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Should You Invest In a Mobile App for Your Business?

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Regardless of your industry, staying focused on your customer experience is important for the health of your business. Having a digital footprint is an increasingly important aspect of that experience.

Unfortunately, too many organizations see their digital presence as an afterthought rather than an integral part of the customer experience. Because of that, they miss out on key opportunities to engage with, generate, and respond to their target audience.

One of the questions that many organizations face is how to engage potential clients digitally. It is becoming increasingly clear that a simple website and a Facebook page probably won’t be enough.

While 87% of all shoppers beginning their product searches online, 71% say that they use mobile devices while in the store. That means that most consumers are “plugged in” at every step of the buying process and you should be too.

One of the best ways to do that is to develop an app. Even small businesses can benefit from having an app. This not only boosts your credibility but solidifies your digital presence. It also enriches your client’s experience with your products and services. There are many other benefits of having an app for your organization that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Adding Value

If you’re a healthcare app developer and your mission is to solve some of the most pressing healthcare problems of this generation, you are on the front lines of creating a value-added experience for potential app users. 

Anybody who has gone to see his or her doctor or dentist lately will be familiar with the paperwork that they need to fill out every time they visit their physicians. Some offices are lucky enough to have an intake officer who handles most of that, asking patients the necessary questions while they wait to be seen. 

More and more are switching to a web-based model, handing out specialized tablets that allow patients to enter or correct information in the system in real-time. With more frequency, however, we are seeing clinics and hospitals building apps that act as patient portals.

The healthcare app developer creates telemedicine apps that patients can use to book or cancel appointments, request forms, update insurance information, and even make payments. The use of the app helps to lessen the burden of administrative activities during an office visit and allows the staff to focus on what’s important; you!

You Become More Responsive

Apple allowing 3rd party apps
Apple allowing 3rd party apps

One of the best things about having an app for your organization is that you can respond to the concerns of your customers in real-time. You can ask questions, address recurring complaints, and make changes to suit the needs of your clients.

You can engage them with polls, surveys, and promotions. You also create a way for them to engage you through chat sessions, emails, and reviews. By understanding what they want and like, and being able to collect the data quickly, you stay nimble.

Your ability to make decisions and changes based on the will of the people is one of the greatest assets available for any business.

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Brand Recognition

Apps allow you to build your brand by offering special features that are only available to app users. You can run promotions, advertise, or implement a user loyalty program. You can increase customer awareness by gamifying app usage and offering prizes for participating.

The point is to get your brand in front of your potential customers as often and with as many positive associations as possible. Nothing does it better than an app.

Increase your Customer Engagement

customer engagement

An app puts your business right in the palm of your customers’ hands. They can check availability, make payments, and even comparison shops. But they can do so much more than that.

They can engage in online polls, contests, get discounts and coupon codes, or even read useful, targeted content that will help them engage with your products or services. Simply put, an app helps to create the kind of buyer-seller relationship that keeps people coming back to you.


Finally, a well-designed app is a great source of advertising. Even a simple estimate app can help small businesses advertise their expertise. No matter where they are, an app allows your clients to be in-store with just a few clicks. That increases the value of your digital advertising dollars.

While some smaller businesses are understandably concerned about the cost of designing and developing an app, it is worth looking into. An app is an investment in increasing your client base and extending your reach beyond a brick-and-mortar operation.