Our Picks For The Most Exciting PC Games Coming Out In 2022

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but PC gaming in 2021 has been rather quiet and tranquil. While before, game producers and developers would always be competing to put out their best material on a constant basis, betting on its success like a football fan bets on Monday Night Football action, this year has not exactly been one where new PC gaming titles have been at the top. 

    Now, it goes without saying that just like any other year before, this year has managed to still have some very respectable titles coming out for gamers all-around, but then again, unlike in other prior years, 2021 has not really been one of many thrills.

    Blame the Covid-19 pandemic for all the lackluster ambiance around PC gaming, because at the end of the day, if there’s somewhere to pin the blame on for what’s been going on, we don’t really need to look any further. 

    But, while 2021 has been a year where true emotions and blockbuster gaming moments have been lacking, 2022 is already starting to look like the year where the PC gaming industry will be picking everything back up and running the industry like they know how to best.

    With this said, here are our picks for the most exciting PC games coming out in 2022.

    Stalker 2

    Stalker 2, the fourth title of the S T A L K E R video gaming series developed and published by GSC Studios, and the long-awaited continuance to their Call of Pripyat game that debuted almost 13 years ago in 2009, is ready to become one of 2022’s most expected and thrilling first-person shooter games out there as soon as it debuts on April 2022.

    The game series, which is known for its terror-filled shooter gameplay will once again focus on trapping fans into their intricate storytelling as well as over the top, nerve-wracking and thrilling action all around.

    In a game where if you’re not running from the threat of getting killed by mutants or heavily armored mercenaries, knowing that the possibility of dying at any instant just because the zone where the game is depicted is so dangerous just makes for this game to be a total hit amongst gaming fans who love never-ending tension and thrills.

    If to all that, you add the thick and gruesome atmosphere in which the scenery and plot of the game are developed, as well as the rapid changes of scenery and the omnipresent sensation of danger, all alongside the music of a rather somber and dim guitar soundtrack and the fact that this is all happening at a fictional layout of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Stalker 2 will definitely be one of the best games to debut in 2022 by far.



    If first-person shooting games are your deal but playing something as intense as Stalker 2 doesn’t really ring your bell as much, then playing Redfall as soon as it comes out in the summer of 2022 will be your perfect fix.

    Currently being worked on by Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks, the game, according to its producers, will be “an open-world co-op shooter” being played from a first-shooter perspective at all times.

    While the game will focus on four main characters, all with special and unique skill sets, it will also offer players the chance of playing in single and multiplayer stages, allowing gamers to go solo or team up to make four-player teams to go through all of the missions.

    One of the main attractions behind Redfall’s release will be the fact that the game will offer gamers a chance to constantly be surrounded by a world where everything is under constant change with all changed basing themselves on how each player decides to play the game and how their choices and actions affect the reality they are in within the game.

    While Arkane is known for loving that style of game playing, we can only wait to see if they will be able to pull it off in such a way where the decisions made by the players don’t end up affecting their personal gaming purposes by much.

    Kerbal Space Program 2

    kerbal space program 2

    If you’re an avid PC gamer, then you know that Kerbal Space Program is probably one of the best PC games ever made.

    The flight simulation game, originally developed by Squad and debuted in 2015, became one of the most important PC games in the world, with international space stations like NASA and the European Space Agency all taking very special interests in how the game unfolded.

    Well, now, with the Kerbal Space Program 2 game ready to make its very much-awaited debut in 2022, the excitement levels are through the roof. 

    Taking into account that new developers, Star Theory Games, have been hard at work putting the game through a full redesign mode to bring it up to all the specifications and likes of the newer gaming fanbases, this title will be looking to not only continue in the legacy of the first KSP but to try and surpass it too.

    Kerbonauts from all walks of life will surely be more than amazed by all the new features the game will offer, with the possibilities of building your own space program, where you’ll be in charge of managing, constructing, and flying your very own space crafts as well as coming up with the designs for colonies with different purposes all being pivotal parts of the game, like in the first edition of it.

    The second half of 2022 can’t get here fast enough so that all of us PC fans can get to playing KSP 2.


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