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How to Turn Your Computer Station into a Mini-Gaming Hub

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Online casinos are meant to give a real casino-like experience, but they aren’t able to capture the feel of a real casino. With small readjustments and redecorating you can turn your computer station into a mini-casino.

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If you are fond of the real casino setup and might get bored with your old gaming setup. By getting through the following steps you can set up your own mini-casino right in your home where you can play any time with your comfort.

Decide on what your casino theme will be

Casino theme

Firstly decide the theme of your mini home casino, after then you can start re-decorating your workstation. 

The theme can be according to your own preference, are you the one who is looking for some traditional theme or royal theme or do you want to create something futuristic with your setup. 

You can get inspired by different famous casinos worldwide to get inspired by them.  If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Jacek Michałski has to say.

Install multiple displays

Install multiple displays

Installing multiple displays will make you feel like you are sitting in a real casino. It will make your view wider and you will be more immersed in the gaming experience. 

You will be able to get a better experience if you install three monitors on your gaming setup. Not only will it give you the feel of a professional gamer but a professional casino experience as well.

You can also upgrade your PC’s graphics card to match the level of your expectations of gaming. 

Decorate with colourful lights

Decorate with colourful lights

To complement your bright and lively displays, add some more colorful lights. You can get keyboards with backlighting or desk lamps with multiple bulbs of different colors. Lighting is what makes the difference. 

You need to complement the setup with lively led displays, adding colorful lights to make it all appealing. For primary flights, you can make your own choice.

You can pick from warm lights and turn a bit down. Depending on your choice of lights you can have similar bulbs. 

On the whole, with large monitor displays, desk lights, and theme-packed LEDs and bulbs you can light your setup with a full casino-like feel. And moreover, it is your own mini-casino setup fully designed by yourself.

Choose carpet and curtains

To give it a true casino feel you will be needing carpets like the ones you get at casinos. If you are choosing a palace-like theirs then the baroque carpet would go well.

Colorful and funky carpets can also work as you see in hotels or motels. You should install a carpet underneath the whole setup and you are good to go. 

If your room has got windows in it then you can have matching curtains as well. After all, your room should look like a real casino when you enter it. 

Decorate with casino-themed ornaments 

Decorate with casino-themed ornaments

To give your room a finishing touch you can install casino themed ornaments. This should match with what theme you chose at the first step and then get the ornaments according to that. 

If you have picked a retro theme then you can do the stuff easily at your nearby garage sale. But if you have a common casino then you can find your ornaments in the decor shop.

You can get big mouse pads or gaming mousepads to make a more huge and real feel to your whole casino theme setup.


You might get bored with your computer station at times, but with the above steps, you can easily turn your computer station into a mini-casino. 

This can make you feel proud of yourself and will give you chills while you are playing and getting full exposure to the feel of a real casino.