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How To Optimize Your Marketing Instagram Account

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Optimize Your Marketing Instagram

The world of business has become quite competitive with time. Business wars are fought not only at the ground level but also at the level of the internet. Every business tries its best to show its presence on social media. 

It is found a study that more than 90% of Instagram users follow a business on the platform. Therefore it is quite natural that you need to have a strong presence on Instagram to connect with customers and promote your business online. 

But do you think that merely sharing quality content will drive visits and generate leads? 

The answer is no. Therefore you need to optimize your Instagram account to create a difference. 

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In this article, we are going to discuss the different ways through which you can optimize your Instagram Account.

Optimizing Your Marketing Instagram Account

There are some concrete steps that you need to take to optimize your Instagram account. Let’s discuss it here.

1. Posting At The Right Time 

Send your posts any time on your Instagram page, and you will be able to get your visits and lead generation.

Great! But for your rivals, believe us. 

The crudest fact is that you are missing out on a lot of visitors. What you need to do is post your content at the right time when you can get maximum visits.

See the audience’s movement and try to get an insight on the right time to post your elements. Therefore scheduling your post is a highly important factor.

2. Helpful FAQs

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FAQs have been highly beneficial for customers. Through these, they get their doubts cleared on different aspects (products and services). Therefore you need to consider FAQs:

  • Navigating the reservations vs. the walk-ins.
  • Best way to contact you.
  • Delivery options.
  • Covid Vaccinations and mask policy. 

3. Keep Your Things Fresh; Discard The Old Ones

Information filtering is one of the most important things that you need to consider while maintaining your Instagram account.

In addition, you need to constantly try to build and refresh your content to strengthen your account.

What will you do in this regard?

  • Ensure that you update your homepage before some specific event or promotions. But make sure that you don’t stale your page and make it old.
  • Listed hours change.
  • Changed Location. Have you updated?
  • Using the same contact information?

4. Relevant Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags acts to increase your customer base. But ensure that you use the hashtags effectively. 

Do you know that posts with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagements?

With Instagram, it is possible to follow the most effective hashtags. This helps you finetune your content to get more exposure. 

5. Location Tags

Marketing Instagram Account

What do you do to get your photo with maximum viewers on your Instagram? Photos on your Instagram page people’s minds are hooked, and this offers more opportunities for engagement. 

People will be able to see your photos more if you enable your location tags. With more location tags, more and more people will generate interest in your business. This opens better opportunities so far as lead generation is concerned.

6. Share, Awards, Accolades, And Reviews

You need to consider how your Instagram page looks to potential customers. Listening to your highlights or the recognition builds an element of trust and confidence in the viewers.

If you can establish credibility with your business, you’ll have a better chance. 

7. Promote Special Offerings 

Work consistently to provide more opportunities to your existing and potential customers. For example, you could elevate their eyebrows by offering things like running loyalty programs, offering holiday discounts, or some other benefits.

As a result, you generate better relations with your customers.


Apart from these, there are a host of other ways that you need to consider to optimize your Instagram account.

But the thing remains, you need to work continuously on your Instagram page to raise interest in your customers. Promotion on social media is also getting narrowed down with more and more competition. If you cannot do it all alone, consider taking help from teams and tools.