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KIK for PC Free App Download for Windows 8, 10 and Complete Guide

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KIK is a very popular mobile messaging app, introduced publically in October 2010 and becoming more popular among users every day. It is a mobile app but there is a benefit of this app because KIK for PC is available which means enjoying it without any distraction.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram are quite popular among youngsters, these are the messaging apps for your mobile and also can be used on desktops.

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=”custom-style”]Telegram, WhatsApp and IMO requires your mobile number for verification and for completing the installation process.[/su_quote]

But on the other hand, KIK is very different just start enjoying this amazing app by signing up with your current email address.

After that KIK messenger will start synchronizing your all contact from email and your contact numbers, you can even send the invitation to your friends and family members to invite this app.

One thing which makes this messenger more popular is its different versions, KIK is also one of it and has quite an obvious audience, this is why it has more than 180+ Million users all around the globe and increasing day-by-day.

After its release word is viral about for PC and it earns numerous popularity and became number one PC messenger of its time.

KIK messenger is available for Windows, Android, iOS, all mobiles phones, and Amazon devices.

Featuring next you can use this app same time on your both devices like your desktop and mobile phone, all you have to do is perform some little tricky settings to set this app up to your desktop.

Today we are going to learn How we can run KIK on your Computer, also in this topic, I will unfold some of its features which you might do not heard of.

It lets you do some unimaginable things not just sending text and sharing pictures with your contacts, you can also send voice messages to everyone without any disturbance, that feature made it cooler app of its time.

Different Versions of KIKs


KIK is available in many versions so you can enjoy this app without having any issues on any device.

KIK Messenger for PC

KIK for your Computer

KIK for Windows

KIK Online

KIK for Android Mobile

Reasons You Must Use KIK App

Before I move any further I would like to share a few words about this app. KIK messenger for PC is a very popular app.

Everyone has smartphones within the reach of family and friends then you must not need any other reason to use this app.

KIK allows you to connect with your gatherings and makes your messaging exciting with a list of its features.

Start Chat from Previous Time

KiK allows you to start your chat exactly where you left, sometimes you do forget about that but this app does have its features remembering the time of your last chat.

Whenever you start your app it will start from where you left it, that makes easy for you to chat with last time.

Clean and Advance User-interaction

Very clean and advance User-interface, there is no need to learn or to go through any guide, no video tutorials.

Simply install the app to your device and start sending messages. You will learn anything while exploring this app.

Integrated web browser

Many other messaging apps do not hold much power like KIK, this great app sure comes with a complete list of options in it.

Sharing files, having video chats, and free messaging all the time makes you like much easier than ever.

Another good thing in KIK that it has sticky display means you do not have to leave the window when you want to open any other program.

This app also comes with a built-in web browser.

This Kik app, get the pages of your website open with them using it inside the KIK messenger. There is no need for an additional browser app when you already have Kik on your computer or mobile phone.

Mostly users explained that they were so annoying by switching apps, they just want one app to get all job done for them which KIK do have this feature in it.

Access to older Chats Rooms

If you need to look at your previous history or wanted to download old pictures which are sent by someone else, this incredible app allows you to do so.

This feature is useful that when retrieving old messages which are not visible in the app but you can get this job done and get the advantage of KIK. It allows access to older chat rooms and messages.

Modern Messaging

Using KIK, iOS and Android devices is a modern messaging app that has some enormous thrilling features.

One feature I really like that KIK respects your privacy and take it’s very serious.

Start having a conversation on your PC while using KIK as an anonymously.

This feature allows you to easily change your username and create new accounts. Some of us do use KIK because of its privacy and to stay anonymous to other members.

Customization Tools

This instant messenger simply beats its competitors once it involves customization. Kik is typically the primary one to introduce new customization options, permitting users to talk like REAL individuals.

Just like you’ll be able to amend the chatting setting in Kik for your PC customization chat themes. Similarly, you’ll be able to change the notification ring tones for individual contacts.

It makes life plenty easier once you’re chatting with plenty of friends and need to convey a number of them high-priority.

Set a particular notification tone and you won’t ignore their message.

How to Download KiK for PC?

Getting KIK app is quite easy just follow these instructions and you will be able to get this on your PC.

Just download KiK in just a few steps.

1. Using an Android emulator
2. No download/install method

Before moving any further to getting your KIK, read these methods very carefully that are mentioned one’s below.


About the Andyroid, it’s an Android emulator which is quite similar to BlueStacks. This android emulator is basically a full copy of Android UI, it is like having another Android device on Windows PC.

You can use this app from desktop and receive notifications as you can on the mobile. However, you can get the KIK on PC through this smart tool.

  • Download and install Andyroid.
  • Start the software and enter Google Play Store from its desktop.
  • Search for KIK Messenger in the store and install it.
    Note: You can also change the screen into the horizontal direction by clicking on the rotation icon.
  • Once KIK is installed, you can open it and use KIK Messenger on PC.


Use the KIK app from your PC, this advance system program will completely get it done for you.

This is an advance proficient mobile mirror & controlling tool, which do enables you to stream the mobile screen onto your computer and furthermore to control the device from the computer easier with the mouse & its keyboard, to allow you using KIK for Windows.

Somehow, here you must note that only Android users are allowed to control their mobiles from the PC with this program system, leaving iOS users to only stream the mobile screen onto the computer.

Now, let’s move to learn through the steps of managing KIK on PC:

  1. Download and install ApowerMirror.
  2. Start the program and connect it with your mobile device through a USB cable or Wi-Fi network. For a more detailed connection guide and comprehensive function introduction of this program, please refer to this guide.
  3. Once connected, the phone screen will be streamed onto the PC. Then, open KIK Messenger.
  • And we are done! We can now use KIK Messenger on computer


Coming to conclusion each ApowerMirror and Andyroid have a list of functions.

Like a ApowerMirror, it can perform mobile screen mirroring and mobile controlling, as well as its added characteristics like video, game emulator, etc.

But, you’ll be able to use this program to scan WhatsApp on your computer or to post Instagram on Windows expect using it for KIK.

Also for Andyroid, it can be your exclusive Android mobile on the computer and helps you complete all the operations which may be done on a standard Android device.

Let’s have an honest opinion to mention that each tool is of sturdy usefulness in terms of helping you to use KIK for PC.