I have used Free antivirus for 5 Years and this is what I have learned!

If you regularly use the Internet, then you run the risk of contracting malware, a virus, or another awkward computer program. Like viruses that infect humans, the variety of computers can come unexpectedly from unknown sources and have devastating effects. Fortunately, there is a simple "vaccine" to protect against Internet-borne malware: antivirus software. Although...

The Upside of Corporate Perks Programs

employee benefits
During the modern era, there has been an innumerable amount of changes that have occurred throughout our civilization. The 21st century has been a haven for societal change, and the Internet has been one of the biggest factors contributing to that transformation. In the past two decades, this has played a significant role in...

Does SMS Marketing Really Work?

sms marketing 2020
Companies today face increased competition from local competitors and from those located halfway around the world. Because of the internet nearly any company no matter tier location can offer your customers competing products. As a result every company must up their marketing game.  This starts with creating a robust online marketing strategy that includes...

D2C Trends To Watch in 2020

Direct-to-consumer is a digital business model that’s become seen as a disruptor recently. The idea is to cut out the middleman. These brands don’t rely on the traditional retailer to sell vendor products. With a direct-to-consumer model, the brand does everything, including maintaining its inventory and coming up with their own marketing. It gives...

How Digital Transformation is Driving Business Growth

Digital Transformation 2020
Digital transformation is a concept that is making a significant impact these days in a lot of different niches. If you’ve never heard of it before, it refers to solving problems with fast, frequently-changing digital technology. It particularly applies to digitizing formerly manual or non-digital processes so that they’re more convenient. There are many...

5 of the Best Office Workflow Apps

best work apps
The way we conduct business in offices is not the same as it once was. Most of the reasons for that are technology-related. There are now apps that let us do things digitally that we could once only do in-person. This has grown particularly critical because of Covid-19. Many businesses that once had office space...

5 Tips to Encourage Enterprise Data-Driven Decision Making

trick and tips
Companies are rapidly recognizing the need to become data-driven — especially because the alternative is getting left in the dust when their competitors inevitably do. However, becoming driven by data as a whole organization starts with and depends on the series of smaller decisions made by employees at every level. Like building blocks, the decisions...

What is Your Next Business Move?

business move
In operating a business, it is important to live in the moment. You also have to be thinking about tomorrow, the next day and so on. With that in mind, any thoughts to what your next business move is likely to be? By having a sense of what it may be,...

How Technology Advancements Have Brought New Terms Like Now TV Smart Box 4k, Cheap PSN Cards and more into Our Reality

smart tv box
We live in the world of high-tech technologies and every day new changes enter our lives. Technology is evolving day by day, so due to it we start to enjoy the benefits of innovations, which mostly make better opportunities and wider advancements. This all happens almost in all the important spheres. There was a...

How to Monitor Someone’s Phone Without the Target From My Phone

spy apps for phones
Thanks to technology, you can now accomplish what was once considered impossible. For instance, parents can now monitor their children’s phones remotely through the internet.  Not so long ago the ability to monitor someone’s phone discreetly was a preserve of the police. Today, there are literally hundreds of phone monitoring apps that allow users...