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How to Win More Often in Valorant: Beginner’s Guide

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Call of Duty and Counter-Strike come to mind quickly when someone mentions first-person shooter games. But in such a fiercely competitive gaming market, Valorant has steadily carved out a niche.

Valorant is a frantic game with a lot going on all the time. How to Win More Often in Valorant? The game is certainly entertaining, but the experience could soon become terrifying for new players. Naturally, newcomers frequently experience difficulties. Valorant is all about the shooting and the players’ proficiency with their weapons; therefore, you need to gain a winning edge among other players a lot more quickly.

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Get familiar with the game’s mechanics first

You must understand the game’s mechanics to succeed in Valorant, which cannot be emphasized enough. You cannot pick up the controls for Valorant as you play. There is much to learn, including the hotkeys, skills, and combinations of agents. It is almost impossible to achieve it in a fast-paced environment. Therefore, it would be fair to state that understanding the game’s mechanics can be the turning point for beginners.

Placement of the crosshairs

It is possibly one of the most important pieces of advice for Valorant beginners because it essentially sums up Valorant and explains why you might be losing gunfights. Try to keep your crosshair at head height while playing a game, even when turning corners and doing other things.

Each Valorant player’s crosshair is unique and only modified once you’ve gotten the hang of the basics of gunplay. Once you have a solid understanding of how gunplay mechanics operate, you will be prepared for more precise shooting and simpler gunplay after you choose the perfect crosshairs for your style of play.

Choose your fights wisely

If you are genuinely trying to improve in Valorant, you must choose your conflicts intelligently. Fighting everyone all the time is useless. It takes a long way to surprise an enemy and strike without giving them a chance to respond, without endangering your character, which is something new players of Valorant should keep in mind.

Be unpredictable

Beginner players at Valorant frequently make mistakes with their movement. In-game movement requires you to be swift and unpredictable. Your enemies should not be able to predict your movement because of your unpredictable movement patterns. It will frustrate your enemies if you keep moving aimlessly.

This frustration will result in poor aim, continuous firing, and gun recoil. You swoop out of cover and take your shot for the kill when you realize that your opponent is aiming for a toss.

Use the knife between gunfights

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In Valorant, gunfights can break out at any time. However, there are times when there will be a pause in gunfights. During these times, you must race in these situations to reach an objective or gain a better viewpoint. When running, run fast as you have a knife to hold. Remember that even a slight speed boost will help you avoid being shot.

Though, it’s advised that you wait to try this after you have played a few matches. You might be unable to equip your gun if a gunfight breaks abruptly. As a beginner, you will risk promptly providing your weapon in case a gunfight breaks out in front of you.

Play with your friends 

In the game Valorant, teamwork is the key. A lone wolf has little chance of winning this game. You have to participate in a team sport. It would be best if you, therefore, aimed to partner with individuals you usually play other online games with to maximize your experience.

As a result, both your communication and teamwork will be significantly improved. So, if possible, play Valorous with your mates rather than some oblivious strangers on the channel.

Gaming economy

Lastly, one of the most crucial elements in striving to improve is Valorant’s in-game economy. You and your team should talk about how much money you now have before each round, and Valorant will even tell you how much money you will have in the next game.