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Optimize Game Performance with Smart Game Booster in 2023

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If optimization is particularly interesting for improving game performance, Smart Game Booster is the best program for you. This optimization tool attaches great importance to games. The device determines what you play, and increases game speed and frame rate by redistributing the resources of other applications and programs running in the background to speed up all game-related processes. The game returns to its original state.

The principle of this tool is extremely simple. It eliminates all unnecessary processes and everything that the operating system can load unnecessarily. They can also be all kinds of services and programs running in the background. All this hurts game performance, especially if you play on a laptop.

This increases the frame rate and processor performance, providing better gaming performance, and eliminating unnecessary gaming processes and applications with a single click. It provides a CPU temperature monitor, which is a useful feature to monitor the CPU and graphics card temperature during games.

You can organize a comfortable game environment in the program interface. With a Smart game booster, you can add games installed on your computer to the list and start immediately after optimization. This is suitable for users whose desktop is full of shortcuts because you don’t have to waste time looking for the right one.

Smart Game Booster is the most suitable program that works with most games. Main advantages: it is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (all versions, including 64-bit versions) and selects system settings to ensure maximum performance in the game, and all this is done on the computer!

Here I describe the most important functions of Smart Game Booster in detail:


Smart Game Booster

To optimize your computer’s performance, simply press the “BOOST” button on the menu, freeing up more RAM and system resources.

Note Before providing support, it is important to click Configure and verify the configuration to select the processes and services you want to stop. Check the items before applying the settings.

After the promotion process is over, you’ll see a summary of the details of the promotion. After clicking the RESET button, the computer status returns to normal mode.

Smart Game Booster

The “Super Boost” option is available in the Pro Smart Game Booster version. Thanks to the Super Boost function, users can improve their computers. At the same time, it offers optimal visual effects and a smoother game. Turning on Super Boost will speed up the processor and GPU in each Boost.


Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster monitors the temperature of the processor, graphics processor, hard disk, motherboard, and fan speed in real-time. You can decide if you want to display the temperature in the game interface. You can configure shortcut keys to record and save the game during the game.


Smart Game Booster

It is important to update all outdated graphics cards and audio device drivers to get a smoother computer and more stable gaming performance. Then this Booster updates these drivers. There is a feature that allows automatic updates for Pro users. Therefore, they can always have the latest versions of these primary drivers.


Smart Game Booster

Smart Game Booster has three advanced functional tools to further optimize your computer’s performance.

– Computer diagnostics: it can diagnose and even troubleshoot a computer with complete computer configuration parameters.

– System configuration: this tool configures system parameters for system configuration and optimization.

– Disk Defragmenter: this tool regularly optimizes disks and reorganizes files stored on disks to increase file access and speed of gaming. Professional users can activate the automatic defragmentation function to defragment fragments during Computer Downtime.

I hope you like this useful tool the first time you use it.