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Best Alternatives to Notepad++ Mac For HTML and Text Editing

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The popularity of Notepad++ is very high among developers and top coders. But today I’m going to discuss the best most popular alternatives to Notepad++ MAC Operating System.

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=”custom-style”]When it comes writing programming code the first name comes in mind is Notepad++ editor for Windows.[/su_quote]

There is no doubt that Notepad++ is popular and most downloaded software, also the multi-documents and multi-view option, customizable General User interference, playback feature with the macro reading option, highlighted syntax and folded syntax and the eye-catching color makes it more adaptable code editor for Windows users.

But one thing you need to keep that in mind if you are using a Windows there is no problem with using Notepad++ on it.

Here comes the problem for macOS users because Notepad++ isn’t available for them, why?

Nobody knows why they had to do that, for new users of macOS or if you are just switched to macOS from Windows then this would be a big problem for you.

Even some of its hardcore users do not want to think about it any other text editor or want to move any other even if it does look so good or have positive reviews on the internet.

There are many advanced code editors made by good software companies which are available on the internet, you can say that they are even much better than the Notepad++ as an alternative to using on macOS.

So for your comfort I have gathered a list of top ten best text editor alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac, you can use any of it without any hesitation because I have deeply researched and worked on every one of it.

MacVim Text Editor


One of the top ranked in editors for Mac, no such reports of errors heard from the users.

MacVim is the specially made for the Mac users a perfect replica of an advanced text editor, used broadly everywhere, enormously powerful to work.

I happen to like this very part of MacVim very much that it can work with every plugin available out there; also it does work perfectly for both original Vim editor and for MacVim.

It can customize easily and contains the power of Vim to work flawlessly.

Moving forward to its working status, you will have to thank its creators because if you face any problem or do not understand any part of it just go their online forum ask any question relatively and you will get your answer within an hour or so.

Some new users do complain about its user interference and UI problem, it is very hard for them to understand it, but once you get used to working on it there won’t be any problem.

MacVim has dozens of advanced features which sure are free of cost use any of it.

Also if it does confuse you and you want to work on an easy looking code editor then you must follow the instructions given in this article.

MacVim is very popular among some but does not convince everybody so if you are looking for another text editor to work on here a complete guide.

Download MacVim Free

BBEdit 12


It is known as one of the most used software out there in the market. Also, best to use on Mac because of its superb web code editing and text editing.

One of the main reasons for BBEdit 12 popularity is that it is the oldest code editor out there available in the market.

It was designed in 1992 and since then it is commonly used by the coder, I have to give credit and admire that part that the Company predicted about the Mac operating system so we are using it on it today.

Of course, the age does matter in trusting software like that but it does not mean that recently discovered advance software cannot be trusted. They do have pretty good UI and fast speed with so many improved features and plugin available with them.

BBEdit 12 is helping its user for more than twenty-eight years of service and they still have a great audience.

With some main feature, the software does have a rich text editor and some HTML editing support.

It has a self-packed plugins and with outstanding advanced features like manipulating text, Harding Wrap in it, complete set of HTML Tools for fast, easy, and correct markup, place-holding options also available for easier site maintenance, manipulating multiple files with same time, color syntax with customizable support for more than thirty plus built-in languages, file handling capabilities, and more advanced tools, the list is too long I have only mentioned few here to convince to use it.

Here comes the interesting part the software has a one-month free trial version which is enough for any user to understand it.

If you willing to use BBEdit but it do frustrate you that you cannot afford it, you sure can use the Text Wrangler which also is smart software from the same company and also contains same features and plugins like BBEdit 12 but all of them for sure only few of them.

It is created on the exactly same technology which is used by the company in BBEdit.

Download BBEdit 12 in Just $49.99
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Very popular among developers these days and especially for Mac users around the globe, best text editor which is free of cost that explains its popularity.

Basically, it is designed for front-end developers and website designers for coding purpose.

A perfect product for developers by Adobe, it is an open-source big project by that company which is backed by its big audience and loving community.

One thing I like in Brackets is its live preview which lets users to immediately to view the changes which you made in your code.

During the live preview, it opens up a Google Chrome window that reproduces any changes automatically to your code, which is obviously a great feature to view the source code.

Brackets have so many advanced features and plugins some of them are like gradient, font, measuring the information from Adobe Photoshop file and changing the color.

Some more features are Preprocessor Support, Quick Edit, JSLint and Inline Editors with many more.

Brackets do let its user to that with all extensions freely. Here’s a list of common Brackets extensions Beautify, Autoprefixer, Emmet, Minifier, Bracket Gits, and Brackets File Icons.

If you still want to add more just follow that link and you will get plenty of them.

Download Extensions here
Download Brackets Free

Sublime Text 3


Sublime Text 3 is a wonderful text editor if you are developer then you probably has heard about it.

It is a perfect replacement of code editors also a good one to use on Mac, you can say that it’s the best alternative software for Notepadd++ Mac.

This amazing code editor has some outstanding feature available in it which developers love to use.

Some of the main known features are a high level of customizability, syntax highlighting and folding, multiple selections, powerful API and package ecosystem, easy to navigate interface and many more.

Many Mac users do prefer using Sublime text editor over any other software.

The most applause thing about Sublime Text 3 is that it works on all main three powerful platforms Linus MacOS and Windows Operating system.

One thing you must keep that in mind before selecting this cool text editor that this might be a good one alternative though but it comes with a high price.

You have to buy it to start working on it, good thing is that you don’t have to purchase it again on other PCs if you have already bought it.

Download Sublime Text in Just $80



In the previous edition, I have a list a good one but little expensive text editor so now I have added a cheapest one for my readers.

Forget the price of Textastic code editor tool, now you are seeing not the most but a powerful editor.

Textastic software originally designed for the Mac users also you can that it is a good alternative for Notepad++ macOS.

The Textastic software is fast and reliable and it also uses some native Mac Operating System APIs like Core Text for speeding purpose.

This smart tool has a list of source code and markup languages with an automatic completing tool which supports HTML 5, CSS3, JS, PHP, C++ & C#, and Objective-C.

When it comes to features one of the interesting features it has an iCloud Synchronizing Support to protect your content and code so you don’t have to worry about it in future.

Another interesting thing in Textastic editor has its availability on Mac and also covers the iOS app which does work on iPad and iPhone.

In the end, I have mentioned that the coolest thing in this text editor is that it has some pretty cool features which do come to the package so you do not have to buy any of it.

Download Textastic in Just $7.99

Coda 2

coda 2

Let’s move on to our list, now I’m going to tell you everything about Coda 2. A most respectable tool to write code and developers do gives it a priority also prefers to work on it.

When you have select this one as an alternative for Notepad++ macOS first you must have researched on it because it sure is an expensive tool to buy and once it’s done then you have no other choice.

But do not worry that I will add some on its main features here for you.

It has almost every feature available in it starting with the syntax highlighting for all languages, code folding option, indentation guides for developers, finding and replacing the text or code, auto tag closing feature, project-wide auto-completion and shifting of code.

One thing keeps the Coda 2 running in users that the unlimited advanced features that make it a Quality product in the coding world.

The makers of this amazing app focused on its features which especially made for the developers.

Coda 2 has an option where developers can use local files, also they can edit remotely on FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3 servers.

It also supports and has a huge list of plugins which you can use them as an add-on and a lot more of extra features.

Download Coda 2 in Just $99

CodeRunner 2


It is also within a reasonable price and good text-editor which is perfectly designed for Mac users.

CodeRunner 2 is one of the advanced text-editor out there, extremely flexible and best alternative for Notepad++ Mac.

This software has some features that are fully-blown IDE-level code completing for advanced languages.

It also supports multiple languages program, there are twenty-three languages which consist of like AppleScript, C, C#, C++, JScript, HTML5/CSSs, and many more advanced languages in it.

This one sure is an affordable but dominant text-editor out there for MacOS.

Some main other tools embrace in it like file navigator, automatic indentation support, intelligent bracket matching, live run statistics, support for TextMate themes, multiple selections, and some more.

Download CodeRunner 2 in Just $14.99

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

This is very popular among top developers due to its trustworthy creators, it does work simultaneously on Windows and on macOS if engaging at all.

But amazingly, Visual Studio Code is one among the simplest text-editors you’ll get on your mackintosh.

Visual Studio is basically formed by Apple’s but is a small franchise of Microsoft. A contribution of both big brands.

It supports light for over thirty totally different languages, keyboard-centric and code-focused redaction, lightning quick ASCII text file editor, Regex support, outlining, autocomplete with IntelliSense, an automatic period of time API description, stinkpot management and additional.

Visual Studio Code conjointly supports extensions which may add plenty of additional functionalities.

Some main famous is which of the well-liked extensions area unit stinkpot Lens, Angular necessities, elegant Text Keymap, and program for Chrome.

That app is absolutely free of cost to use on Windows and on Mac.

Download Visual Studio Code Free



UltraEdit claims to be the world’s best text-editor and whereas I don’t believe its self-proclaimed title, it’s one in all the most effective text editors out there.

One in all the most effective things regarding UltraEdit is that the program supports plenty of various languages as well as and not restricted to C, Objective C, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, and Python.

It additionally brings plenty of options as well as code highlight, folding, disk-based text redaction, theming, support for tissue layer show, spell checking, drag-and-drop redaction, and block mode redaction among others.

When shopping for UltraEdit, you’ll additionally pip out with a different radical product like UltraCompare, UltraEdit Suite, UltraFinder, and IDM All Access.

It’s totally different bundles bring different functionalities. For instance, UltraCompare helps you see the history of all of your previous developments and documents and enables you to compare your files from any purpose in time.

Download UltraEdit $99.95 with UltraCompare



Atom is one of the best alternatives for Notepad++ macOS. Initial of all, that is associated ASCII text file computer code that is totally absolves to use.

It’s fashionable and approachable and nevertheless hackable to its core.

It could be a very powerful text editor that comes as no surprise because it is developed the GitHub team.

The most effective half concerning Atom is that you simply will amendment nearly something concerning it.

You’ll install totally different themes to alter its look and feel, tweak the planning and feel of your UI with CSS/Less, and even add major options that suit your progress victimization hypertext markup language and JavaScript.

At its core, Atom is made on hypertext markup language, JavaScript, CSS, and Node.js integration and runs on lepton.

Although the computer code already features wealthy, if you would like additional, you’ll install any of its thousands of ASCII text file packages to feature new options and practicality.

A number of the popular packages add options like rat conflict management, project management, modal management, customizable put down the standing bar, improvement up your code to create it additional legible, search Stack Overflow, and more.

Lastly, since the app is developed by the team at GitHub, you’ll make certain that Atom can receive support and regular updates for the predictable future.

Download Atom Free

Alternatives to Notepad++ For MAC

About replacements, for the Notepad++ MAC you can work on any software but there is always remain space for more so do try them and experience them.

Every app and software for coders and developers are more attractive according to their demand.

But one thing keeps coming in everyone’s mind that almost all of them are paid or have a free trial version for its users, so I would suggest my readers select wisely because once you paid the price there is no turning back.

No one wants to waste the money these days invest it as you mean it on your code editor.

After all, share your words and leave a comment below for me if I miss anyone popular which you like and is not here in my list.

In conclusion, I have to say that the best alternative for Notepad++ mac is Visual Studio code editor is cool but that is my choice for an alternative over Notepad++ mac. But you can choose whichever you want or think is perfect for you.