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Hadoop Database and Why Is It Preferred For Big Data?

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Apache Hadoop is a name that has been derived from a cute soft toy. However, this technology is much beyond a soft toy. It is an open-source platform that offers new ways to store as well as process big data.

This software platform uses Javascript for distributed processing and storage of big sets of data on clusters on a computer that is built from commodity hardware.

Hadoop is one of the most progressive technologies in the world when it comes to data handling and management. In fact, businesses across the globe have successfully embraced this technology and are popular when it comes to the management of Big Data Analytics.

What are the key features of Hadoop for the management of large data?

The following are the key features of Hadoop and the reasons for its popularity in the tech world today-

  1. License-free- You do not have to get a license for using Hadoop. All you need to do is log into the Apache Hadoop site and download the technology. Install it to start working with it.
  2. Open Source- The source code is available and open. It can be modified and changed as per your individual requirements.
  3. Perfect for Big Data Analytics- Hadoop is ideal for Big Data Analytics. It is beneficial for the management of variety, velocity, value, and volume. It is a very good concept of managing Big Data, and it does so with the aid of the Ecosystem Approach.
  4. Ecosystem Approach- This is a unique approach that focuses on the acquisition, arrangement, processing, analyzing, and visualization of data. It is not ideal for processing and storage. It is an ecosystem that is the core feature of the technology. It acquires data from traditional relational database systems or RDBMS and arranges it on a cluster with HDFS. Later it cleans the data so that it becomes eligible for analysis with the help of processing techniques like MPP or Massive Parallel Processing
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Other advantages of Hadoop


Large web 2.0 organizations use Hadoop to manage and store big data sets. It is a valuable platform for other traditional corporations because of its following 5 benefits-

  1. Highly scalable- Hadoop can store as well as distribute huge sources of data across multiple inexpensive servers in parallel operation. This makes it a highly extensive platform for storing data. It is different from the conventional relational database systems that do not have the capability to process huge amounts of data. Hadoop helps businesses operate applications on multiple nodes with thousands of terabytes of information or data.
  2. It is affordable- It is an affordable solution for businesses that have large amounts of increasing data or information. The issues with the traditional relational databases are they are very expensive when it comes to upgrading systems to make them process high volumes of information and data. In a bid to reduce expenses, several companies had to break down sample data and later categorize it based on specific assumptions as to which data was the most valuable. This raw data later would be deleted as it was expensive for the company to keep. Experts from RemoteDBA states this approach might have worked well temporarily.

However, when the priorities of the business changed, the whole raw data sets were not available for the business as it was too costly for them to store it. This is where Hadoop stepped in to help.

It was designed as a unique architecture that could store all the data of the company in a cost-effective manner so that the business could use it for use in the future. The savings of costs were huge.

The old systems offered to thousands to about ten thousand pounds for each terabyte, whereas Hadoop provided capabilities for computing and storing hundreds of pounds for every terabyte. 

  • Flexible-Hadoop is a platform that helps a business to access fresh data easily and taps into both structured and unstructured data for generating value for it. This implies that Hadoop is a good platform for a business to get valuable business insights from sources of data like social media, clickstream data, or email conversations. Besides the above, Hadoop can also be used for several purposes like data warehousing, log processing, detection of fraud, analysis of market analysis, and systems for a recommendation.
  • Hadoop is fast- The unique storage method of Hadoop is based on distributed file systems that map data when it is located on clusters. The data processing tools are on the same servers where the data is based. This leads to faster processing of data. If you are managing large volumes of data, Hadoop can process terabytes of this data in a few minutes and petabytes of data in hours.
  • Resist failures- Another top advantage of Hadoop is its ability to be resilient to failures. When the data is transmitted to individual nodes, it is replicated to the other nodes located in the cluster. This means that in the event of a failure, there is always another copy that is available for business use. The MapR distribution goes far by deleting NameNode and replacing it with distributed NoNameNode architecture. This provides complete protection from individual and single system failures and loss of data.
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In conclusion, it can be said that Hadoop is the perfect platform when it comes to the management of large volumes of data safely. The architecture is safe and affordable. It has several benefits over the traditional relational database management platforms.

It is valuable for businesses of every size, and its popularity will continuously grow with the increase of unstructured data. When it comes to the management of Hadoop architecture systems, you should always deploy professionals from credible data administration companies to maintain them for you.

With this architecture, you are able to enjoy high-performance systems that are scalable and cost-effective the continuous growth of your business with success!