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Selenium Web Driver – Why do Businesses Need it?

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As a business with a website, your developer might advise you to get a selenium web driver. After spending a fortune to launch your business and a website, any extra expense or effort feels like a strain. Due to that effort and investment, you need to make an effort and get it. So why go the extra mile?

1)            Easy to Use

You do not have to be a programmer to operate this tool. The site makes the interface user-friendly, and you can access it by simply clicking a few buttons. Known keywords can also be accessed through a search button, which helps ease your navigation journey throughout the app.

This is a must-have tool and skill for businesses in the web development and testing field. Without prior usage, you can fumble with it during a presentation, which might ruin your credibility. However, a course at Tester Foundation equips you with all the necessary skills to run the app and prove your capabilities.

When stuck, there is a 24/7 community support team to help you out. The team is very supportive and patient. They will guide you through the processes until you hack it.

2)            It is Free

Websites are expensive to build, and any freebies are always welcome. With selenium, you save a few bucks since you receive the same results as other alternatives in the market charge. Additionally, you would have to dig deeper in your pocket if you went into the workforce. It also means that leaving room for errors that might cost you even more, when left unaddressed for the long term can be risky but also freeing.

The community would be a perfect place to start when looking to build a network. Despite everyone in the community being around for selenium-related issues, some can be potential customers. Others offer services you might need, and you will likely land long-term business partners.

3)            Test Your Site’s Performance


Slow sites receive bad ratings, affecting your ranking on search engines. You cannot afford to lose your ranking rates so early with a new site. Selenium comes in handy when testing your site’s functionality and overall performance.

It offers real-time KPIs by testing them against expected performance. These results help test bugs, make adjustments, and resolve problems long before they affect your ranking. It runs parallel tests reducing the total time spent under these scenarios.

4)            Adaptability

 Being a free tool, you can easily download it and use it with ease. Since it does not require prior installation before use, you can access it as soon as you access your browser. It is compatible with most operating systems available today, making it an efficient tool for everyone. This makes testing easy on Windows, Mac, or even online systems like Linux.

It can also be used on different devices since multiple browsers can easily support it. This makes it a perfect choice for people testing their websites on different platforms such as phones, laptops, and desktops. With its constant updates, the app currently supports most languages, and you can choose the most suitable one for your website.