Looking For Switch Designs? 5 Reasons To Upgrade To NEO Today

    Are you moving to a new house planning to renovate your current home or a business facility? No matter the kind of property or facility, you may find it necessary to upgrade your electrical switchboard. If you are using the old designs of switchboards, you miss out on a lot of attractive new features and functions.

    Modern switchboards are not only ergonomic but are also packed with many security features. The modern switches are relatively safe, convenient, and easy to use. Having modern electrical switches has several benefits.

    You can explore premium-quality switchboards from reputable electrical providers such as Schneider Electric, which offers a wide portfolio of electrical components. One of the popular switches and sockets offered from Scehdnier Electric is the range of NEO switches – perfectly blends fit, form and function!

    If you haven’t explored the NEO range of switchboards, here are a few reasons you must upgrade to NEO today.

    Safety of Operation

    The main reason many people upgrade their switch designs is safety. The old switchboards had wiring and metal screws, which exposed users to the danger of shocks or mishaps. In sharp contrast, NEO switches don’t have metallic parts. This means if you have them around, you’ll never have to worry about electrical shock.

    They are, therefore, safe, even in families with children. Moreover, they have shattered sockets as an additional security measure to protect children who might touch them accidentally.

    Its control wall-plate is powered by extra-low voltage, and it has an RJ45 socket to ensure secure and easy connections for all types of management systems. NEO switches are made from high-quality materials to ensure they are strong and durable.

    High Capacity

    High Capacity

    The old switchboards’ design is such that they can only handle outdated electrical appliances, including fans that only draw small currents. Today, many electrical appliances need more current to operate optimally. This means the old switchboards cannot run modern electrical appliances effectively.

    With NEO switches, you don’t have to worry about this problem as these switches are designed to fit modern applications. The modern switchboards can carry heavy current/loads. And even when doing so, there are no shocks or flickering, even when the voltage varies.

    Wide Applications

    Both NEO sockets and switches have a broad range of applications that enable them to find use in hotels, commercial establishments, and homes. The NEO switches can also be used for surface-mounted or flush-mounted installations.

    Elegant design

    NEO switches are availed in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes. They are stylish and designed to blend with the interiors of an office or home easily.

    NEO has a unique flush operation design, which makes it fit well on many building surfaces. It comprehensively includes control systems and wiring devices and is the first mechanical switch on which white and blue LED locators are used.



    You can use NEO switches for a variety of applications, including data transmission, security, and automation. These switches can also be used for managing A/V equipment, electrical equipment, lighting, and other electrical and electronic systems.

    A few of its many attractive features include a range of control devices, scene control systems, electro-mechanical switches, and many other differentiated operations features. You can have a number of these switches at different parts of your house to enjoy all these benefits.

    However, note that these switches are designed for heavy-duty applications. The good news is that these switches are quite versatile. You can easily install and uninstall them. 

    Final Words

    Having learned more about NEO switches and sockets’ functions and benefits, you can now make an informed decision regarding the upgrade of your facility’s switchboard and electrical panning. The sooner you do this, the earlier you’ll start enjoying the benefits of this modern equipment. But don’t do things on your own.

    Ensure you consult with licensed professionals to get recommendations for electrical systems or approach a leading provider. When the time comes for installation, make sure you only hire a qualified, trustworthy, reliable, and honest electrical contractor.

    Similarly, for large voltage switchboard fixtures, you can approach leading providers and find out more details to find the best solution!


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