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How to Send a Wireless Fax on an HP?

Modern technology is revolutionizing the way people store their information or share it. In today’s world, most people get the majority of the photographs and documents stored in their mobile phones or other devices and use the internet to send them quickly to their loved ones or office, respectively, anywhere in the world.

You will be surprised to know that you can use wireless systems to fax your documents anywhere anytime. If you have an HP multifunction printer machine, you can use it for sharing your documents through fax. Wondering how to send wireless fax on an HP? Dive into the article to know the details…

HP: Multifunction Printer & Fax Machine

If you remember the traditional fax machines, you will be aware of their weight, the weird connection between phone lines and fax machines to carry the information for sending or receiving the fax.

But with the transformation in digital technology and high-speed internet, traditional faxing machines have been replaced by high tech devices, which use internet signals to help you send the fax without wire. 

The advanced HP printers are one of these high tech devices. Wondering, “How to use the wireless faxing printer?” Here’s how?

This all in one series set up to link the users directly to an online fax account. You can sign up for the online faxing services such as CocoFax through the printer or sign up separately through your device and login to the account with the HP printer. It does not matter which method you use because both work in the same way. 

So if you are looking for volume fax, it is probably the best way to send it through a touch screen printer or fax machine. As long as it is connected with the secure internet connection and reliable online Fax service provider, it should take only a few minutes to get or send the fax. 

CocoFax: an online Fax Service Provider

CocoFax is a free online Fax service provider. It allows you to send or receive the fax says online from various devices directly through the internet. There is no need to connect with a phone line at all or even a fax machine when you have CocoFax. 

CocoFax is widely used around the world by many professionals who are running businesses, NGOs, media centers, educational institutes, etc. In short, people belonging to all walks of life use CocoFax to share their sensitive information in the form of faxes through the internet. It is because of the incredible features it offers. 

How do you send wireless fax on an HP?

  1. First of all, get an account on the official website of CocoFax. As soon as you register there, you are provided with a fax number for 30 days free of cost.
  2. Now install the HP smart app if you already have not done so & make sure you have a secure internet connection. 
  3. Now scan your documents you want to send. CocoFax supports all file formats such as google docs. xls, pdf, png, etc.
  4. Open the CocoFax on HP multifunction printer, click on “new fax”. Fill all the fields. In the “To” section write the fax number of the receiver. Then write the subject, the subject is the phrase that appears above your document. Keep it short & precise. The next section is for writing the details about your file, this section is not mandatory to fill.
  1. Attach the documents and send them. CocoFax will send it like regular fax. As soon as the receiver receives the fax, you will be notified.
  2. In case the receiver’s system is busy, your fax is returned to you. But do not panic about the failed delivery. You can send it again only by clicking on the resend option.

Why choose CocoFax?

Here is what makes CocoFax stand among its competitors. 

Fax images

You can send or receive the image files directly with CocoFax. There is no need to add additional or change the format of your images before sending it.

No app installation required

Unlike other sites, CocoFax provides services online and does not ask you to install the app in your system. In fact, it provides you with a web dashboard which you can use for faxing purposes. It is a lot better than installing the app on your device.

Delivery reports

If you use CocoFax for faxing purposes, you are always notified when your fats are sent to the receiver or whenever it fails to address. These delivery reports contain the time, date, the file information, sender’s and receiver’s information, as well as the file size information.

Permanent storage

You do not have to carry any device or buy extra space in the cloud to store your faxes. Because CocoFax allows you to save your documents or other information you send or receive permanently in the dashboard. You can use them anytime later by logging into your account. They are present in the panel as long as you personally do not delete them.


Not all online service providers are reliable to share your information for sensitive documents. But CocoFax is a reliable faxing service provider, and it offers end to end encryption to ensure that the information users are sharing stays between them and the third party cannot invade or steal their information.

Reputed brand

It is used in most parts of the world and recognizes as one of the best online fax services. Many authority sites also admit the popularity and widespread use of CocoFax. You can read about it in Forbes & New York Times.


CocoFax has made faxing easy, you can or receive the faxes in multiple file-formats wirelessly through it. All you need is to create an account on its official website, get a free fax number for 30 days & start faxing. A few of its significant advantages involve reliability, flexibility, user-friendly interface, & permanent storage. 

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