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30+ Games Like Skyrim | Top List Extends (Elder Scrolls+Zelda+Witcher+Oblivion)

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If you’re searching for pc games like Skyrim for you to play, You’ve come to the right spot. Our collection has everything from enormous landscapes to compelling RPG characters and adventures for everyone who enjoys playing Skyrim.

After more than a decade, so many of us continue to return to Tamriel to become Dragonborn once more. A recent anniversary upgrade and release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S gave us another reason to resume the experience.

However, if you’re willing to branch out and try something new, Skyrim games may be just what you’re searching for.

Mentioned below are the 30 incredible Skyrim games that you must play.

Remember that almost all (except a few) of these 30 games are available on major gaming platforms. PS4, XBOX One, and Microsoft Windows.

1. Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It tells the tale of Hyrule, a post-apocalyptic city. The intriguing mystery of Hyrule and its stunning scenery will eventually capture you.

It’s an open-world game. So, you can interact with anything you want in this world and make a path of your own instead of going in one direction. Accordingly, making it a valuable contestant in the race for the best games. In addition, the environment provides a wide range of activities and objectives as well.

As well as the talents to learn and fighting styles to test. While the weapons Link can use will ultimately break. However, there are lots of different ones to equip and experiment with, and if you like cooking or creating potions in Skyrim, you’re likely to enjoy playing with ingredients in Link’s cooking pot.

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2. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an absolute must-have because it’s one of the best fantasy RPGs in recent times. Therefore, it has been the best game for game enthusiasts, like Skyrim. CD Projekt RED, the Warsaw-based developer, released a huge game displaying the incomparable Geralt of Rivia.

Initially, the protagonist, Geralt, finds the Northern Realms under attack by a Nilfgaardian occupation force. As a result, he decides to help them upon the request of his ex, the enchantress Yennefer of Vengerberg.

In the same way as Skyrim, you can choose how you want to play out your experience in its rich environment filled with story-driven adventures and places to explore.

To summarize, In this game, you will have two choices. You can either play as a monster slayer or look for a child of prophecy without worrying about any moral consequences.

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3. Dragon Age Inquisition

This game developed by Bioware merits as a contender in the list of games. Inquisition is similar to Skyrim, highlighting a similar Open-World, RPG(role-playing game), and Action topics.

The synopsis involves a mythical realm named Thedas, where you can go and choose your character to be of either race (human, elves, dwarves, etc.) and fully customize it to gain a special ability.

You begin the game as a character with the ability to seal world breaches. You must end the civic turmoil brought on by the breaches.

It’s not simply about civic obligation, though. As you close the gaps, you must also fight the monsters that enter the world via them. You will be able to make your own decisions which will affect the lives of all at Thedas.

The game takes you on an adventure you can only imagine in your dreams. Use the magic and enchantress of this artificial realm to distract your mind from worrying about the real world.

If you liked the ability to marry in Skyrim, you’d be happy to know that Inquisition allows you to woo and romance party members as well.

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4. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard

Skyrim Dawnguard allows you to choose between one of the two completely different paths with this game. One is vampirism, and the other one is lycanthropy.

If you select the vampires, you can fight a thrilling battle alongside another vampire clan (the Volkihar Clan). The main enemy in this story is a hunter known as the Dawnguard.

A surprising mystery is waiting for you at every other game step. Since it is a Skyrim game itself, you will thoroughly enjoy it, just like other games.

The latest series of this installment, the elder scrolls VI, is also coming soon, so stay tuned for that as well.

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5. Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Skyrim’s prequel is a perfect alternative if you want to take a leave from playing as the Dragonborn but still want to explore the Elder Scrolls universe. Oblivion, which was released in 2006, was remarkable at the time and still matches up quite well now. You begin as a prisoner who receives a visit from Emperor Uriel Septim. Suddenly, you’re pushed into an amazing adventure to discover Septim’s heir and place him on the throne.

Plus, there’s the small mission of closing the Oblivion gates. Which are causing havoc by letting all kinds of wicked creatures enter Tamriel. With a similar – although a bit more complex – battle, a fantastic primary plot, and infinite missions and places to explore, this is a must-have for anyone who missed out on it before diving into Skyrim.

In addition, there are numerous references to the characters and the events of Oblivion during your Dragonborn adventures. It will also help you brush up on your Elder Scrolls knowledge.

6. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Morrowind is also an RPG of open-world type.

In terms of graphics, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind marked a significant improvement over its predecessor, Daggerfall. Despite that, this third installment in the elder scrolls series is fantastic. Once again, the name refers to the game’s setting location, Morrowind.

The plot mainly moves around the Morrowind island of Vvardenfell, where the deity Dagoth Ur attempts to achieve sovereignty and free Morrowind from Imperial rule.

Additionally, the game includes two expansions worth playing: Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Morrowind has also gained universal praise and is a must-play for any Skyrim fan.

When it concerns the degree of freedom in the player’s hands, Morrowind undoubtedly beats Skyrim. Though it may appear absurd, the finest example is that Morrowind allows players to destroy the entire main mission if they wish so.

7. Elder Scrolls Online

This online video game is available on PC, Mac OS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia, of the genre MMORPG, developed by Zenimax Online Studios and published by Zenimax Online Studios.

The Elder scroll online intends to immerse the player in the universe of the role-playing series and invite players to explore it with others.

The gameplay of this RPG is also based on three playable fractions, the Lion, the Dragon, and a Bird of prey (eagle or phoenix).

Our favorite feature of Elder Scrolls Online is that the players can revisit some familiar places that they have already seen in Elder Scrolls precedents, including regions of the province of Skyrim and Morrowind.

The game chiefly intends to be based on the exploration of the whole universe and to take again the landscapes which we know to preserve the inheritance of the Elder Scrolls games. 

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8. Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen is an action RPG set in a fantastic medieval setting of western inspiration. It has a bunch of features in common with Skyrim: for instance, it is located in an open world with many possibilities for personalization. Therefore, this title stands out with great freedom and very dynamic battles.

Pawns are NPCs that we can call upon to accompany us on our adventure. They will support us in combat and will bring a tactical dimension to it, between the behavior that we will make them adopt and the orders that we can give them.

Some Pawns will accompany us throughout the adventure. However, the player can personalize them and also rent their services from other players, allowing you to bring back some rewards in exchange for their service.

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9. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is viewed as realistic a portrayal of 15th Century Eastern European life possible. You play Henry, a Blacksmith’s son, who is the hero. His home is attacked, and his family is slaughtered.

You can master usual RPG tropes like drinking, lockpicking, and throwing punches, as well as absolutely practical skills like reading, how to talk to women, and how to wash.

NPCs will pass comments on you if you are covered in blood and shit, and if you try to sneak around while wearing something too brightly colored, you’re screwed.

It’s got a bit of an Oblivion vibe to it, has a lovely soundtrack and an outstanding story, as well as seemingly endless side quests and things to do. 

Controlling Henry is more challenging by the fact that many quests involve drinking. As it’s in first person, it feels a lot like Skyrim’s gameplay style in many ways, and its sword-fighting features are a cut above the rest.

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10. Fallout 4

If you want something similar to Skyrim but with a different taste, Fallout 4 is definitely up your alley. Many features of this Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world RPG, created by the same company, will be familiar to you. Instead of magic and swords, there are firearms and nuclear missiles. 

It’s basically a horrible, futuristic Skyrim after a nuclear war, owing to its gloomy, radiated world, which has enormous flying bugs, giant mutants, and horrific monsters.

You play as a father or mother escaping into the shelter of Vault 111 as nuclear bombs start falling. You are awakened after becoming cryogenically frozen to discover that your son has been taken and that you must venture out into the wide Wastelands to find him. If you still want some sweet rolls, you’re lucky as Fallout 4 has them – and they’re just slightly radioactive.

11. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

It was one of the main games delivered by 38 Studios before they failed. However, the designers sure put everything into this dream RPG.

Demonstrating that more established games shouldn’t generally be put on the rack, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning showed up in 2012 to little pomp, yet it’s one of PC gaming’s best RPGs.

In the same style as Skyrim, you’re ready to modify your person and class with a mix of abilities, weapons, and capacities available to you, with the main spotlight on developing your person starting from the earliest stage.

While this game also has conventional classes like Skyrim, you don’t need to devote yourself to one; as a ‘Fateless’ character, you can trade and change your ability tree whenever you want.

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12. Horizon Zero Dawn

Okay, so there are no dragons in this one; however, there are robotic creatures. In addition, there are a lot of similarities with Skyrim’s gameplay style. For instance, the stunning snowy mountainous scenery and rolling grassy hillsides of Horizon Zero Dawn set the stage for one of the most interesting and engaging storylines in an open-world RPG to exist.

 You take on the role of Aloy, a hunter in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by weird artificial monsters. Aloy sets out to learn her true origin story after spending a while as an outcast by neighboring tribes. 

Aloy can fight artificial creatures with a variety of craftable arrows, spears, and traps with varying strengths and effects. There’s a lot to explore and learn, with interesting side missions, unique characters, and a variety of treasures to find.

It will undoubtedly keep you entertained. If you enjoy Aloy’s quest, you should also check out its sequel: Horizon Forbidden West.

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13. Darksiders 3

Struggling with the apocalypse is a popular theme for a game, but some games tackle it better than others. 

The rebirth of the dragons and the epic fight with Alduin, the Earth-eater in Skyrim, felt vast and significant. A similar emotion you can find in the Darksiders video games, particularly in the series’ most recent edition, Darksiders 3.

Fury, the sister of War and Death from previous Darksiders games, brings misery to opponents. Themes about the ending of age and being a great force in the world’s twilight make gamers feel like their decisions count. The action-packed and sophisticated gameplay makes exploring this dark and evil environment a thrilling experience.

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14. Divinity: Original Sin 2

The lavishly detailed environment of Rivellon in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls universe adds to the realistic feel of Skyrim’s world, and Divinity: Original Sin 2 does the same.

The void has been split open as a result of the Divine’s death. As a result, Voidwoken has begun to appear in the world. As a sorcerer with the ability to manage source (a type of energy similar to magic), you find yourself on an incredible adventure to become the next Divine.

Although it is not open-world in type, the variety of choices available makes you feel in charge of your adventure. You can either make your character from the start or play using one of the five pre-made heroes, each with its own story and set of skills.

Like in Skyrim, the universe reacts differently to you based on your protagonist’s race. Divinity’s fantastic story, limitless dialogue opportunities, skill sets, and building components all contribute to it being one of the most engaging RPGs available.

15. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor and is perhaps the best LOTR game since Return of the King.

You play as Talion as you go behind enemy lines to the city of Mordor to defeat Sauron. There are huge fortresses to conquer and a wealth of interesting new characters.

As in Skyrim, you may expect to come across a wide range of characters in the open world, including elves and orcs. Each of these distinct NPCs can be entertaining despite having little to no impact on the main plot, frequently playing the lead in their own unexpected quests that the player can influence.

The Nemesis system creates unique orc commanders you can challenge depending on the results of their encounters. Different outcomes can play out throughout the game, like an orc chasing you down to bully you.

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16. God Of War

The world embraced the God of War for its incredible action, aesthetics, plot, and everything else. It’s amazing to see Kratos as a father teaching his son the principles of battle while striking down opponents and gods alike. The fighting in the latest adventures of the Ghost of Sparta is more sophisticated and regulated than in earlier God of War games.

The game’s transformation into an Action RPG opened up a whole new universe for the developers to experiment with and filled with wonderful Norse-themed artwork and storytelling. Similar to what influenced a lot of the Skyrim material. In addition, both games contain enjoyable fantasy Viking-style fighting.

17. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

It would be foolish to discuss open-world gaming without mentioning Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In addition to the massive map, it features various objectives for you to do… or to avoid. There is a main goal, but you can still have hours of fun while sticking to Skyrim’s spirit and ignoring it.

You can side with the Athenians or the Spartans during the civil war or remain as neutral as you can while still kicking huge butts.

You can also personalize your weapons and gear, fight mad enemies, and avoid falling over too many cliffs. Although there are no dragons, you can still have a horse and plenty of romance possibilities if you like them. One of the game’s most enjoyable aspects is your ship, where you can choose who to bring on board and what colors to fly as you sail along to the delightful music of your singing crew.

18. World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has amused millions of gamers as the most famous MMORPG on the planet. It is a live-action strategy series Warcraft. That was released in 2004 and has since been followed by multiple upgrades, with Shadowlands expected to be released this year.

World of Warcraft contains everything that Skyrim does and much more. Users can spend years playing World of Warcraft and never be able to see every part of its huge map. It’s the ultimate RPG adventure.

19. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins, a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate, was published two years prior to Skyrim. The two games share many similarities. They are both fantasy RPGs with fantastic stories, and a variety of animals to kill. As well as many quests to do, and a lot of goods to gather.

The player takes on the role of a Grey Warden. A member of an order of skilled fighters tasked with defeating the Archdemon and saving the world from a catastrophic calamity known as the Blight.

Dragon Age: Origins’ graphics are still stunning for a game released more than 10 years ago, but the game’s strongest feature is undoubtedly the narrative and music. Aside from previous Elder Scrolls games, Dragon Age: Origins is the nearest thing to Skyrim that you can play.

20. Ghost of Tsushima

While it’s a long way from the medieval fantasy setting Skyrim fans will be familiar with. Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima features one of the most beautiful open landscapes ever built for a video game. Based on the real-world setting of Tsushima Island. The game is built on a love of Japanese history and cinema. As a result, contains a visually extraordinary experience.

Ghost of Tsushima contrasts slightly with Skyrim because it features a named protagonist, Jin Sakai, and a more logical plot. However, don’t despair; this is yet another game in which the side missions are as important as the main course. Plus, Tsushima Island is filled with mythical weapons, spirits, and weapons to aid your adventure.

21. Elden Ring

Is Elden Ring similar to Skyrim? While Elden Ring is considered more identical to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we would argue that it counts as a game similar to Skyrim.

The fantasy is darker, although there are instances of beauty and humor, and the universe is certainly smaller. Nonetheless, they are both excellent examples of how solid environmental narratives and world-building can be the foundation of a great game.

You play the role of a Tarnished just as an earth-shattering incident allows you and your folks to return to your hometown after a period in exile. It’s the ideal circumstance for introducing people to a new world, which is ultimately what Skyrim revolves around.

22. Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls was initially published in Japan. Where it received a poor response and average revenue, but it became a popular and commercial hit after its launch in the United States. 

It is developed by FromSoftware and released by Sony Computer Entertainment, is an action RPG game notable for its difficult warfare and addicting gameplay. Additionally, Its combat style is exceptionally similar to Skyrim.

The player must design a character and then go on an adventure in Boletaria, a land overtaken by demons and ruled by an entity known as Old One.

23. Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn


Skyrim is nearly as long as Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn. The game is comparable to Skyrim in terms of content and location; in fact, there are a few dragons that you can fight. Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, unlike Skyrim, is experienced from a top-down two-dimensional perspective.

Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn is one of the best RPG games ever developed. The primary disadvantage of the game is its graphic, as it was released in 2000. On the other hand, the gameplay and plot hold up nicely, which is why this game is regarded as a classic.

24. Gothic

Gothic is a classic open-world game that few players have heard of. However, the game’s old-school charm combined with innovative and remarkable open-ended gameplay creates a one-of-a-kind experience that the majority of people never had.

It’s a shame Gothic is so underappreciated because so many people are losing out on a fantastic game. It may take some time to get familiar with this incredible game. However, those looking for pc Skyrim games will be more than satisfied with this RPG.

25. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by ArenaNet and released on Aug 28, 2012.

Men worshiped the Six Gods for centuries, even though their prayers have gone unanswered.

But Balthazar, the god of fire and war, created a surprise by making his comeback. He revealed his true nature as a ruthless manipulator without regard for mortals.

The heroes of Tyria have successfully thwarted the first step in his horrific plan to wipe out the ancestral dragons.

But now, he is at the head of an army of the faithful ready to sow terror and destruction in the south. It is up to you to stop them before Balthazar reduces the very foundations of the world to ashes. Guild wars 2 would be an ultimate choice when it comes to free pc games.

26. Greedfall

Greedfall is an adventure RPG like Skyrim, created by Spiders and launched in 2019 for the Xbox One, PC, and PS4, then once more in 2021 for the upcoming generation consoles.

Set in a realm similar to a 17th-century modeled fantasy world, players must travel out into a newly discovered planet alongside settlers, traders, and mercenaries. Unfortunately, the locals, who are protected by great magical beings, are opposed to such expansion.

Based on a complex development system, your choices in battle and diplomacy significantly impact the world that surrounds you and the plot that evolves. Your acts have consequences!

27. Legend of Grimrock 1 and 2

To be honest, the Grimrock is unlike every other game on this list. They aren’t open-world type, the character building is simple, and there are not any actual character interactions. Nevertheless, They do have their dungeons to their favor.

When you look at those metal spikes, stone walls, enormous spiders, and other assorted villains, the first thing that comes to mind is the Skyrim dungeons. In both Grimrock and Skyrim, you can play as a prisoner.

You can play Legend of Grimrock on PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Legend of Grimrock 2 is accessible for Windows and Mac.

28. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is not your typical open-world game. It sits on this list as one of the titles like Skyrim, but more importantly, as a game that must be addressed. 

Unlike Skyrim, where the open world focuses around the Dragonborn, the world in Shadow of the Colossus nearly exists as its own character.

Every feature of the game is designed to make the protagonist feel insignificant. The Colossi, the crumbling shrines, mountain slopes, farms, and even the trees, are all designed to make you feel small. 

The map is fairly huge for its period, and every feature of it is created to make it appear massive. You’ll never reach those distant mountains, and you’ll always be traveling between combat. Yet there’s something about this game that reminds people of Skyrim.

29. Red Dead Redemption2

When most gamers are asked to suggest the best games like Skyrim or oblivion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is probably not the first game that appears in their minds. Nonetheless, fans of the Elder Scrolls game series will undoubtedly appreciate its great narrative, deep world creation, and breathtaking views.

Hunting, crafting, exploring, and side quests are all available, making it a near-ideal open-world game.

This famous wild west adventure captivates you with a gripping story about the redemption of a bank robber and the people who cross his way. However, as in Skyrim, what you do is entirely up to you. 

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30. Cyberpunk 2077

While Cyberpunk 2077 undoubtedly failed to live up to the expectations of its dedicated fans, it doesn’t mean it’s without charm. To begin with, its admittedly problematic open world is admirably fleshed out with compelling characters (at least as fascinating as those featured in Skyrim) and rich world-building mythology.

The character customization feature is also quite clever, allowing users to construct their dream character from head to foot. After that, you can treat Night City as your very own personal playground.

So, if you’re seeking pc games like Skyrim for pc but don’t mind straying from the fantasy scenario, Cyberpunk 2077 is well worth a second look.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s still a demand for it even after all these years. Considering there hasn’t been a new single player Elder Scrolls game, and there aren’t any comparable franchises out there, absolutely.

The narrative and mission structure of Diablo 4 isn’t anything revolutionary, but it should be familiar and comfortable to fans of games like Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Skyrim, enough so that you’ll feel pulled to explore the world and complete many of its optional quests.

Skyrim was a great game in most areas. The gameplay was good and so was the story. The main thing (in my opinion at least) is how alive the world felt. This is the same in most Bethesda games but skyrim seemed to have more lore surrounding it due to the dragons returning.

Skyrim: 10 Hardest Dungeons
  • 8 Darkfall Cave. …
  • 7 Volskygge. …
  • 6 Apocrypha. …
  • 5 Lost Valley Redoubt. …
  • 4 Sightless Pit. …
  • 3 Valthume. Another dungeon housing a fallen dragon priest, clearing Valthume is no easy task. …
  • 2 Forelhost. Clearing out this dungeon is no easy task. …
  • 1 ​​​​​​Skuldafn. Finally, Skuldafn.

Combat was arguably the weakest part of every Elder Scrolls title until Skyrim brought many changes to the series. Oblivion might have made combat skill-based, but Skyrim put much more emphasis on combat feedback. Dual-Wielding is a big reason why Skyrim’s combat feels so much better than past games.

Oblivion is much more similar to traditional Elder Scrolls games rather than the newer modern RPG style that Skyrim adopted. The combat is much more difficult and the quests don’t hold the player’s hand as much as Skyrim does. Some of the quests really require the player to engage in the lore of the game.

Even though Skyrim has an abundance of content and things to do, one fan claims to have fully completed the game after an astronomical number of hours. A Reddit user named DiJGit states that they have completed a 100% playthrough of Skyrim after 700 hours.