Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a Space Zoom feature for out-of-this-world photos

    During night time on a hiking trip, the sky looks so beautiful with shining and twinkling stars. But when we open our camera to capture the view, the ordinary phone camera doesn’t do enough justice with the wonder of nature in front of us.

    Recently Several mobile companies have tried to equip their phones with such technology to capture the sky with all its beauty. Top on the list is Huawei’s moon mode or Google’s Astro Photography mode in Pixel 4.

    Next in the line is probably Samsung’s Galaxy s11. As well all know Samsung is planning the launch of s11 very soon. So all the tech market is buzzed with the possible features in this phone.

    The current news is that Samsung recently trademarked the name spotted by SamMobile “space zoom” in the European Union. So far the known information regarding this name is that the paperwork for this name in EUIPO says that it is a camera software for mobile and that it focuses on zooming without the camera quality falling.

    And with the new phone releasing it seems fitting that it must be for new s11.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S10, above, only offers 2x optical zoom (Image credit: Future)

    There are enough rumors about Hubble in the market. Unless you were living under a rock you must know that Hubble is Samsung’s code name for its latest 5x zooming camera with 108 megapixels. So far everything about these phones seems extraordinary.

    So it is okay to imagine that the new “space zoom” app is for s11 as well. It will enable us to capture the sky and astronomical objects in it without having to compromise on the quality of pictures.

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    Why are we speculating that this extraordinary 5x camera will be for the sky and astronomical stuff? Well first of all the namespace zoom is enough of an explanation in itself.

    Secondly, Hubble is the name of the Hubble space telescope. So, it all indicates that the new feature is telephoto lenses with 5x zoom. Keep in mind that the normal zoom for Samsung was 2x for its previous models so that would be quite a leap for camera quality of Samsung.


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