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Instagram Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

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Are you planning to quit your 9-5 job to become an Instagram influencer? Then I have some good news for you; the influencer marketing industry is expected to cross the billion-dollar mark by 2023. What does this mean for those aspiring to be Instagram Influencers? It means now is the best time to grab the opportunity and live your life of creativity, freedom, and style. 

Becoming an Instagram influencer is not an easy game. Your influencer with a million followers did not make it overnight, and it requires hard work, skill, consistency, and communication. But attaining fame is now easier than ever, and it would be terrible if you didn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

Being an Instagram influencer is not just about creativity; you need to watch for the latest trends on Instagram. Nowadays, all digital platforms are constantly evolving, and if you want to be an influencer, you must keep up with the latest trends that change every year.

Instagram is a very competitive platform, and you must change your marketing strategy now and then. The most popular content creators innovate their content strategy and constantly look for new ways to engage their audience. That said, let us look at the latest Instagram trends for 2023. These trends themselves could inspire you better to be an Instagram Influencer.

Dance Reels

We have the credit for this to TikTok, the once-popular lip-syncing app known as ‘Muscial.ly’ that quickly evolved into an app where people could perform groovy dance moves to the latest tracks trending online. As TikTok’s popularity increased exponentially, the trend of ‘dance videos’ started seeping into other social media apps, resulting in the introduction of Instagram reels.

Naturally, the trend of dance videos has spread to Instagram, and dance reels have become a thing. Introducing dance reels to your content strategy is excellent, irrespective of your niche, mainly if your target audience includes teenagers and young adults in their early 20s. Teenagers love to be a part of ‘dance challenges’, and engaging your followers is a great idea.

Earlier brands used to rely on the ‘swipe-up’ feature in Instagram stories to redirect their audiences to their website. Pages with fewer followers only had the option to provide a link to the website in their bio. Social media analysts predicted that this ‘swipe up’ feature would stick around, but Instagram had other ideas. They soon removed the swipe-up feature and replaced it with cool ‘link stickers.’ 

For those who haven’t come across this new feature, ‘link stickers’ are a form of sticker that looks like a white rectangle with a URL icon. that you can add to Instagram stories. This sticker is a clickable link that brands can use in their Instagram stories to redirect potential customers to their websites.

The advantage of Link Stickers is that it is more interactive and consistent when compared to the ‘swipe-up’ feature. Initially, Link Stickers were limited to accounts with more than 10K followers, but now it is available to everyone. 

Instagram Shopping

You have probably heard of online shopping, but it’s nowhere near as excellent as Instagram shopping. Think about it, rather than seeing a product on Instagram that you like and then switching to a different app to purchase it, how cool would it be if you could buy that product from Instagram itself? 

Thanks to the pandemic, people’s shopping habits have gone through the roof. You have heard of binge-watching on Netflix, but have you ever thought of binge-shopping? So Instagram thought, why redirect audiences to a third-party website when they could buy stuff directly from the app? E-commerce is quickly evolving into social commerce. Social media analysts believe that Gen Z will be more inclined to purchase from social media apps rather than browsing an online shopping website.

Increased duration of Instagram stories

As a casual Instagram user, I find the 15 seconds duration of the Instagram stories feature too short and quite infuriating. Imagine how annoying it must be to content creators. Though the stories feature has been an overall success, with the feature spreading to other apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, many users found its potential quite limited. The reel feature offered more story-telling, quickly surpassing the story feature in popularity.

Keeping this in mind, Instagram is slowly introducing the concept of 60 seconds stories. This feature, along with cool filters, effects, and music, would engage audiences better as it would give influencers more opportunities for story-telling. This concept would also keep up the enthusiasm of audiences better as they would face fewer interruptions.

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Influencer Marketing and branded content

When I said that the Influencer Marketing industry would cross the billion-dollar mark, I wasn’t joking. Content creators influence Gen Z more than traditional celebrities, and due to the pandemic, more influencers are out there than people predicted. Even mainstream stars are taking the ‘content creator’ road.

 As many as 70% of marketers anticipate leveraging influencer marketing by the end of 2023, and Instagram’s Collabs and Branded Content advertisements make it easier for companies to work. The platform’s latest features enable creators to name brands with which they want to collaborate, as well as brands to filter and search for the best-fit creators for specific campaigns.

If dating apps help you match with potential life partners, Instagram has taken up the responsibility to help creators find their niche-specific brands. Instagram has also added a “partnership messaging” area to Direct Messages, where marketers and creators can locate and manage their sponsored content relationships. At the same Instagram is trying multiple ways where creators can make money on the platform. Collaborating with brands has never been easier.

Fundraisers and Cause marketing

Instagram released a social fundraising function in July 2020. Users may build fundraisers for personal reasons, businesses, or a friend or cause close to their hearts. Instagram launched the feature in reaction to the economic impact of COVID-19. At the time of the feature’s launch, Instagram and Facebook users had raised over $100 million for individuals affected by the virus. According to Instagram, there has also been a “huge surge of online activism responding to the global discourse surrounding racial justice.”

In addition to being a relatively new Instagram feature, cause marketing is an excellent opportunity to communicate with your followers about what is important to you. Gone are the days when keeping silent on social issues was considered good business practice. Instagram users increasingly seek organizations that support the exact causes and problems as they do. 


Social media is a dynamic world that will always keep those who depend on it on their toes. While trends come and go now and then, the ones mentioned in this article are likely to stick around for a while since they rise from online behavior, which is observed in the post-pandemic world. One takeaway from changing trends is that there has never been a better time to consider a career as an Instagram influencer or, for that matter, a social media influencer.