Smoking is called a bad practice not only because it harms a person’s health, but also because it ultimately enslaves a person’s spirit into the practice. Nicotine is a strong addictive chemical. It makes people think only of the opportunities to continue the training no matter under which circumstances. Quitting smoking is not an easy task even for a person with high strength of will.

    The Origins

    The origins of smoking go as far as 5000 BCE or even earlier. However, the way of smoking that people are used to today has become popular after the trip of Columbus and other explorers to America.

    A substance brought to Europe was a complete novelty, and people fell into it. It was tobacco. The first crops of tobacco grown for sale go back to the beginning of the XVII century.

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    Anti-Tobacco Movements

    quit smoking now

    It is today that people know many scientifically proved facts about the dangerous effects of tobacco, and some of them protest against its spread. However, until 1798 it was difficult to imagine that one can object the habit. That was a year when a famous American doctor started his anti-tobacco campaign, where he stated that tobacco is harmful to both health and moral.

    Surprisingly, the Nazis made another new page in anti-tobacco history. It started far before World War II when a doctor from Dresden explained the link between cancer and tobacco. In fact, advocacies against the habit were published in the particular journal “Against tobacco” in 1912 and 1932. However, they lost the support of the masses rather quickly because people had other urgent problems.

    One of the latest waves of anti-tobacco movements made the whole world acquainted with the best vape pen for e-liquid (check it out). In the year 2000, a chemist Hon Lik developed a new device, which aimed to bring an end to smoking once and for all.

    The idea was simple: he developed special equipment, which mimicked the process of smoking with no tobacco use. The invention is famous as a vape pen.

    The Fail of the Best Vape Pen

    The situation became unpleasant when people understood that not only tobacco and the process of burning cause health problems to smokers. People simply changed one addiction for another: from smoking, they turned to vape. It was an excellent breakdown for all those who tried to stop smoking using the best vape pens.

    However, the vape pens’ manufacturers claim that the situation is not hopeless. They tend to promote their devices, saying that controlling the dose of nicotine consumed with the best vape pen for e-liquid can help to quit in some time. The only thing that is required from a vaper is to control each whiff.

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    New Technologies as a Life Saver

    smoking kills

    For control, each whiff might be delicate, especially if you are not an experienced vaper. That is why the engineers of vape pens, together with programmers, developed some applications for both IOS and Android to help you control the amount of nicotine consumed daily.

    It was a success, so they moved forward to creating unique apps that can help giving up smoking.

    1. My Quit Coach by Leaf Group Ltd

    This app is at the top of many lists because of its multifunctional options. The first and the most important here is that a person can decide whether he or she wants to stop abruptly or to make the process slow and swift.

    Secondly, every user receives a personalized Quit Plan according to his or her individual needs and parameters. Last but never least, the application provides you with the opportunity to communicate with others pursuers for a smoke-free life. The user can either share his or her own story or draw inspiration from the experience of others.

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    2. Smoke-Free by David Crane PhD

    smoking apps

    The application with half a million users, who have successfully quit. Quite impressive, isn’t it? It provides you with more than thirty stop smoking techniques created by smoking counselors. The app calculates the amount of money that you can save by giving up smoking almost immediately.

    It is used to motivate users. Each time you smoke, you can add this to a diary and receive a list of tips on how to prevent yourself from cravings in the future. Also, the app allowed us to analyze your needs and suggest ways to avoid them.

    3. Get Rich or Die Smoking by Tobias Gruber

    The application named with humor is quite a severe help for smokers. It allows the configuration of your smoking habits and a quit date. At the same time, when having a relapse, you can just use a select button to receive some support and change the configurations.

    The app also provides the user with the opportunity to communicate with other users. There is an exclusive chat, where you can wither boast with achievements, or complain about a withdrawal. The app provides the user with statistics about finances and health risks as well.


    Before using an app, it is essential to define the goal for yourself, to understand the motives that move you forward to a smoke-free life. Having done that, the choice of the app becomes less critical. In fact, these and many other apps are similar functionally.

    For instance, all these apps contain an element of entertainment. They have a kind of game system, and you receive a reward after a step is completed. It helps to train a person, so look for the app that you will like best.


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