Nvidia has launched a new series of gaming chips today. It is designed effectively with high reminiscence technology by Micron that in-turns made by Samsung. These chips will improve the quality of video games than the previous version. GeForce RTX 3XXX chips give high performance and excellent video graphics could be achieved Santa Clara company reveal this news.

Nvidia has been working with different gaming chips to improve video graphics for long times. Now Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturer has solved this issue and introduced the most advanced gaming chips.

The Samsung GeForce RTX 3XXX chips have 8nm chipping processors. The Nvidia official revealed that Samsung’s GeForce chips will work 10 times faster than other chips.

The process technology has been simplified to a ridiculous level. And the company’s Chief Executive briefly described in his video conference which chipmaking technology is used by the company. Jenson Huang explained the investor about the performance of the new gaming chips.

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In these new chips, the technology which is used has been manufacturing since 2006 by Micron. The GDDR6X memory technology can store a double amount of data as compared to other processor chips.

Several technologies have been used to boost up the performance of video games such as the use of artificial intelligence processors. These processors can easily calculate the light rays moving in a scene rather than predicted manually.

GDDR6X has unparalleled knowledge about tempo and video gaming innovations. Unlike traditional chips, these chips work with remarkably high performance. The ability to work is enhanced by Nvidia officials to combat with new video games. The power efficiency has been increased twice by Samsung’s Electronic Co Ltd.

Nvidia chips use various synthetic intelligence to spice up graphic efficiency. Nvidia has introduced other GeForce RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 Ampere chips to improve the performance of video gaming.

Toady a series of powerful chips is announced by Nvidia which is designed to utilize the best video graphics. Nvidia has long worked with different chip manufacturers to create the best gaming device.