JAXA collaborates with NHX to bring 4k and 8K footages of MARS to Earth

    With the technology advancing, newer and better things are being introduced every day. High-resolution 8k video quality is one such example. These 8k videos are of elite quality and mesmerize the viewer with their resolution.

    Now imagine what if you could see planets and other astronomical objects like Mars or moon in 8k?

    Seems impossible right? These 8k videos are rare and extremely expensive on earth. Wouldn’t the expenditure of such videos on Mars or moon will be sky high(pun-intended) ?

     But for the astronomy geeks you can see the footage of Mars in 4k and 8k quality like never before thanks to the Japan aerospace exploration agency.

     They are collaborating with NHK broadcasters to bring these videos within our reach.

    They announced that they will equip their MMX spacecraft with high tech cameras that will take these high resolution image and immediately send them to Earth. Not only this but these cameras will store these images in a return capsule as well.

     This collaboration between these two highly esteemed companies will benefit both of them a lot. The Japanese company will get a sponsor for their MARS mission while NHX will get their hands on unique footage that no other channel or forum will have.

    When can you expect to see this footage? Well they are planning to launch the spacecraft in 2024 and hopefully by 2025 it will reach tha surface of MARS.

    So for those of you who got their hopes extremely high after reading this news. I’ll suggest that you calm down a little bit as you won’t get your hands on the footage before 2025.

     This footage will not only be a source of pleasure for space enthusiasts but scientists can also study the interrelation of microbes and water on the surface of this estranged planet we call MARS.


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