Samsung is Introducing a Zero-Bezel TV in the CES-2020

    Samsung wants to take advantage of CES to say goodbye to the frames of its Smart TV. The thing is before today, the idea of a 100% frameless screen seemed a bit difficult. The almost frameless screens inundate us.

    They have conquered designs of laptops, mobiles and also of televisions of various manufacturers. These companies have gradually been scratching millimeters in those frame designs without being able to eliminate them from existence.

    Samsung may have finally succeeded. This is indicated by at least one leaked internal meeting in which a zero-bezel design was approved that theoretically will be applied to its Smart TVs 65 inches and above.

    According to these data, Samsung’s CEO for products in this range, Hyun Suk Kim, blessed the product in a preliminary meeting. And the firm will begin mass production in February.

    Samsung will present these frameless TVs during the CES that begins on January 6, 2020.

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    Here’s a teaser that Samsung tweeted on Tuesday morning:

    samsung-zero-bezel TV

    To achieve these new TVs without frames (or almost without frames), Samsung has worked with technologies from the Shinseqye Engineering and Taewha Precision firms to weld the panel and main chassis much more closely.

    One of the developers who has worked on the project says that “unlike other products ‘without frames’ that really do have them, this product has no frames. Samsung has become the first in the world to achieve this extreme design”

    This developer has also shown concern for the structural integrity and fragility of this product. Previous rumors suggest that this type of design will be available for diagonals of at least 65 inches.

    But it is not known if it will also be associated with 8K TVs or 4K models. The little teaser that Samsung has recently published on Twitter does not help much to unveil those keys. But we will certainly know very soon if those new Smart TVs can really boast of saying goodbye to the frames.


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