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iPhone 11: Details are on the Internet about its Software, Design, and Camera

Everyone is so curious about the upcoming iPhone mobile and as the officials mentioned in their press release about the new iPhone 11, we were not ready nor expecting it until September 2019 any news about iPhone series.

But the confirmed details with so many leaks about new phone are rolling all over the internet, many unknown sources confirmed that the news about the iPhone 11 is leaked.

We have heard the rumors that the main focus in the new phone is a camera which will have pretty amazing focusing options with three camera lenses in it, and one of the cameras has a 12 Mega Pixel wide-range angle lens with a field view of 120- degrees.

Another reliable source on a Youtube Channel name EverythingApplePro is also in a collaboration with Max Weinbach shared a few words about the iPhone 11.

Here’s a video link to that. EverythingApplePro

Regarding the lens with the wide-range angle it won’t have any (OIS) optical image stabilization, the other two camera lenses will have inbred like the iPhone XS range phones.

Improvements in new iPhone 11 and Max version with more extra flesh in cameras, the size of the flesh is almost the same but it has much brighter light than older versions. The thickness of the camera is reduced, image signaling processor ISP is maintained and upgraded in the iPhone, so you have a much better experience in taking photographs.

In the previous phone, many complaints were notified by users, so an upgrade with the Face ID is also added. The Smart HDR is improved as per the news, for the purpose to make an impression better than any other company introduced. About the design it will have the same front and a little different back design.

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Front and Back Design Changings

But the dimensions of iPhone 11 will be a 5.8 inches’ screen and for the iPhone, Max would have 6.5 inches display as same the old series.

There’s been a huge changing on the back of the device especially about the placement of the camera and its arrangement. The additional camera lens will sure change the look would be settled in a square form.

Somehow, few more features are discussed like better and louder sound, enhanced stereo speakers, and newly frosted glass coating.

Some Improved Software Features

Apple is always concerned about its security and making some additional changes and trying to work on iOS 13 to make it 100% jailbreak-proof. About the Dark Mode display, it will seemingly use more dark Grey colors rather than actual black.

It also has some promising iOS 13 features, adding the supper upgrades to Siri to understand the user better in every way.

Working on its software iOS 13 would have IRM Intelligent RAM Management system, letting your phone to know every move and habits to learn, the main purpose of the feature is to help you navigate your phone more comfortable, also to work faster.


Regarding the rumors about the iPhone 11, do not take this leaks seriously, leaks like that do happen all the time and consider that a piece of dump information.

We did not even hear anything from the officials about launching very soon or too soon but sooner would be better and they can do that just like they did in the past which is not a mission impossible especially in IT.

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