The Sims 5 is Officially Confirmed: Here’s what We Know

    The Sims 5 is being discussed in their fans while there is no chance of getting the right date of release.

    Electronic Arts and Maxis are the inventors and creator of this amazing game which sure would amaze the audience.

    Electronic Arts just got over with the biggest event in 2018 and they did not even mention the name of Sims coming or being released sooner or later.

    But right after the big event, they did a very amusement announcement making a new franchise of Sims.

    Even players have not got the time to play all modules in Sims 4.

    This time they have gone way deeper than usual to make the new Sims more realistic and incredible for their Users.

    Due to some stylish reflection of real life, Sims has interested their fans all around the World.

    There are many ways to enjoy a game like bringing the custom friends and families from The Sims 1 Neighborhood and the only available neighborhood from The Sims 2.

    The new upcoming sequel of Sims has something we were not expecting that soon from EA, some features of the new sequel will excite the players with many great options.

    Let’s talk about some of the new features and theories that will make it into the new Sims game.

    Fan Requested Features


    Now the previous game of Sims has many flaws which players did find unusual so they started a little campaign to raise these errors.

    In the new game of Sims many new advanced features are introduced to players to enjoy the game.

    You must be very excited to find about these new features which EA and Maxis are introducing in new Sims.

    Especially the ultra HD graphics, fixed bugs in the new game, new characters with real looks, introducing smartphones, having a family character.

    I definitely looked deeper to find about new features which I am going to discuss briefly in this article.

    There’s been a lot of misunderstanding between players that the new sequel of sims will not be near to reality.

    Now let’s talk about all the features briefly here.

    More Realistic and Close to Reality


    The new Sims is designed as a reality-based, even though previous games have limited options.

    From beginning people would think that this game will remain the same and never going to change even if the new sequel will be introduced.

    But the EA and the developers of the game really did an outstanding job to create a new reality-based world and characters.

    As time changes the look of characters have appeared more realistic while it looked more cartoonish in previous versions of the game, I did not like that much but I did like the game.

    Designing of characters are polished, many new advancements of customization introduced from last Sims 4.

    Such options are like face improvements, piercings, body movements, walking styles, speaking styles, voice hearings, and hair placements.

    Open World Exploration


    One of the major things about The Sims that you can add more space and an add lawn, car parking area, pools, kids mania, party house to your neighborhood.

    You can go to the neighbor house to say hello have a drink start chatting even watch the TV with your neighbors.

    If you still not enjoying you can go to the mall on your own to buy things like clothes, grocery, plants or you can just walk on the streets to stalk more things or stores available in the market.

    There is a lot of new blending from The Sims 3 and Sims 4 which players will more interesting in new upcoming Sims.

    You can travel anywhere without any restrictions to explore new places in the new game.

    More Vehicle Options


    Another requested a feature that everyone will love having their own vehicle in new Sims.

    You can look around in your neighborhood also being able to walk out from your home to the office or to your farm etc.

    Can have a customized vehicle to enjoy the ride or just to entertain yourself just by visiting nearby places.

    I would love to visit parks and market on my custom vehicle, that would have been the best ever feature in a new upcoming Sims game.

    You don’t have to walk anymore or to stretch your legs by walking in the town which is why all your family members.

    They can have their own bike or car also for the kids you can have newly designed customized bicycles for them.

    Synchronize with Mobiles Devices


    Sims is only game you can play anywhere on your mobile device and synchronize all data of game to your mobile device.

    When you are away or long distance from your PC you can turn on your game on your smartphone.

    Only a few games allow their players to sync smartphone game with the app.

    But Electronic Arts and Maxis released an online edition of Sims game, it is very unlikely that gamers do play the game without any flaw on their PCs also on smartphones.

    Meanwhile enjoy The Sims 4 Here

    Amazing Neighborhood Tools


    In the previous sequel of the Sims game, there were not enough tools for you to add things but you do have to add all things from scratch like plots, electricity pools, roads, house holdings, lights, water tanks, and hills, that all you have to do Sims 2.

    On the other side, there were very limited options available in the Sims 4 neighborhood, size of plots and all tools which help to create an amazing neighborhood are all locked and pre-set, you are limited to every tool available at your player disposal.

    But in upcoming the Sims 5 game, Maxis developers are giving more freedom to their fans by letting them create everything according to their needs and can make everything custom.

    If I will have to add anything in my house I would add a custom pool to enjoy the sunbath while laying down next to the swimming pool.

    Improved High Definition Graphics


    The one thing I always wanted in Sims is high-quality graphics and now they have finally introducing 4K quality graphics, they have worked pretty much in previous games in Sims like 4 and 3.

    They have started with pixelated display character, the user interface was much brighter with blue and cosmic sans fonts.

    Now it has become a more 3D experience with animations.

    In new Sims the user interface has become more clear and easy to navigate, Maxis developers are trying with the cel-shaded graphics or low-pixels quality to engage the player, it is very unlikely that the Sims will return with that roots.

    Bringing Closer to Characters


    In Sims, we always have watched 3D and reality-based experience, I often feel while playing Sims that I am a part of that world.

    I even sometimes lost in this amazing game that I don’t remember eating my lunch.

    In latest Sims they are making surety that same criteria remain for that game and players do have a 3D gameplay with so many cool new advancements in it.

    Firstly EA has shown some animations in The Sims 2 with experiencing big life events and they sure will come back in a new game.

    Upcoming installments of the Sims will make a brilliant and astonishing part of the world.

    Introducing the Ride Sharing Feature


    Yes, it is true that in new Sims you can share your ride with anyone, especially with your friends and family members also you can add neighbors because in Sims neighbors are really something.

    Sims 4 you can travel in your car to view the town.

    I cannot have my own vehicle and I have been forced to walk on the streets if I have to go somewhere or my destination.

    If I have to go somewhere I call for a ride to go to my home I don’t see myself getting into a vehicle or any other transport.

    I just see a loading screen and the other movement I’m my house standing there.

    In new Sims we will see our cars back, we can see everybody getting into local transport like buses to travel to other destinations.

    Or maybe a streetcar and other public transport options to move around the town.

    One more important thing to mention here that they all options will not be free but sure some main options are free to use and time when your grade will up you can have access to these options.

    Sims 5 Development Progress


    After I followed some main forums of Sims to know the progress of new Sims I have discovered something which I am going to share with you.

    The Electronic Arts and Maxis already have started the development and they are following a particular pattern through past years for the Sims development.

    To understand the game development concept you must keep that in mind that the developers of the game follow some rules to start developing games.

    Just like a real example which I’m about to share that these developers to start a campaign and ask questions about the previous game.

    They do start survey-based questions to know the answers yes, of course, to improve things in new game

    hey start forum chats just like all members they create topics and asking about what should be done, can be and must be done?

    Focusing on their discussion to lead the development into better progress by pointing out main things and looking things a little deeper for that.

    But Maxis showed publically without hiding anything from their regardless fans saying that.

    They have started working on a new franchise of the upcoming Sims and soon the trailer of the game will be published for fans.

    Let’s talk about some real facts that a big game like Sims which sure will have the extraordinary option will take time to develop.

    Also, Maxis seeing things very differently in some recent interview to a gaming website a leading developer of Maxis said that we still have many things to show in Sims 4.

    Also we have pretty much audience liking that game also there is always options are available to work on new products.

    Realizing the fact that fans are still enjoying the game and we have millions of players still interested in organizing new interesting things in Sims 4.

    When the audience will start asking or leaving the game we might then focus on the next franchise fast.

    These are the words that I heard but of course, it is not exactly like he said it.

    I just want to share the idea of that developer to let the fans know that it is still in progress and you and I have to hold our horses and wait for it.

    The Sims 5 Releas Date


    Over the past twenty years, Electronic Arts managed to publish one Sims base game each four to 5 years.

    Supported their schedule that was religiously followed for the Sims one, two and three, it’s been fond of it can already be 5 years in 2019 since the last game four got discharged in 2014.

    According to different rumors, a completely totally different story prevails and that they are terribly logical that it’s tough to argue against it.

    The Sims 4 has received concerning twelve totally different packs of updates up to now and solely 9 of them are a posh enlargement or game packs that led to a modification in gameplay.

    Electronic Arts and Maxis even have a proud moment in 2020 that happens to be the grand twentieth day of the Sims franchise.

    Why wouldn’t the corporate utilize the superb year to announce their different base game with a bunch load of options on the computer?

    But in the main time, they have been trying to connect the players by letting them know that the new Sims will be there for them very soon.

    According to the rhythm the new franchise of the Sims won’t be long and will be released within near of 2020 or before it but these are just the rumors heard from some top discussing forums.


    So I have come to this conclusion that no matter what everyone says about the Sims 5 is surely going to be an incredible game of its time.

    They are many upgrades that players are not just going to love it they will endure it.

    I’m also a big fan and full-time player of Sims and love the ideas creating my dreams which I cannot fulfill in my real life.

    Let’s hope for good and hold your horses for the new upcoming EA game.


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