How a Strong Identity Solution Can Protect Your Business

    Corporate Identity Solution Best Bet for Fewer Data Breaches

    Not everything about cybersecurity involves passwords and firewalls. If you’re an IT professional, your overarching strategy should align more closely with managing user access.

    To the layperson, that means understanding how your system is set up, who can access each part of it, why that person needs to access it, and how to ensure that they are accessing it correctly and not abusing their privilege or inadvertently misusing it.

    Let’s take an example from the real world to understand this better. Say you’ve equipped your office with a standard thumbprint scanner for employee access. This has two purposes. The first is obvious, it keeps unqualified people from entering our office without permission.

    The second is that it shows you when the employee and getting to work and leaving, ensuring they are doing the proper number of hours of work for the position they are in.

    These scanners can also have secondary functions in them, only letting certain levels of employees access the office if they are the first ones there. In other words, your receptionist or any senior manager can go into the office while it’s empty, but lower-level employees cannot, as they don’t have a purpose to bet here outside of normal business hours.

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    Identity Solutions for Cybersecurity

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    The same way the thumbprint scanner works for your office front door is the kind of security you can set up for your system internally. There are lots of partitions in place for any company, servers containing vital parts of your process, along with system files, databases, learning modules, HR records, and so on.

    There should be very few individuals who have access to all of these systems universally, and they should be limited to senior IT members and C-suite level employees who need to be able to access a wealth of information quickly without having to wait on getting permission.

    Past this level of employee, the identity profile for each other employees should be smaller and smaller as their scope of responsibilities grows smaller. The accounts receivable clerk does not need to know how much stock the company is generating on a daily basis no more than your top salesperson needs to be able to access HR records.

    Everything is in its place and there is a place for everything. This is to imply that you should not trust your employees, but it does lessen the suspicion of who has violated company policy if a password was compromised or something was stolen. Most cyber breaches with employees are accidents when someone doesn’t really know what they are doing.

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    This can lead to mistaken identities and problems with the chain of command that exposes data to an unwitting audience. The identity solution really lowers the chance of this happening.Another prevalent piece of software to use here is a password manager such as Dashlane.

    Instead of having your employees all learn 15 different passwords for 15 different logins, you can put them all in a bottle and have a master password that allows them access to them when they are necessary. This utterly eradicates the need for employees to constantly remember and change passwords, which means no written records and a lot less chance for lost passwords as well.


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