Smartwatches and so as the fitness trackers all along with the health monitors are all interlinked with the concept of the wearable Graphene technology is. This technology has been so coming out to be still the part of the infancy, but it is already becoming as the omnipresent.

Straight away from the Fitbit to an Apple Watch, you either has one or knows someone that owns a piece of wearable Graphene technology.

Just as the industry in terms of searching to the potential range, as the materials will have to be carried as much cheaper, lighter and more flexible.


Researchers at the University of Manchester are binging about the fact to the timeline of the graphene as the answer for smaller wearable devices that fit better that can be printed onto clothing or even our skin.

So many of the research papers have been conducted that are bringing out the fact of using on the graphene offers a range of benefits! It is highly flexible and conductive.

The research by the University of Manchester is attending away from the path to the course of battery-free fitness trackers, as well as phones incorporated into clothing and so as the health monitors printed directly on a patient’s skin.

Know how about Graphene and Wearable Information Technology:


Now the main question that hit so many minds is how do the potential applications work? In the medical field, it would make for the sake of smarter patient tags.

Currently, we all know the fact that the medical bracelet we get when admitted to a hospital. It has been researching out by the researchers that the graphene could be used to create RFID tags for patients.

The wearable has to be on the whole integrated with other 2D materials that could monitor vitals such as body temperature and so as the heart rate.

It would wirelessly transmit the data to the range of the nurse’s station.

Simplifying the process to on the whole gather patient data would streamline the healthcare.

This material in the world is taken to be the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material.

Just as the medium of getting it integrated into wearable would usher in a new world of devices. 

Hence the Graphene ink has the potential to be mass produced, and the research shows it can, on the whole, adhere to a variety of materials such as clothing and more intriguing, skin.

You can also consider away as testing graphene’s ability to transmit wirelessly.

The team printed the category of the graphene to use as transmission lines and antennas to experiment with both mobile and so as the WiFi connections.

All through the range of the graphene-enable antennas attached to each arm of the mannequin; the devices were able to ‘talk’ to each other.

What the team had created was stated away to be the communication system that attaches to the body.

Is Graphene Technology a good Investment?

There are so many minds who want to know whether investing in Graphene technology is a good option or not.

For the beginners, this question holds the major importance and significance for sure. This is an often-asked question.

Let’s have a quick set of discussion about this question!

Know about Graphene is new Technology:

Graphene is relatively new material. As on so, the current research shows that it might well replace silicon in the few of the future coming years.

There are hundreds of papers written on graphene every year as there are many patents submitted which cover the graphene manufacturing process as many scientists are working on graphene research and lots of funds are being invested in this research.

Some of the big players in the graphene game are companies such as Intel, IBM, Dow Chemicals and BASF.

Intel and IBM are looking for some of the ways to introduce graphene in the production of electronic chips as while Dow Chemicals and BASF are more concerned about using graphene to change the physical and chemical properties of other materials.

Nokia is on its way in terms of getting into graphene research alongside others. They have received a range of around 1.3 billion dollars grant from the European Union.

Is Graphene worth to Invest?


Graphene is unique, and the hype is not at all expected to end soon.

Some sources state that it will take at least 20 years of continuous research to uncover the complete array of potential uses.

Therefore, we would say that investing in graphene is not seen as a hit-and-run deal.

It has the potential to bring about with the great source of income in the future as to be at least for the following 20 years.