Google’s Fundo Application Enables Hosting Virtual Meet-Up Sessions

    Google is about to release its beta-tested virtual meet and greet application today. The application namely Google’s Fundo was originated by Google’s Area 120 incubator the last summer. It had been granted access to several valuable and trusted testers for its initial check through.

    Now, Google has allowed its full-scale utilization for the public as well. The Fundo web application enables its users to initiate and host paid meet-ups, video conferences, and ticketed virtual prom-and-greet functions. Although, the first idea regarding this application was to provide photo booth-style service for its users.

    As Fundo is a paid virtual conferencing site, it also facilitates the payment transaction processing feature. The simple procedure for the use of this web application is that the creator offers a meet-up.

    After the meetup, the guest arrives and requests time and pays, and then they both can easily meet with a lid on. However, Fundo also allows up to 30 people at the same time to appear on the camera in order to join the live streaming video conferences and digital sessions.

    The general manager John Gregg has said that the primary use of the Fundo web application is for conducting small workshops, meets and greets, and group live stream practices. He also put forward the analytics of the test use of this application.

    He added that many users hosted multiple events on this application and their prices had a very exceptional variation between $0 and $50 for a single person. It has been also analyzed by the company that the people initiated events like workout sessions and the cooking tutorials too.

    Google's fundo

    When asked about the comparison between the YouTube live stream and the Google Fundo application, Gregg replied that the Google’s Fundo has a contrasting model than that of YouTube. He further put light on both the models and disclosed that YouTube has a monthly charging policy for its membership for live streaming utility whereas, Fundo depends on the specific event scheduling policy and charges per event.

    He further concluded that this could add up to the benefit for the company as in the coming future, perhaps the YouTube subscribers gain a keen interest in the Fundo application.

    In addition to this, Google has a policy for the Fundo application users to cut 20% of the revenue generated for each live stream session. The application also enables its users to search for events that might increase the interest of using the Fundo application.

    As Google’s Fundo application has been launched by Google, it is a wait-and-watch situation that how this application impacts the public. Their reviews are sure to be considered very soon.


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