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Spear Phishing Prevention Services? Does it work? (Simple Solution)

Our data is a vulnerable thing and if it gets into the wrong hands it can do a lot of damage not just for us but for the community as well. Unfortunately, many people in the world are constantly trying to get illegal access to our data.

And they keep on finding new methods. One such heinous crime is phishing, where an external provider from another country is hired and lets you send messages to the sender you want.

It is what is known as phishing or spoofing, a technique that allows you to send a message from an unknown source, posing as a known source.

The ‘Spoofing’ technique also applies to emails, calls, or even IP or DNS addresses. In all of them the objective is the same; impersonate a specific identity to make believe that the message or call is sent by a trusted person.

After we open the link provided by this innocent source, our data is exposed to them, resulting in a lot of trouble. That is why we need an ultimate Spear phishing Protection Service, that can help us get rid of such scams.

What is Spear Phishing and How it is Done?

The mechanism of phishing is simple. First of all, we receive the alert message with a known sender and a catchy warning that most users may be interested in.

In case of clicking on the link, we are referred to a secure website, because it has an authentic SSL certificate and domain ‘https’ to give it a truth. After Captcha, it is where it asks us for our personal data and credit card.

At this point, it is clear that the best recommendation tips for spear phishing prevention are not to open the link and not offer any personal information. If you have opened the link there is no problem, but if by chance you came to give your bank details, we recommend going to the bank and changing your account password.

Spear Phishing Prevention:

There is practically nothing that can provide 100% spear phishing attack prevention. Does this mean that there is no way to detect when the sender is false? Not necessarily, there are a few things you can do to prevent spear phishing.

01. Look for Clues:

The first recommendation is to look for clues that make us doubt the legitimacy of the message. Here they enter from misspellings, inconsistent phrases, or meaningless mistakes. On other occasions, the name of the sender is not accurate.

It also happens that the URL of the website that links us is not the usual one. Regardless, the usual recommendation of security experts is that we never click on these links that are sent to us by SMS, much less manage from there and in no case add our data.

02. Use Phishing Prevention Services:

There are many phishing prevention services in the market right now, which helps us differentiate between a fake and a real user. One such feature is introduced by Google to protect the personal data of its users.

Many online agencies provide good and reliable services and also tell you how to Stop Spear Phishing with more on how to avoid spear phishing.

· Verified SMS by Google

Verified SMS is a security measure in which the message application will confirm the identity of the company and the user who sends the SMS, to alert us in case they detect that it can pose a danger.

· Anti-phishing Software:

This software helps us sort out phishing emails from our regular emails, make sure you use them in addition to the anti-spam filter.

· Use DMARC Technology:

This service authenticates and confirms the identity of users with its vast database.

03. Keep Your Data Safe:

In spite of all precautions, one can still suffer from phishing attacks. That’s why keep your data in an encrypted form, and also keep your system updated and properly backed up.

If you use all these methods and phishing prevention services, then I am sure that you can save your personal or business data away from pry eyes.

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