PlayStation 5: Sony to Unveil Launch Games for its Next Console on June 4

    Sony recently launched its most awaited play station 5 and we all were all too eager to learn all about this beauty. There is no use knowing what the controller is and knowing the specifications of the PlayStation 5 if we still do not know the grid of games that will be available at launch.

     Although there is still a bit to get to know the new console. The Japanese firm just announced that on June 4 they are presenting the initial games catalog. They affirm that they will be “the best in the sector” and that “they will come from the hand of innovative developers from all over the world”.

    The presentation will be made online through Twitch and YouTube. It will be, as we said, on June 4 (next Thursday) at 9:00 pm UK time (one hour less in the Canary Islands). From Sony the titles for the event have been saved and, for the moment, they have not given any names.

    However, this announcement comes just shortly after Eurogamer anticipated that all new PS4 games submitted for certification starting July 13 will have to be PS5 compatible.

    Building a Catalog of Backward Compatible Games


    From Eurogamer, they claim to have had access to internal documentation that Sony has sent to developers. According to the media, any new video game that will be submitted for certification from July 13 will have to be compatible with the PS5.

    Developers will have to verify that their game has been tested on the new hardware and that it works the same as on the PS4, although there are a few exceptions and points to consider.

    This document states that a game will be considered compatible with PlayStation 5 if the code sent for certification works smoothly on the console without compromising any function. That is, a game could not have Battle Royale mode on PS4 and not have it on PS5, but must be present on both consoles.


    As for games submitted for certification before July 13, any subsequent patch or remastered will not need to be PS5 compatible, although it is said to be “highly recommended”. For games released after July 13, all subsequent patches or fixes will need to remain compatible with the new console.

    It should be noted that certification is not the same as the launch. A game released on July 14 will surely have been certified months before, so there is no strict need for the developer to make it backward compatible.

    Sony said in mid-March that “we believe that the overwhelming majority of the more than 4,000 PS4 titles will be playable on PS5, ” so we will have to wait for the exact names.


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