9 Technological Inventions that Reoriented the World

    Every day we live more and more surrounded by technology: technology that makes our life easier, faster and automated.

    The inventions are overlapped on top of each other in a way that is aimed at our comfort and ease.

    New inventions are being made every day, some more important than others.

    Each one is different than other but one thing all of them have in common is that they all took blood and sweat of the personnel involve in their making.

    Among this sea of the technology, a few were those that changed history. They reshaped the way we look at the world.

    They reorganized the way this world operates. In short, they changed everything. What are those inventions that energized the process, on which modern technology was built and is still being built?

    The telephone, the radio, television, and microwave were some of the great inventions of the basic era of technology, and we can’t deny their importance.

    Now let’s talk about some of the great architects of the modern technological world.

    I’ll briefly review each one of these and how They contributed to our way of seeing and living the world.



    The Internet changed modern life in a 180-degree turn, making the world a much bigger and richer place, where everyone can connect.

    This invention, of military origin dating from the 70s, was developed in the 90s for mass consumption through the World Wide Web, which, if one does not know, is the origin of the www that precede the Web addresses.

    The connections initially went through the same telephone line, to the point that the fixed telephone and the Internet could not be used together.

    But that was soon corrected, making way for ADSL and nowadays for fiber optics, which allows diffusion of much more data.

    That seems it was yesterday when we connected through a modem and simply surfed the Internet without social networks.

    The Internet has united the way of seeing the world, a world in which everything is known and everything is found.

    2. EMAIL

    Directly related to the previous invention, the email used the Internet to transform the correspondence forever.

    Within seconds we could talk to people from anywhere in the world as long as they had Internet, close businesses, get testimonials with email, the world got smaller.

    The technology of the electronic mail allowed the access to the chats and discovered a new way of communication burying – almost – for always, to the traditional mail, where letters from your loved ones that never arrived on time.


    HTC Exodus

    Another invention without which today we could not imagine our day today. Mobile phones have become indispensable for modern life.

    These devices have their roots in radio frequency devices such as Walkie-Talkies, once again with military origin.

    The mobile has been developing to become a fundamental element around which our life revolves.

    We have turned smartphones into a command center from where we can do practically everything, from calls, work, and even photographs.

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    4. MP3

    Only a few people will acknowledge the usefulness of this invention, but the MP3 is at least a controversial invention.

    Why? The music industry blames this audio format for the huge crisis in which it is involved.

    But what is the MP3? It is a coding system for audio files, which allows us to compress in very little space, compared to the wave file a war song occupies an average of 30-40 Mb, while an mp3 song, depending on the level of compression, oscillates between 1 and 5 Mb.

    This originally allowed the possibility of downloading music, and with the advance of Internet connections, dismantled the record industry and tradition of purchase of discs.

    The encoding of audio files was only a prelude to video coding, which has led us to a similar process in terms of the audiovisual product, boosting giants such as YouTube and, without which, it would be impossible for us to share our beloved GIFs.



    Photography is an invention of the twentieth century. A photograph is a reflection of reality as are the interpretations are drawn or painted.

    In the 21st century, we invented digital photography, which allowed us to streamline the process through instant digital development, which did not need to be printed, becoming simply a file, easy to transmit and practically cost 0.

    Thanks to the appearance of the digital photo this art could be expanded, integrating into other devices, such as mobile phones, thus making photography accessible to everyone.


    GPS is a location system through satellites, which allows finding connected devices with amazing reliability.

    Initially designed for military tactics, it was later adapted to facilitate driving, and nowadays it has also been introduced in mobile technology to facilitate purchases or social relations.


    Thanks to Bluetooth technology we are saying goodbye to the cables: headphones, chargers, audio devices. It makes life easier and avoids annoying hooks with cables.

    8. 3D PRINT


    This is one of the most recent innovations, and it is still in development, but it promises to be one of those drastic changes, with a number of applications that we cannot even imagine.

    In essence, 3D printing allows us to build, immediately, through a 3D design, and with any material, practically everything we can imagine, from orthopedic prostheses to weapons, to cars even pizzas!

    The development of this technology could shatter the concept of storage stock to open the doors to a time of “build on demand”, reducing costs and multiplying production efficiency in almost all sectors.

    Fasten your belts, that technological advancement has only just begun.



    Artificial Intelligence is one of the technological inventions that most aim to change our way of life.

    Currently, some AI such as Siri or Cortana are already able to help us with our day-to-day tasks but this field is progressing so fast that in not too many years the environments like that of the movie “Her “can be real, in which a Theodore falls in love with an AI named Samantha.

    These without any doubt, were the technological inventions that changed the way we live on this planet.

    Not only this, but these inventions also paved the way for thousands of other pieces of technology as well.

    Thanks to them the world is not the same as it was a century before.


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