How To Supercharge Your Firm’s Sales

digital marketing
In today’s modern connected world, the art of selling has become more important than ever for companies hoping to survive in an increasingly cut-throat digital landscape. Over the last thirty or so years, the internet has completely transformed the way firms operate, opening up global opportunities to even the smallest of companies and affording the potential for...

An App’s Anatomy: What Makes the Perfect Application

mobile app
You probably know what an application is, which most people shorten as “app.” It’s a software or computer program that someone designed to run on your smartphone or another mobile device. It’s similar to a website, but a programmer created it for portability. If you’re running an app on a smartwatch, tablet, or phone, there...

How Business Intelligence Tools Inform Better Decision Making

As more companies aim to drive strategy with data, Business Intelligence Tools (BI) becomes more and more integral to performance — across teams, departments, companies and wider ecosystems. The unprecedented ability to capture, store, analyze and disseminate data is changing the way enterprises are operating in both the short and long terms. The role of...

Zero-Trust Security Implementation For The Distributed Enterprise

Many organizations are amid rapid digital transformations. COVID-19 pushed a transition to remote work, and the zero-trust security model is rapidly catching on as a method for minimizing enterprise cybersecurity risk. Combined, the need to implement both zero trust security and support for remote work means that organizations need to carefully consider the telework...

Lost or Stolen Devices Are Serious Data Security Threats

Remote work has increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, as regular commutes to packed offices became a thing of the past for most people. Not everything about remote working has been bad, and technology has helped to make it possible to continue working from home in a way that would have been unimaginable just a few years...

5 Huge Mistakes Website Developers Do

Mistakes Website Developers Do
Whether you provide a service independently or have a personal brand, the importance of a website cannot be neglected after the digital era's massive evolution. Today everything is taking its course into the online world, and websites have been a great communication medium for years. For enlightening you, the Numbers of IT project...

Content Marketing: Tips to Improve Content Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing is of the utmost importance when it comes to running a successful business and keeping up with the competition. Even if you have the best teams, the strongest recruitment policies, and near-perfect products and services to share with your customers and clients, your business won't truly hit the heights you're aiming for without effective and...

RaaS: A Whole New Era for RPA Technology

Short for Robotic Process Automation, RPA Technology refers to software-based “robots” that can carry out myriad mundane, repetitive tasks that would previously have required a person to fulfill; thereby freeing humans up to focus on more productive tasks. The cloud, meanwhile, refers to on-demand computer system resources, typically for data storage and computing...

5 Most Common Mistakes Every App Developers Do

mistakes app developers do
Nothing is flawless. The amazingly creative, advanced, and excellent apps we see online are wrecked by some of the huge mistakes at the back-end. There is no doubt in the fact that creating an app is no walk in the park. It requires days of analysis, study, research, and a lot of the...

Credit Card Debt Relief -What’s the Best Form of Credit Card Debt Relief?

Credit Card
Are you grappling with Credit Card Debt Relief? Making payments for credit card debt is a huge financial hurdle for many Americans. From the high interest rates to making only the least payments every month, it may be difficult to get rid of debt. However, if you are adamant and keep organized accounts, freeing yourself from debt...