mouse, and associate elevated surface for your monitor. With the scale of the elevated monitor show, you will be able to place 2 monitors up.

There is a closed cupboard on the facet further, providing you with more storage place to hold also to cover away controllers. You’ll place openings into the rear of the cupboard to run cables to your native power supply.

Bestar Hampton Corner digital computer, you receive more of table place and there’s ample area for you to move a gaming laptop chair. The function of this desk is a superb recreation or general work computer.

It’s conjointly a solid construction for once you need your table to be durable.

It will tip the scales at one hundred seventy-five pounds, therefore whereas you recognize it’s durable, the Bestar Hampton Corner digital computer isn’t the sort of table to travel for if you’re one to maneuver often.

Some of the features of the Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation.

  • Cornered design
  • Elevated stand for the monitor
  • Pull-out feature for keyboard and mouse
  • Dimensions of 70.1 inches by 70.1 inches by 35.4 inches
  • Contains weight more than 175 pounds
  • Closed storage cabinet

Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3 Electric Standing Desk Frame

This table incorporates a range of options the same as the Arozzi. It’s an equivalent recurvate front of the table that connects you nearer to the action.

You’ll see there are lots of areas to feature to add 3 LCDs on the highest of the desk, though the most point of the Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3 electrical Standing table Frame is that the electronic carry engineered into it.

With the electronic carry, you’ll be able to raise and lower the table to the most height of fifty-one. 4 inches.

Also, there’s a control pad underneath the table that is ideal for you when needed to move from sitting in front of your game to standing.

The Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3 Electrical Standing Desk Frame additionally comes in an exceedingly range of color choices, thus it’s attainable to fully create it on your own.

It is additionally an awfully durable, hefty style because the Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3 electrical Standing table Frame weighs in at one hundred twenty pounds.

There are memory buttons engineered into the management pad thus you don’t have to be compelled to fumble with adjusting the peak. You simply push one button and it’ll carry and lower to your designed height.

Some of the features on the Seville Classics AIRLIFT S3 Electric Standing Desk Frame.

  • 54 inches by 30 inches Top Dimension
  • Steal base frame and heavy-duty construction
  • Weighs up to 120 pounds
  • It can holds more than 264 pounds
  • Electric lift for sitting and standing
  • Motorized lift
  • Programmable height memory buttons
  • More than 12 colors with different styles

Atlantic Desk Multi-Function

I hope this one might impress you because of its true desk look, it is not a big table but it has some other options which you will like.

It’s made with carbon fiber also supports steel rod feet, it has a 40 inches width with 23.5 inches of depth in it. Another, good thing I must mention is its elevated stand table designed to support LCDs not more than a weight of 35 to 40 pounds.

The makers of this desk made a perfect combination for a size of 32 inches LCDs.

Also, it has another feature that holds DVDs, CDs, games, and multiple controllers.

There are furthermore little features on the legs which you will like to have on the Atlantic Desk Multi-Function.

Some main features of the Atlantic Desk Multi-Function.

  • It has a Sturdy construction contains with metal legs and a carbon fiber surface.
  • Excellent attachments like a lift for up to a 32-inch LCD
  • Speaker holders place the speakers in separate cradles
  • Mobile phone dock for easy viewing
  • Holders for drink and headphones on legs
  • Dimensions for the workspace are 48.5 inches by 23.5 inches by 29 inches

Arozzi Arena Desk

Arozzi Arena table is one in every of the broader desktops presented today, providing you with lots of areas for your gear.

As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to match up to 3 massive monitors facet by facet on the desktop.

Even if you are somebody who does enjoy mixing multiple monitors, this can be one in every of the few desks which can handle the surface desires.

One of the simplest options of the Arozzi Arena table is that it’s not solely engineered to last, however, it’s easy to travel with.

Plus, you’ll be able to modify the height so it works perfectly with your height necessities.

If you are consuming long periods of your time enjoying games you don’t need to be at a table not designed for your height.

The entire surface is created from a solid mouse mat material.

Rather than losing some sensitivity on the work surface or being forced to use the mouse solely on bound areas of the table, you’ll be able to use your mouse on the whole table.

Some of the features of the Arozzi Arena Desk.

  • Built with a solid 85.5-pound construction
  • Holds dimension of 32.2 inches by 63 inches by 31 inches
  • Purely surface is made from mousepad material
  • Modifiable height
  • Curved table display
  • Can support three monitors at a time
  • Color options are black, red, blue, green, purple, and white
  • Cable management system
  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

Zinus Modern Studio is a desk where you don’t need all the add-on options, attachable cup holders, and alternative aspects the opposite diversion desks have.

If instead, you wish a clean, well-built table that’s not stylish but clean, the Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho table is that the way it is.

This table is fantastically designed whereas, at constant time, particularly clean. It’s simply a high-quality table.

There aren’t any drawers for your keyboards or elevated stands for monitors. This way, you’ll be able to add and regulate the table specifically for your desires.

The Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho table is made as solid as it comes with good material. It’s a steel frame and a fine-looking end.

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho table will be available in the 3 color choices of espresso, white, and natural, thus you’ll be able to work it into the remainder of your room’s current look.

This isn’t a budget wood construction you discover in alternative desks. It additionally has floor bars to stay level.

In fact, to create certain you have got a worry-free pc desktop the Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho table comes with an annual complete assurance.

Some of the features of the Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk.

  • Solid 47 pounds
  • Dimensions of 47 inches by 24 inches by 29 inches
  • Easy assembly
  • Clean desktop with ample workspace
  • No add-ons or varying levels
  • Comes in three color options


I have created that list after taking many reviews from gaming computer desk users who already have these gaming desks and they are pretty happy with their performance.

I would recommend to you all these best gaming desks because everyone is good-looking and according to users’ needs. But If I missed something on any desk up there do share a word with me by commenting below, your feedback will really help me to work on more desks.