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Kodi for Mac and Windows. Free Download and Complete Install Guide

XBMC stands for Xbox Media Center now known as Kodi these days, Today I’m going to tell my reader How to use Kodi for Mac and PC? And briefly explain how it can be beneficial for you.

Basically, Kodi is known as a media center, it is an open source project system product or you can say it is more like an entertainment media.

Kodi is the perfect software for desktop machine and it has many options which you can use for any program to run.

You can stream online movies, TV series and popular Channels, favorite shows, also some sports channels, use it to play HD videos, audio files and any kind of image format to open while using this great programmed software.

This amazing software has so many advanced options which can be used to organize media files in a perfectly efficient way also it does have so many third-party plugins and extensions.

The main thing is its users which is making Kodi for Mac and PC popular day by day, also they do have questions about its using, installing, and its functionality, that makes it more popular and surprising software.

One thing irritates every user after downloading this amazing software is its installing procedure which you will find it quite difficult to understand, so let’s get started on how to use Kodi?

Before I start a proper guideline for you there are few things needed to be mentioned here, you may find this software a little devastating because of its complex options and features.

Here’s a step by step guide on using of Kodi:

So, let’s get started with installing Kodi.

Install Kodi for Mac and PC – A Complete Guide for you

The makers of Kodi did make sure that their software must run on all devices, they have tested and experimented its version on all platforms.

You will be pleased to hear that Kodi is available on Android, macOS, Linux, Windows, and for the iOS it only supports jailbroken devices, Raspberry Pi and related devices.

First thing you need to do is download Kodi which you can do that from a link below.

Download Kodi from a Link below

Remember that before you download this software you have to make sure to select your recent platform otherwise you might download the wrong one for yourself.

Kodi was first released in June 2004 and it was developed by XBMC foundation, but the popularity of Kodi increase in after 2008 when people started wondering what that is.

Right now the latest version is Kodi v18.2 “Leia” which is available free of cost but you can donate some funds if you want to.

Now let’s move forward and start installing Kodi, but one thing I have mentioned here that I have Windows PC so there is an advance apology for my readers who do have other operating systems.

But do not worry about that because the installation process is almost the same for all operating systems.

How to Play Kodi

After you have successfully installed Kodi to your device now you will see its User Interference, once you have reached to that level a home screen will appear to you, a usual skin of Kodi, there is a list of options for that.

Custom Kodi Skins

When you do have so many features available in it a cool looking skin would be a good idea, some more similar styles with options for extensions, Music Media, TV series, Movies and many more.

It lets you choose a skin, you can select any skin which attracts you most.

After all, things are installation process, skin choosing and reviewing now it is time for you to get started with Kodi.

Before you start streaming any movie or TV serial I suggest you go to the Kodi add-ons and install it, because it is the fastest and more effective way to run an online stream on Kodi.

Think like that it is a Kodi add-on as an advanced app that controls the content you want to run.

Well, there is a list of Kodi add-ons available anytime which you can install and these add-ons come in a different kind of forms.

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Streaming Your Kodi to TV via Chromecast

Streaming your Kodi on TV is one thing you want to do so I’m going to guide you on how to do that, it is obvious that you are using Kodi right now on your PC now let’s move forward to using in it TV, first get the Google Cast Chrome extension to stream Kodi on TV without any disturbance.

You must be using this software on your mobile device, you can also use this great app on Google Cast or LocalCast app to watch online streaming to a TV.

UI and Functions

First thing first and it’s all about the design of every product it really matters, it does not seem easy if you say so also not a much modern design but it sure is a useful product.

Some main features include System info, Media Center, Latest Videos, Pictures and other programs for you.

Just simply roll over any section using your mouse to see more options like extensions, system information, settings, files and more.

You can add any extensions to your software which will show at the very bottom of Kodi, where you will see your all added extensions and a favorite button.

A good option in Kodi is the same as a Windows options to shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, reboot, and Sleep. There is also a timer to auto turn off your software.

It has so many options to view the tabs and also home and back buttons to go instantly anywhere.

One thing I really like in Kodi is its keyboard shortcuts which let me play with it anywhere without even touching the mouse and it has more than a dozen shortcuts to use on it.

Local Stored Media

Another great option this software has that you can access all your locally saved data through Kodi, everyone has a lot of video files, mp3 songs, TV serials and many more other things saved on their device so this software lets you organize it much better way.

Now I’m going to show you how to do that but first, add all your stored data to Kodi.

•    Move over to Music or Pictures area from a Kodi main page and then click on select Files.

•    Now you can select “Add Pictures” from the option you are seeing.

•    Let’s move to the area where all your data is stored on your device.

•    Once it is done after adding the path to your data, everything which is stored in the device is now available at Kodi, it does let you add as much as content you want, for a better substance you must save all your content and files in combined folders, it would be better if you save it in a single folder also for a better-prepared data.

Now you have learned How to add your locally saved content on Kodi, it is time to move to the next phase.

Accessing all your content from this software is incredible, but you sure will enjoy this part because the numerous of its add-ons.

Now I’m going to show you how to add its add-ons and install Repositories, here’s how you can do that.

Kodi Add-ons and Repositories Installing

Repositories are known as the group of add-ons which can be installed on your Kodi.

Sometimes people do get confused about what really is repositories but do not worry it is a good thing for you.

It lets you access on almost all extensions and add-ons containing in its list.

This amazing software does let’s use its own officially launched repository add-on, also you have the authority to use and install other third-party add-ons and repositories.

 In Kodi, you have the option to install the add-ons easily and use it as you own it, but there is another thing it has some unofficial or you can say unknown add-ons available in the list which can be installed on Kodi.

These add-ons can be added through zip files or you can install directly it’s all up to you.

•    Install Official Kodi Add-ons

Now I’m going to show you how to add add-ons but first I will add some official add-ons provided by Kodi. In the list of official add-ons Vine, Trakt, Dbmc for Dropbox, YouTube, etc.

1. Go to the main page and select Settings->Add-ons. Now, right click on it “Install from repository”. Then select click on “Kodi Add-on Repository”.

2. From here you will see totally different kinds of add-on categories like subtitles, videos, lyrics, music, look & feel and more.

3. Move to head to an add-on type, for example, just select a Video Add-ons and then click on an add-on of your choice and press the “Install“, after doing that you will receive a notification about the add-ons installed or enabled.

Now you have installed the add-on, you can see them in their individual divisions like Vine should be visible in App->Add-on page.

Use Kodi from Your Phone

These days everyone loves to play everything on their mobile phone and when it comes to Kodi, the real question is why not Kodi?

Kodi does bring an amazing experience so let’s makes this experience a little beyond, who would not want to have relaxation while using this great app even if it lets you have it on a mobile phone.

Yes, you can do control everything while sitting on your sofa and play with your Kodi.

Kodi supports multiple remote systems like TV remotes, game controllers and many more devices.

All you can do with a smartphone just download the app both stores, the official app for remote handling is available in both iOS and Android version.

Download for Anroid from a Link below

1. Let start using this amazing app, first, you have to go to Services Settings. There, you will see Remote Control and turn on the option from here that says “Allow remote control by programs on other systems”.

2. Now, go to the Web server and enable the option “Allow remote control via HTTP”.

3. Here you can move to Zeroconf and activate “Announce Services to other systems”.

4. Open the remote app now and see if your Kodi system and smartphone are linked to the same system. Click on “Next” and the Kodi remote app will start looking for media centers.

5. After all the media center is visible, you can just select your system and start supervisory Kodi on your mobile device.

The remote app permits you to see all the photos, videos, music and alternative media within your Kodi system.

However, you’ll be able to cross-check all the add-ons installed in your software.

Just in case the app fails to spot the Kodi media center, you’ll be able to simply press on Next and organize things manually.

You’ll be able to simply enter the media center name and an address, enter the information like the IP address of the system running Kodi.

Once it involves the username, password, and port, you’ll be able to notice them in Kodi’s Web server choices in Services Settings.

Now everything is being set up perfectly, you have successfully installed numerous add-ons and repositories and you even learned how to manage Kodi from your smartphone.

So, however regarding streaming your Kodi system from your device to a TV via Chromecast?

Main Features and Settings

•    Create Locked Profiles

About its main page features many parts and sub-sections for like a Music Media, Videos, Pictures, TV Show and many other Systems.

Kodi can be used for multiple purposes and its features make it more reliable for users.

Just simply create a profile in it and start adding or editing that software.

All you have to do this by going to System->Profiles. From here, you simply can enable the login screen option and set the lock preferences of a profile.

•    Choose Settings Level

After doing that now you can move to the System->Settings and enter whichever options are available and then press the “Settings Level”.

Some levels are available in a range from Expert, Standard, Basic, Advanced use any of it, but if you want to experience something extra I would recommend you to select “Expert”, the good thing of selecting Expert is you will have access to options which are not shown in others.

•    Check out all Settings

Now it is time to move on to the other different Settings options. Details explanation of every option:

Video: In this section Video in different options for a video library, video playback, accelerating speed, subtitles with multi-language, discs and many more.

Music: Everyone loves music especially when you are using software like Kodi, in music you can create your own library if you want to.

Appearance: From here you can change the look of it and select relevant skin for yourself Kodi interface might give a better look when you have your favorite skin added and sure it will look pretty cool though.

From the list, it lets you select from available skins or you can download better ones.

My favorite option in Kodi is appearance, changing the sounds media, font styles, startups, recent language & selects your current region, screensaver and many more.

Services: If you are willing to stream your Kodi through a TV or need to manage your Kodi system via your mobile device, it has all open options for you any time.

Weather: You sure want to keep an eye on the weather outside you can do that simply selecting a weather option to show you One the front page of Kodi. But first you need to install the add-on to do, there is a list of some amazing weather add-ons available in it.

Pictures: You can change the view of images and optimize the slideshows according to your needs.

Add-ons: Well, the most powerful tool in Kodi is its add-ons, if you are somehow willing to use Kodi broadly, you will need its add-ons Settings. You will find many options to add the different kind of add-ons from zip files or repositories.

TV: Almost the same like video sections in this option you can organize the numerous TV settings like parental control, playback, recording, power saving and some more.

Final Word After Completing Kodi Configuration

This is about you wishing to hold Kodi as a beginner. Frankly, for the most parts, you may need to use the essential functions of Kodi that I even have made public during this guide.

I even have been aware of Kodi for Mac and PC years, and even these days, I hardly explained its functions.

You need to put in add-ons on the device you’re using and learn to line up add-ons and you may have already taken care of an excellent deal.

Kodi builds are so nice, they lend a visible charm to the interface, and create your life easier with pre-installed add-ons.

I do take advantage of it myself all the time. The thing I’m trying to explain here is that even once you take the builds out of the equation, you’ll still use Kodi simply with the add-ons.

In Kodi its add-ons are everything and without it, you won’t be good to use that amazing software.

I’m likely to mention this I don’t know how much times but you won’t enjoy much if you do not use its add-ons, I have guided you in this article How to use Kodi and how to install its add-ons.

But if you still think I have missed any part please leave a comment below so I would love to add it in this article. Do leave me feedback about this amazing post.

Legal Disclaimer – do not verify the legality or security of any add-ons, apps or services mentioned on this site.

Also, we do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and strictly advise our readers to avoid it at all costs.

Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain.

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