Change is inevitable and it is a very part of our lives. It is through the change that things turn into a better version of themselves. Where are we going through here? Well, recently Google announced another update for its Google Pixel 4.

I know how much we hate updating our phones and keep it on pending until we are left with no choice. Well, this update might be something you guys don’t wanna hold up.

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The thing is after Google launched its Pixel 4, a lot of people bought it in the hopes of getting the best features. A lot of hopes were turned down thanks to the near mediocre camera result of the Pixel 4.

No offense to Google, but the only thing that was extra-ordinary about these phones was its smooth display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. And a tech piece can turn into a disappointment when its best features even have glitches in it.

After a little use, the Pixel 4 users discovered that even when the settings for smooth display are on, the phone changes the refresh rate from 90Hz to 60Hz upon lowering the brightness at a certain amount.

Well, mistakes are what make us “human” and giant tech industries like Google, a not-so-perfect tech industry. But unlike other companies that take years correcting their mistakes, Google has already rectified the mistake with their new November update.

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The November security update will not only smoothen the display issue but it will also have some camera updates as well. Let’s hope that the issue is resolved and people can have their money’s worth with this phone. Another thing that this update will be focusing on is Xbox BT controller mapping.

So the gamers in you can expect a slight improvement after the update. Not only is this good news for Pixel 4 users but pixel 2, 3 and 3a users will also enjoy this upgrade.

The only people who should be ignoring this news are people from India since Google never launched Pixel 4 in their country. The reason for this bias is unknown and even surprising, India being a country with a huge population.

It is the first update that this phone will be having let’s hope that the next update also improves soli radar gestures which are also not up to the mark.

Via: 9to5Google