How to Increase Your Amazon Sales in 2020

    Selling on Amazon has never necessarily been easy. You have to identify or create great products, effectively manage your inventory, deal with customer service issues, market, and advertise and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Now that we’re fully immersed in 2020, however, it’s even more challenging than ever.

    There are so many sellers, so much competition, and it’s challenging to know how to get ahead and stay there as a seller.

    The following are some things to know if you want to increase your Amazon sales this year.

    Use Customer Reviews to Your Advantage

    Your customer reviews are going to tell you so much about what you need to know as far as pain points and where your product stands out. You can use that information, and it’s free and readily accessible.

    You want to look at these reviews and think what customers most commonly say about the product, and the top three or four things they love about it. You’ll also need to think about what they don’t like about it and see if you can address this in your marketing.

    Use reviews to guide not only your copywriting but also your images.

    Drive Traffic with Content

    Drive Traffic

    You should work on building your content strategy outside of Amazon so that you can then push traffic toward your listings.

    If you have a niche product or range of products, create a website that’s primarily informative. You don’t need to sell your product on there, but instead, create content related to your product, perhaps with a link to your Amazon product pages and a call-to-action.

    You can get quite a bit of traffic flowing from organic search if you can take the time to create detailed, informative content.

    Interestingly, if you are part of the Amazon affiliate program, you can create content and then get a commission on the people who are clicking your link, plus the sale itself.

    Good Inventory Management

    The importance of inventory management was touched on above, and it’s a big one.

    Inventory management has a big role in your Amazon success or failure.

    For example, if you don’t have enough inventory, you might be missing out on sales.

    If you’re selling on multiple platforms, consider syncing your inventory. Then, you can more easily track your inventory and keep ahead of any issues you might have. You can also keep your branding and descriptions consistent.

    Improve Your Photos

    Improve Your Photos

    So much of your Amazon business relies on great photos.

    2020 might be a good time to review and potentially revamp your photos.

    When you’re taking product photos, try to do it with as much natural light as you can.

    Don’t use your flash and put the white balance on the auto setting.

    Even if you’re using a smartphone, put it on a tripod, and use a light or white background.

    It can also be useful to put your product in various lifestyle settings, so buyers don’t have to visualize how it’s used—they can see it.

    Regularly Analyze Competitors

    One of the great things about Amazon is that it’s a platform with so much visibility. You don’t have to guess what your competitors are doing—you can just look.

    You should make sure you’re frequently looking at your known competitors and also staying ahead of new competitors.

    Look at not only their reviews and things like pricing, but also their images, videos, and more.

    Work with Influencers


    In 2020, it would be tough to imagine having a comprehensive Amazon selling strategy without working with influencers.

    There are a lot of ways to find influencers, and many will be willing to work with you.

    Basically, you can go to social media and look for people who have large followings in your niche. Tell them you’ll send them a product, and if they like it, they can recommend it to their followers.

    People trust people they follow, and that’s why influencer marketing is so successful across the board.

    You can search for keywords and hashtags on social media platforms to find influencers.

    Win the Buy Box

    If you can win the Buy Box, it’s going to do a lot to boost you in the rankings.

    This box increases the chance a customer is going to buy your products over your competition, and Amazon selects the sellers to give the buy box to.

    Some of the things they base their decision on include shipping options, price, and availability.

    Finally, your on-page optimization is critical so use as many keywords as possible on your product title and throughout your Amazon content.

    Look for high-volume keywords that are likely to get the most people to find you.


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