If someone is called by Google it would be huge excitement for them, the first day of the job is nothing in a place like that, given the opportunity your work is not more than a booking table in a restaurant for peoples who do have requested to perform such task.

Many companies are relying on AI so does the Google, Google Duplex program for, the services where AI-Powered books the restaurant for people. Encouraging it is but that service is not working as it should perform the way it’s programmed.

Almost 25 to 30 percent of work done by the Humans.

First they push back humans, it is like a stealing a job from them but now it returns back.

That story came from the New York Times, who found out that there is another failure in which 15 percent cases are noticed.

When things like that happen who do not wonder also it is strange for restaurant employs as well, after the failure of AI booking human had to intervene to perform such a task.

Google Duplex is basically designed to work as a human, you won’t even recognize it, all ums, and ahs are makes it more human which makes it trickier to a customer to know whether it’s a human or a machine.

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AI can be helped by humans by teaching it or in training the system. Speculations by The Times about human are calling now on behalf of AI, managing it with helping to work properly and to deal with any sort of unexpected errors and questions.

Google Assistant Nick Fox, who is Exec in charge explained the fact about the company “was not aggressively trying to eliminate human involvement from Duplex, because that could make the experience for business owners worse.”

Google does not seem to do the things in a bad way by allowing its AI to get blocked by the people.

Everyone thinks that Google is paying people fundamentally to the caretaker for its Android consumers. Won’t it be a good idea that we do book our self a table at restaurant instead of letting Google Assistant do it.

Let’s have an honest review that we are in the hand of Google Assistant no matter what it cannot change what so ever. Now some of are afraid that cracking the Google Home smart speaker might give us a human inside sitting there for us.