Tips to Choose HOA Software

If you are part of a Homeowners Association, it’s important to invest in a quality HOA management software solution. An HOA software platform makes it easy to communicate with members, manage your accounting and collections, and in some cases even manage your website. There’s a sense of accountability when you have software in place,...

tadoº Smart AC Control V3+ Infrared Remote For a Smart Home

In this time of COVID crisis, where every business is down. It has become inevitable that we save our money at any cost. To reduce the wastage of money and for the purpose of easy control, tado has introduced its smart AC control known as tadoº Smart AC Control V3+ infrared remote. This control...

OnePlus 8T Teased by Robert Downey Jr. Is Releasing Soon

One Plus 8T
One plus teased their new OnePlus 8T. The year 2020 has marked the perfect up and down situation for the smartphone era. These positive and negative variations took place due to the worldwide pandemic, the Covid-19.  Many businesses and smartphone companies have been affected cynically due to this reason. However, even facing a...

JAXA collaborates with NHX to bring 4k and 8K footages of MARS to Earth

With the technology advancing, newer and better things are being introduced every day. High-resolution 8k video quality is one such example. These 8k videos are of elite quality and mesmerize the viewer with their resolution. Now imagine what if you could see planets and other astronomical objects like Mars or moon in 8k?

Twitter Seemed To Be Testing An Edit Feature, But the Company Says It’s A Bug

Recently, Twitter has introduced its new feature in which it has allowed any of its users to restrict tweet replies and comments. This feature was much demanded by the Twitter Community for a very long time. It has been noticed that Twitter came up with another updated capability. However, it was considered as an...

Google Sheets Improves Its Feature Of Multiple Hyperlinks In A Single Cell

test spreadsheet
It has been analyzed by multiple sources that Google Sheets are the reliable and the most advanced tool for documentation and organization of different projects. It is due to the fact that Google Sheets consists of an infinite number of rows and columns for entering the data. The feature to arrange and track the...

Bose Launches Comfortable Sport Bose Earbuds with Price $179, designed to compete with Apple’s Airpods

The new comfortable earbuds launched by bose are priced at $179. The latest version of wireless bose earbuds will be available on September 29. It is designed with noise cancellation technology. The battery timing of earbuds will be up to 18 hours claimed by Bose. The new wireless earbuds are textured to compete with...

Google’s Fundo Application Enables Hosting Virtual Meet-Up Sessions

Google's fundo
Google is about to release its beta-tested virtual meet and greet application today. The application namely Google’s Fundo was originated by Google’s Area 120 incubator the last summer. It had been granted access to several valuable and trusted testers for its initial check through. Now, Google has allowed its full-scale utilization for the...

Xbox Games Pass for PC | Doubling its Price Next Week

Microsoft has decided to raise the price of the Xbox Games pass to $ 9.99/ month in September. Though with the influx of next-generation series, this news has been revealed that Xbox Games will be more expensive i.e at double price. Microsoft increased its price from $4.99 to $9.99 a month. Moreover, here is...

Apple Sends Invitations For The Virtual Launch Event On September 15

It has been reported two days back on Twitter that the Apple Company has announced an event for its multiple product launches. As per the report, this virtual event will take place on the 15th of September, 2020.  The tweets of this particular report that circulated across the social media platforms were having a...